The Beginning
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The First War



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January 21, 2013

As the sky burned with fury, the Fireliege stood outside his pavilion, basking in the sun, his uncovered chest broad and tan. His narrow, angular face glowered at the earth below him. A bard stood on his right, singing the poetry written by the Fireliege himself.

At a respectful distance stood his generals, looking as unflustered as their leader in the fierce sun. The Fireliege did not speak. The bard proclaimed in a loud voice:

"And the sun is high,

We are strong,

War is nigh,

We are prepared,

We may die,

But we are honorable."

The man bowed low to the Fireliege, who nodded his approval. The old man sat down where he stood, and the Fireliege followed suite.

"Speak, men. What have you to tell me?"

Each man spoke what he had gathered; the Fireliege patiently listened.

"The Earth Emperor Li fears your grace."

"His spies strain their ears beyond that hill, camping close to us in order to gain information."

"The Emperor's son is a weak man- he spends more time drunk than sober."

"The Avatar is unrevealed.'

The Fireliege smiled.

"Good. I shall see." he waved a hand, dismissing the generals. The bard remained, eyes lowered.

"Listen bard; go to the hill to where camp the Emperor's ears and eyes... take with you five of my best warriors. And tell the lackeys of Li this..."

Scribbling furiously as the Emperor dictated his verses, the old man finally stopped and scanned what the Emperor had told him to announce.

"Prepare your men,

For I march to you,

Build your walls,

They will not save you,

For the spirits of time,

Shall see me slay you."

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