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The Beginning
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Heading Out


The start of the journey.

The Beginning

Fire. Air. Water. Earth. Over two million years ago, war was eminent between the four nations and no one was able to stop them. So the sages of the Fire Nation, Earth Kingdom, Air Nomads, and Water Tribes got together and instilled the power of the four nations into one man, he became the first Avatar. This Avatar brought peace to the four nations, and as he was reincarnated into each new life, the Avatar continued to keep the peace. That is until Avatar Amalric, a Waterbender, went insane with power. The Fire Sages wanted to create a second, temporary Avatar, one that would be able to stop Amalric. They tried to gather the sages of the four nations all together again, however the sages of the Water Tribes refused to help destroy their own Avatar and the Earth and Air Sages were busy defending the Earth Kingdom from Amalric. So the Fire Sages were alone, they got a young Fire Nation girl and using the same ritual that was used to create the first Avatar the sages managed to instill in her the power of Fire and Air. The ritual turned her hair white and her eyes a sky blue color. When she was old enough and had mastered the elements of Air and Fire, she confronted Avatar Amalric and ended his evil reign. When the girl, referred to as the Phoenix due to her combination of both air and fire bending, died the people moved on, the new Avatar was sane and the world was peaceful. That is until the Fire Sages learned of a girl who could bend both fire and earth. When the Fire Sages saw the girl they noticed that she looked exactly like the Phoenix only her eyes were green. It was then they realized that the Phoenix like the Avatar was reincarnated after each life, it was unintentional, but it had happened. Also, like the Avatar, the Phoenix learned a new element with each life, although she still retained her Firebending. The Phoenix, with each new life, continues to watch the Avatar and train him, and now in the present the new Phoenix begins her journey.

Erica was sitting on Natsu's back as the Eelhound swam through the water. They were approaching a crescent shaped island with a Fire Nation temple placed next to a volcano. Natsu climbed onto the land and then collapsed, exhausted. Erica slid off his back and patted its side.

Crescent Island

The Crescent Island

"You did really well, take a good rest," Erica said as she unbraided her white hair and squeezed some of the water out of it.

Natsu turned its head toward Erica and licked her cheek causing her to laugh.

"Easy boy," she said "You better rest up because we need to leave soon."

Natsu growled objectively.

"I'm sorry, but we need to get out of the Fire Nation as quickly as possible," said Erica her hands on her hips "If we get caught they'll kill me and turn you into the Fire Lords dinner. So we have to keep moving and get to the Earth Kingdom by sun up tomorrow."

"Maybe not." came a misty female voice

"Emiko?" Erica asked surprised, looking around.

Then in front of her, a woman in her mid-twenties materialized; she had sky blue eye, long white hair that hung loose around her, and blue Airbender tattoos on her head and arms.

"Hello Erica," said Emiko smiling

"Emiko what are you doing here?" Erica asked

"I sensed your distress and thought I could be of some use," said Emiko

"Well I don't know how much help you can give," said Erica "Ozai probably has the whole army looking for me by now."

"How about a place to sleep tonight; where they will not find you?" Emiko offered

"Well how far away is it?" Erica asked looking at Natsu, who was still breathing heavily.

"Oh about...fifty feet," said Emiko looking toward the temple.

"The temple? Are you crazy! I don't know how it was in your time but now the Fire Sages serve the Fire Lord. If I go there they will turn me in, to Ozai." said Erica

"That may be true, but I wasn't expecting you to confront the Sages," said Emiko

"Then where...." began Erica

"In my time as Phoenix, Avatar Roku built hidden underground tunnels beneath this temple; you could hide there," said Emiko

"There's just one problem," said Erica "I'm not an Earthbender!"

"I know; you don't need to Earthbend, up ahead a little ways there is a rock in the shape of the Fire Nation symbol, Firebend on it and then a tunnel will open. You will be safe there till morning."

"Oh well...Thanks," said Erica grateful

"Good Luck," said Emiko as she faded away.

After she was gone, Erica rebraided her hair quickly, ran foreword, and began checking the walls of the cliff looking for the symbol mentioned by Emiko. When she had found it Erica took a deep breath rousing her inner flame and then shot a flame at the rock, which turned red and caused a cavern open up on the side of the cliff.

"Sweet!" said Erica "Natsu in here."

The green eelhound got up and ran into the cavern entrance. When they were both inside, the door closed itself. The cave was lit by tiny streams of lava flowing in the walls around them.

"Wow this is amazing isn't Natsu," said Erica but Natsu didn't respond "Natsu?"

Erica turned around and saw the eelhound curled up asleep near the entrance.

"Sleep well and, while you do that, I'm going exploring." said Erica and she began walking down the tunnel.

'Avatar Roku must have really powerful to make all of this.' Erica thought as she looked around.

The tunnels were huge, ten feet tall and seven feet wide. They branched off in every direction, Erica would have loved to spend years seeing where each one led however, since she didn't have the time, she just took the far right tunnel every time, to avoid getting lost. As Erica continued down the tunnel, something began to feel off, as if something was watching her. She turned around to see if Natsu had woken up and decided to follow her.

He wasn't there.

Then she turned around again only to find herself face-to-face with an older man wearing a red Fire Sage uniform.

"Ahhh!" Erica screamed as she fell backwards onto the ground. Then she scrambled onto her feet and began running back down the hall.

"No wait!" came the man's voice "I don't want to hurt you!"

But Erica didn't listen, instead she ran and hid in the shadows of another tunnel to be able to spot her pursuer. Not two heartbeats after she had hidden herself the man emerged from the tunnel she had come from. He looked around trying to spot her. When he didn't, the man his hands around his mouth, to amplify his voice, and then spoke:

"Lady Erica! Please I don't mean you any harm! I have information to help you on your journey!" he shouted

Erica, unable to contain her curiosity, roused her inner flame, in case this was a trap and needed to fight, before stepping out into the light.

"What sort of information?" Erica asked

When the Fire Sage saw her, he bowed face to the ground. This made Erica feel awkward, no one had bowed in awe to her before.

"Lady Erica, my name is Shyu and I have information to help you master Waterbending," said the Fire Sage.

"Really? That's wonderful thanks Shyu, but umm...if you wouldn't mind please don't call me lady, I'm only thirteen." said Erica

"Of course," said Shyu bowing at the waist toward her.

"And no bowing either please, I'm just a normal girl. Now, what do you have that can help me learn Waterbending?" Erica asked.

Shyu pulled a scroll out of his sleeve and opened it on the ground. It contained a map of the world.

"Look here." he said pointing to the far island of the Fire Nation "This is where we are now, and you need to make it to the North Pole, correct?"

"Yes." said Erica nodding "The only places to learn Waterbending are the North and South Poles, and Fire Lord Azulon captured all of the benders from the South so the North Pole is my only option."

"Alright. So here is what you are going to need to do," said Shyu and he began tracing a path from their location to the North Pole.

It took a while for them to sort out the best route and once they had finished Shyu rolled up the map and handed it to Erica.

"Thank you Shyu," said Erica bowing respectfully.

"No, thank you Phoenix, and good luck." said Shyu bowing and then he went back through the tunnels.

Once he was out of sight Erica returned to where Natsu was. She leaned up against the Eelhound, which woke up upon feeling her.

"Go back to sleep Natsu," said Erica softy "We still got a long way to go."

As Natsu fell back asleep, Erica listened to his steady breathing and beating heart and fell asleep to it, wondering what else awaited her on her journey.

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