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Kaoru stepped off the boat a week later, quickly realizing he was going to have a hard time finding anyone in this crowd. "How does expect me to find anyone in this city?" Kaoru said to himself. Ba Sing Se was still crowded even after the war. People still viewed Ba Sing Se as the place to go to make a new beginning since the new Earth King changed the laws. Kaoru stumbled through the crowd not knowing how he was going to find Mr. Wong. Kaoru spotted an old man sweeping outside his shop. "Um excuse me sir?" he asked.

The old man looked up before squinting at Kaoru. "What do you want? I don't have any food for scragglers" he babbled.

"No I don't want any food I just..."

"Well spit it out then boy" he said staring at Kaoru.

"Can you tell me where Mr. Wong is? My father wanted me....."

"Why do you want Wong? His tea isn't that great" the old man interrupted.

"No it's not for tea, I wanted to give him a-"

"You should try my tea instead. Ginger tea the best on this side of the city." said the old man as he tried to push Kaoru inside.

"No that's okay. I think I'll just ask someone else" Kaoru said stepping to the side.

"Well fine then. If you don't want any good tea then fine with me" the old man gave Kaoru directions to Mr. Wong's tea shop.

"Weird old guy" Kaoru said to himself walking towards Mr. Wong's shop.

You Liar

Across the city, Mayuri was once again running from her follower except this time he had help. A woman and another man joined him in their chase after Mayuri, causing a commotion in Ba Sing Se. "Excuse me. Coming through. Move out the way please" Mayuri said trying to get through the thick crowd. Three followers were still behind her, managing to keep up even through the crowd. "I'm never getting out of here. Unless..." Mayuri slowed to a halt, inhaled and shouted, "EVERYBODY LOOK. IT'S THE EARTH KING". All at once, the entire crowd somehow managed to split on opposite sides, with Mayuri's followers standing out in the center. Mayuri slid in place along with the other regular people.

"Hey that's not the Earth King" said a guardsman.

"They're not even royalty" shouted a man who stood with his nose-picking son.

"How dare they make us show respect without paying us" Mayuri shouted in her best street criminal voice.

"I say we show them a piece of our minds" said a man missing his two front teeth.

"Ah let's just forget about it. They're not worth my time" said a man as he took his nose-picking son by the hand.

"Well I say we rough up a bit" said a man as he pulled a knife from inside his shirt.

"You will silence your tongue commoner or I'll silence it for you" said the lead man of Mayuri's followers.

Seeing her chance, Mayuri began walking through the dissolving crowd. "I'd like to see you tr..." said the knife-wielding man before a stone fist flew from the man's hand and clutched his throat. He walked towards him as the crowd watched in shock.

"I said I'd silence your tongue for you" he said before the stone glove effortlessly crushed the criminal's throat like paper.

"That's my cue to start running" Mayuri said as her followers once again spotted her. Kaoru had finally found Mr. Wong's shop. It had taken him awhile but he'd found it. Stepping inside, his senses were immediately assaulted by the various smells of the rejuvenating tea. A small old man shuffled from table to table while a young boy did the same to other waiting tables.

"Can I help you?" said a voice in front of him.

"Are you Mr. Wong?" Kaoru asked.

"Yes I am. Are you here for some tea? Kuei Li, get him a table" Mr. Wong said about to move to another table.

"No, my father Sanjo sent me to give you package" Kaoru said.

Tea Time Interruption

"Oh you're Sanjo's boy" Mr. Wong said. Kaoru reached inside his bag and handed Mr. Wong the wrapped up envelope. "Thank you young man" Mr. Wong said. "Tell your father that the blossom springs when the eaglecrow calls" he said.

"Uhh sure" Kaoru said walking back out. As soon as he did Kaoru ran smack into a girl, both of them falling back.

"Get out of the way idiot" the girl said.

"Watch where you're going lug head" Kaoru said.

"And what if I don't?" the girl said standing up.

"I'll make you "Kaoru said. Before either of them could do anything, a line of earth shot between the two.

"Your quarrel is with me, girl" said the lead man.

"Damn it" said the girl.

He turned to Kaoru and said, "Leave now boy or I won't spare your worthless life".

Kaoru stood near Mayuri and said, "I don't know who you are but I already don't like you."

"What're you doing?" said Mayuri.

"That guy said something smart about me and you seem to be running from them so I'll help you fight them so we can settle our differences later" he said.

"My names Mayuri" she said.

"Kaoru" he replied in turn.

"If you wish to die with the girl then so be it" said the man and sent a wave of earth at the two. Mayuri stepped in front and stopped the wave while lowering it, allowing Kaoru to jump over it and unleash a kick of fire. The black-haired woman extinguished the fire with a jet of water from her four water pouches. Kaoru rolled to the side of the water jet as the other man fired an air blast.

"This isn't going to be easy" Kaoru said to Mayuri behind the earth wall used to block the air blast.

"Sure you don't want to runaway now?" Mayuri chided.

"I doubt they'd let me even if I wanted to" Kaoru said.

"Someone call the palace guards. They're wrecking everything" said a street vendor.

The Waterbending woman lashed out with a flurry of icicles which were melted by a fireball from Kaoru. Mayuri pulled up a pair of boulders and sent them flying. The Earthbending man halted the boulders and redirected aside, causing the watching crowd to scatter away from them. The airbending man rushed forward surprisingly fast, sending an air wake slamming into Kaoru.

"Kaoru!" Mayuri exclaimed before a powerful blast of water struck her in the chest, knocking her back. Air blades sped towards her but were blocked by the earthen wall she rose at last minute.

"We're never going to win this fight" he said to Mayuri walking over to her.

"No one told you to butt in on other people's business" she replied sending up an earth column. The column was effortlessly destroyed as the man stepped forward. "Give up now and come with us" he announced. "How about no" Mayuri yelled back. "Then we'll just kill you now and wait for the next Avatar to arrive" said the waterbending woman on the side of him. "She's the Avatar? That girl can't be the Avatar can she?" murmurs went up in the crowd.

"You're the Avatar? I thought you'd be older" Kaoru, a surprised look on his face. "Shut up" Mayuri retorted. Drawing water from the her water pouches she sent them forward as ice spears that pierced the wall Mayuri tore from a nearby house. "Murzo, end them already" the woman called out. The airbender brushed his stringy brown hair out of his face before cracking a smile. "Its not nice to boss others around Minka but I was getting bored" Murzo replied. Before he could move, earth shackles clamped onto his feet and arms holding him in place.

"It's the palace guards! We're saved" the people began to shout as the guards marched down the destroyed the street. "All participants in this battle are hereby under arrest for reckless endangerment and property destruction" the leader announced from atop his armored ostrich horse.

"Wait a minute, I've got an idea" she said as the palace guards prepared to attack. At that instance, Mayuri planted herself firmly against the ground and raised her hands. The wind began to pick up, almost on her command, whipping her brown hair across her face. What is she doing Kaoru thought just before the earth began to quake. Buildings surrounding the two began to crumble before collapsing as Mayuri's earthquake continued. The Royal Guards stopped the building pieces from crushing the bystanders. Before long nearly everyone had fallen over including two of Mayuri's attackers. Dust began to settle, giving Kaoru and Mayuri time to run away. "After them" the leader called as he calmed his steed down.

"Don't forget to thank me back there" Kaoru exclaimed as they ran through the streets.

"For what? I don't even know you and I didn't need your help in the first place!" Mayuri shot back. The two wove through the streets before they slowed down to breath.

"I think we lost them" Kaoru said.

"Well thanks for helping me anyways" she said.

New Plan

"No problem. Now what're going to do?" Kaoru asked.

"I don't know. I'll definitely have to leave Ba Sing Se for a while" Mayuri replied. The two continued toward the wall of Ba Sing Se.

"So where do we go to now?" Kaoru asked huffing as he raced down the street. Mayuri ran behind him, "Anywhere but here" she replied.

"Since we're both wanted in Ba Sing Se and I don't know any other way of getting back home except from the monorail there, I guess I can just stick with you for a while".

"And we might find another way for me to get back home" exclaimed Kaoru. "And what about me?" questioned Mayuri while folding her arms. "Things can quiet down while we head out. Besides we might be able to shake those guys off of us if we stay away from Ba Sing Se for a while" he answered in turn.

"Besides you're the Avatar right? I might get to go have an adventure while we're at it" he grinned. "I want to see the world and have an adventure basically" Kaoru said stretching his arms to the sky. Silence came from Mayuri before she burst out laughing.

"Man you really are a weirdo" she laughed to herself. "And we're not seeing the world or anything like that. We're going to somewhere I know we can hide out for a while".

"So we backtrack outside, head for the monorail, and I can get on the ship and go home" Kaoru asked.

"Sure why not, I could use a servant for however long we're around each other" Mayuri said heading toward the crowd leading outside of Ba Sing Se.

"Hey wait a minute, I'm not you're servant. We're traveling companions" Kaoru shouted after her as he quickly followed.

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