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The Beginning Part 1
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The Beginning Part 2

The world of Avatar had since evolved after the defeat of Firelord Ozai. Together with Avatar Aang, Firelord Zuko had restored peace to the land. With help from the Northern Water Tribe, the Southern Water Tribe quickly expanded to a size almost as large as their sister tribe. Avatar Aang discovered he wasn't the last Airbender, several Air Nomads had children while off exploring. These children managed to survive and hid their bending abilities from raiding Fire Nation soldiers. Avatar Aang managed to Energybend the knowledge of Airbending into nomads of the Northern Air Temple bringing the Air Nomads back into the world. Academies had sprung up around the world in major cities where young benders stayed for several months of training. 300 years have passed and a secret organization has risen to destroy the now present peace between the nations.


In the city of Sinae at a training academy, students battled each other to improve their skills. Amongst the large crowd two young students battled each other. On one side stood two young boys, one was a Firebender while the other was an Airbender. The two faced each other off with the Airbender wielding a traditional glider-staff. The Firebender wielded two Dao broadswords.

"Sure you wanna to lose in front of everyone?" the Airbender said. "I won't be the one losing today Lee" Kaoru answered back before launching a fire blast at him. Lee protected himself with an air dome before expanding it.

Air shield

Lee using an air shield

The air dome smacked into Kaoru, tossing him a few yards back. Kaoru steadied himself, stood up and kicked a blade of fire. Lee countered with an air blade from his staff. Both blades collided, raising smoke throughout the arena. Lee covered his face as he looked for Kaoru. Kaoru snuck behind Lee and swung his blades. Lee parried the attack with his staff before sweeping it around his back. Kaoru blocked it with his right sword, slashing with his left.

"Not bad" Lee commented before blasting him back with a jet of wind. Kaoru kicked several fireballs at Lee following up with a blast of fire. Lee blocked the fireballs by spinning his staff in front of him and dodged the fire blast. Lee brushed his brown hair out of his face before staring Kaoru down. Kaoru sheathed his blades and executed a series of kicks and punches that sent fire at Lee. Lee wove through the assault, closing the wide gap between the two. He then crouched down and jumped into the air over Kaoru's fire blast.

"Nice moves light foot" Kaoru said. Lee landed behind him and knocked Kaoru's strike away. "I'm tired" Kaoru said sheathing his swords. "Stop being lazy Kaoru" boomed a deep voice as the entire arena shook. The students stopped and looked up at the rising earth column as their instructor, Jung Li stood atop.

"Not bad for a bunch of starters," he said to the students. "So starting next week you'll be pairing up and facing off against your polar opposites. Firebenders against Waterbenders and Earthbenders against Airbenders" he shouted. Firebenders rooted and howled at the exhilarated and calm Waterbenders. Earthbenders shouted and mocked the cocky and playful Airbenders as Jung Li smiled at the once shy benders he'd trained for the last three years. The gong sounded, ending the classes training session.

"Hey Kaoru wait up" a voice said. Turning around Kaoru spotted Haysumi walking up to him.

"I can't believe you quit in the middle of practice match," she said walking alongside him.

"What, I was tired. You can't blame me for thinking about my health," he said.

"Why do I even bother with you," she said brushing her hair behind her ear.

"Besides you shouldn't worry about me when you should practice your Waterbending for next week. You're gonna need it" he exclaimed.

"Look who's talking," said a voice as fist popped Kaoru upside the head. Kaoru's younger sister Yuki stood behind him with a smirk across her face.

Errand Boy

"I told you stop doing that squirt," he said rubbing the back of his head.

"Or what, you'll tell dad?" she commented.

"Yeah, I'll tell dad.


Kaoru's sister, Yuki

he's gonna be missing a child soon" Kaoru replied.

"Whatever, sea slug; let's go home" Yuki said. "Oh! I'm sorry; hi Haysumi" Yuki said waving to Haysumi.

"Why are we leaving now?" Kaoru asked.

"Remember dad wanted you to do something for him" Yuki said grabbing Kaoru by the arm.

"Wait I wasn't done talking" Kaoru said wrenching his arm from Yuki's grip. Kaoru kissed Haysumi bye before taking off after Yuki. "I'll see you next week" he called back. Haysumi just stood for while before walking away. Yuki and Kaoru arrived at their house where their father Sanjo waited.

"Kaoru I've been waiting for you and your sister. How was school?" he asked.

"Same as usual; training sessions, writing, history class, the usual boring stuff," Kaoru replied.

"Not to mention you and Haysumi cuddling up in the hallway," Yuki added.

"We weren't cuddling we were just talking" Kaoru retorted.

"Yuki, stay out of your brothers business. Now Kaoru you remember what I asked you to do right?" Sanjo asked.

"Uhh, yeah" Kaoru said nervously scratching his black hair.

"I wanted you to take something to a friend of mines in Ba Sing Se" Sanjo said handing Kaoru a package. "You should leave right now and you should be back in two or three days" Sanjo said.

"But I don't wanna; Ba Sing Se's too far" Kaoru groaned.

"When you get back you can do whatever you want," replied his father.

"But I'll get back in time for school" Kaoru answered.

"Exactly my point. You can do whatever you want at school."

"Very funny dad" Kaoru said. Kaoru went up to his room and started to pack a few provisions.

"You'll take the ship to Ba Sing Se at the west entrance" Sanjo said handing Kaoru his ticket.

"Alright, west entrance got it. Oh you didn't tell me who I'm giving this to" Kaoru said.

"A friend of mine named Mr. Wong," Sanjo said.

"See ya later short stuff," Kaoru said patting Yuki on the head.

"Do me a favor and stay in Ba Sing Se would ya?!" Yuki said hitting Kaoru in the shoulder. Kaoru walked out the door towards the dock as Sanjo watched from the door.

Off in Ba Sing Se, a young girl walked thorugh the bustled streets. She was being followed by someone and she knew it, but whoever it was didn't know she keeping track of them.

"Hello there Mayuri," said a familiar face. Standing in front of his tea shop stood Mr. Wong as he waved Mayuri inside.

'I'm sure my stalker can wait while I get some tea' Mayuri thought to herself. "Hello Mr. Wong. How's business going?" Mayuri asked following behind Mr. Wong. Mr. Wong grabbed a tea pot off the flaming rack and offered some to her.

Mayuri shook her head before Mr. Wong said, "Very well actually."

"So how are the parents?" he asked sitting down at the table across from her.

"They're doing fine. Worrying about their daughter as usual" she replied.

"So any reason you stopped by today?" Mr Wong asked.

"Just to say hi on my way home. I've gotta work at the zoo later on today so I'll be outside later today" answered Mayuri.

"Well If you'll excuse me, there appear to be more customers coming in. Can't seem to keep people from coming through the door." Mr. Wong said getting up to serve more tea.

"I think I'll leave too. Have a nice day Mr. Wong!" Mayuri said walking out the door. As expected, Mayuri spotted her follower not far from the tea shop. Mayuri decided to give him the slip and ran through the crowd. People glared at her as she ran past, shoving those who wouldn't move. Glancing back she saw her follower chasing her. Ducking down a section of the street, Mayuri boosted herself on top of a roof. No one noticed this, assuming some kids were playing Earth soccer. Mayuri lowered her earth pillar and crouched against the floor hoping her follower hadn't noticed. The man looked around for her, anger showing across his face. Mayuri snickered to herself as the man gave up looking and walked off. "Guess I better get home before mom starts worrying" Mayuri said hopping down the side of the building.

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