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The Beginning of a New Adventure
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It was so peaceful on Kyoshi Island. Everyone was as happy and care-free as can be. Suki and Bo were still walking through the village, touring around. "And this is our statue of Avatar Kyoshi; the island's founder," Suki explained, motioning to the statue.

"Whoa, she must have been one cool Avatar!" Bo said.

"Now if you will follow me, I will show you to the dojo where the Kyoshi Warriors train," Suki said, putting on a tour guide-like performance.

"Yes, Ms. Suki, I would be happy to follow you," Bo played along. The two had a laugh and continued onto the dojo.

"How long are you planning on staying here?" Suki asked.

"I don't know. I was planning on leaving tonight but since I have made a new friend, I might stick around a little longer."

Suki smiled and led Bo up into the dojo. "How is it going, ladies?" Suki asked.

"They are really improving, Suki!" Ty Lee informed her friend. "Who is this?" she asked.

"This is my new friend, Bo. I am showing him around the island."

"Nice to meet you! My name is Ty Lee," the chi blocker introduced herself, cheerfully.

"Alright, girls, it's time to get serious," Suki instructed. Bo took a seat in the corner and prepared to watch.

"What is that ship doing in our harbor?" Oyaji asked.

"It must be delivering supplies," a woman answered.

"I did not expect any supplies to arrive until tomorrow." Oyaji approached the ship and called out to its captain. "Hello! Who are you and what is your cargo?"

The ship's bow opened and released about fifty Earthbenders. Oyaji was shocked at this and did not have enough time to move. The guards stationed at the docks did their best to hold them back but were eventually trampled. However, this bought enough time for Oyaji to escape. "Sound the alarms! Alert the Kyoshi Warriors! We are under attack!"

"What is going on out there?" Suki heard screaming outside and was starting to get worried. The sound of the alarm bells meant it was time for action. She drew her fans as did her fellow warriors. "Alright, you ladies know the drill. Be cautious; get a good look at your enemy and then strike." She and the other warriors proceeded out of the dojo and ran towards the docks.

"Wait a minute! I'm coming too!" Bo yelled after them.

Suki and the others had neared the docks and were now surrounding their enemies while also hiding. Suki had gotten a fix on the enemy. There must be about fifty of them. What are they all doing here? She thought to herself.

Just then, she saw one of them get hit by a small wave. Then another had his head frozen. Suki saw Bo standing in front of the large group of Earthbenders; standing in a Waterbending stance. "Come on! Who wants to go next?" Bo said eagerly.

Suki was surprised to see Bo Waterbending. How could he bend if he truly is from the Southern Tribe? Suki pondered.

The Earthbenders were about to rip Bo to shreds when he was saved by five earth pillars dividing them. "What is the matter with you?!" Kang Dae shouted. "Is your aim really that off?!"

"They didn't do it," a voice was heard. "I did." A boy who looked about eighteen leapt into sight and landed right in front of Bo. He had brown hair, was dressed in an Earth Kingdom tunic, and had an impressive build. "You really should not take on so many people at once; you could have gotten yourself killed," the boy said.

Bo was embarrassed. He was being lectured by some Earthbender he did not even know. "Hey, get off my case, pal!" he retorted.

Suki had had enough waiting. She left her hiding spot and joined Bo and the Earthbending boy. "Thanks for saving my friend. Who are you?" she questioned.

"You are welcome. My name is Ling."

"Well, Ling, you seem to know a lot about fighting so tell me; do you have any idea how to beat all of these guys?" Bo asked. Ling was slightly irritated by Bo's attitude. "As a matter of fact, I do!" Ling levitated two boulders out of the ground and hurled them straight at his opponents. About ten or so were knocked back.

Suki unsheathed her katana and ran at the attackers. She impaled one through his center and decapitated another's head clean off of her body. "Who are you?! Answer me!" Suki demanded. She then saw four people emerge from inside the ship. They stood on a platform at the very top of the vessel.

"Attention, citizens of Kyoshi Island!" This caught the attention of all of the island's inhabitants and visitors. "My name is Tai Kun. We are the Zhiming Assassins. Very soon, however, we shall be known to you as your rulers! As soon as we dispose of your defenses, we will claim this island. And in time, we will conquer the entire Earth Kingdom!"

Suki was baffled by this. Did this man really think he was going to conquer the Earth Kingdom? He could not be serious. She would not let this happen; especially to her own home. "Hey!" she called out. Tai Kun directed his attention to the leader of the Kyoshi Warriors. "If you think you are going to take my home, then you are going to have to go through me and my warriors!"

Tai Kun grinned at this statement. "Oh, I think I will just stay up here and watch my friend take you down instead," he replied. "What friend? Whatever buddies you have I'll take them all down!" Suki then let out a cry of pain as she was thrown backwards by a man's fist. She looked up and could not believe her eyes. "No," she whispered. "No!" Suki was shouting now.

"Oh, yes!" Hong Wu responded.

"This is not possible! How are you still alive!?" Suki inquired.

"No one gets rid of me, sweetheart!" Hong Wu sent a chill down Suki's spine.

It could not be possible! Suki thought. She had killed Hong Wu two years ago at the final battle in the Fire Nation capital; she had stabbed him in the back, had she not? Before she could think any further, Hong Wu was knocked aside by a Kyoshi Warrior. The rest were soon on the scene. "Do not let these people take our home! Defend the island at all costs!" Suki ordered.

Ling shifted the ground below five of the Earthbenders, sucking them into the ground. Bo bent the water from the ocean in front of him and froze three more. Suki and her fellow warriors were doing their best to slow them down and were succeeding. Tai Kun glanced down and was disappointed with what he saw. "I think we should pay our new friends a visit," he suggested in a grave tone.

"You don't have to ask me twice!" Kang Dae proclaimed. He jet propelled himself down onto the docks and immediately ran at Ling. Tai Kun, the woman dressed in Air Nomad attire, and a man with spiky, silver hair, who was dressed in Water Tribe clothing joined their comrades below.

The troops had now forced their way past Suki and her friends and were burning down the village. "We have to stop them!" Suki cried out. She was then struck by a boulder and flung onto her back.

"I'm afraid you are not stopping anyone," Tai Kun spoke.

Meanwhile, Ling was battling with Kang Dae. "You think you are tough, don't you? Well let's see how your little pebbles compare against this!" Kang Dae shouted before sending a massive fire stream directly at Ling. The Earthbender countered by shielding himself with an earth wall and sliding it in Kang Dae's direction, disrupting his balance.

"Are you always this arrogant?" Ling formed a landslide and projected the Firebender into the air.

In the middle of the intensity, Bo was cornered by the other two Zhiming Assassins. The man with the silver hair spoke first. "Let me kill him, Shun. I want to send an ice shard right through his heart."

Bo was somewhat terrified of this man. He looked and spoke as if he were insane.

"Patience, Shuang. We need to teach him a lesson first," the woman known as Shun responded.

Bo quickly took the water from his water skin and water whipped Shun in the face. "Sorry, guys, but no one is killing me today!" Bo declared.

"I would not be too sure about that, you little pest!" Shuang shouted. He bent the water from the ocean and froze it into ice. Shuang then divided it into ice spikes and sent them right at Bo. Before the young Waterbender was torn to shreds, a hole opened underneath him and he was sent underground. As soon as the ice shards had fallen, Bo was catapulted back above ground.

He looked behind him to see Ling. "No problem," Ling said without waiting for Bo to speak.

Suki had her hands full. She was battling Tai Kun and Hong Wu. She gave a fierce uppercut to Hong Wu's jaw and sent a vicious roundhouse kick into Tai Kun's center. Tai Kun pounded his fists into the ground and created a vibration in the earth which was headed straight for Suki. The Kyoshi Warrior leapt into the air to avoid this attack and landed on Hong Wu's shoulders. The knife-thrower was swinging around, crazily. "Get off of me, you brat!" he yelled. Suki elbowed her arch-rival in the face and returned to the ground below.

"Enough! You are outnumbered and outmatched! Give up, now!" Tai Kun demanded. Suki looked around her and saw the devastation these people had caused.

"Suki, please go!" Oyaji called out.

"What?!" Suki could hear Oyaji's request but could not believe it.

"Go, now! We have lost but there is still time for you to escape!"

"Listen to him, Suki!" Ty Lee shouted. "You can come back to help us but you have to go now!"

A tear then came to Suki's eye. She could not abandon her island, her people, or her home. But she knew she could not stay and hope to win this fight. She still had a chance, but she would have to return at a better time. She ran away from her opponents and found Bo and Ling. She grabbed their hands and ran to the docks. "We have to get out of here!" She informed them.

"We can take my boat!" said Bo. "It's small though and it can only hold about five people."

"Well, considering there are three of us, I think we will be fine," Ling spoke.

It suddenly dawned on Suki that there was room for more. "Ty Lee!" she called out. "Ty Lee!" Suki left the boat and attempted to find her but her arm was grabbed by Ling. "What are you doing? Let me go!" Suki commanded.

"Look, your friend has most likely been captured. We have to go now!" Ling alerted her.

"But I have to-"

"There is nothing you can do for her now!"

Suki stood still for a few moments before noticing several of the assassins were heading their way. Without another word, she hopped inside the boat. "Go!" She ordered Bo. Bo created a giant wave beneath the boat and shot the boat forward, out of the villains' reach.

"We can pursue them, sir! We will have them in minutes!" Shun suggested.

"No, Shun. They are not worth it. What harm could those children do anyway?"

Kyoshi Island was out of sight. Suki was devastated. She had just returned to the home she had missed so much, only to have it taken away from her.

"Where are we going to go now?" Bo wondered aloud.

"We need to find the nearest town." Ling spoke up. "I'm sure we can find some help if we notify enough people. And maybe we can find some food while we are at it."

"You heard what Tai Kun said," Suki started. "Those guys have their hearts set on dominating the Earth Kingdom."

"What's to stop them from doing that?" Bo asked.

"We are," Suki replied. "We are going to make them pay for what they have done!"

"So since you are using the term 'we' I guess we made ourselves a permanent, new friend." Bo said.

"Yes, one we are going to end up liberating the Earth Kingdom with," Ling added.

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