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The Mystery of Black Mud Swamp





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June 3rd, 2013

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I was thinking of making a horror and mystery fanon, since JTTEOTW didn't work out. So, if you like horror, then scroll down and read.

At Ba Sing Se

Aang felt relaxed after one month of no war battle. He slowly blink his eyes as a sign of relaxation.
"Hey team, don't you wanna go on a vacation?" Aang asked in a slow voice. He wanted to go on a vacation.
"I don't know, Aang. Haven't you already relaxed?" Katara asked, disagreeing.
"Well, yeah, but vacations are super fun! Come on, there's no war around!" Aang replied. "Plus we're doing nothing!" He added.
"Twinkle Toes is right. If I were you, I would go for it!" Toph said nervously.
"Well I have to go there. Vacations make me less..angry." Zuko replied and smiled at himself.
"Um..okay then!" Katara smiled, finally agreeing with Aang's idea.
"Let's go for it!" Aang said.
"To where?" Sokka asked.
"How about Black Mud Swamp?" Katara asked as she smiled.
Everyone blinked at Katara.
"Where's there?" Zuko asked.
"You've gotta be kidding me. Sokka, how about you?" Katara asked, not believing in them.
"It's in our home. Though I forgot where we live.." Sokka sighed.
"Sokka, it's in Northern Water Tribe." Katara said as she was quite angry at Sokka.
"So when should we go?" Toph asked.
"How about tomorrow?" Aang asked.
"Splendid." Zuko replied and everyone nod as a sign of agreement.
"Funny chiz," Toph replied angrily.

At Black Mud Swamp tomorrow

"So this is Black Mud Swamp?" Toph asked, frustrated.
"Have you two ever went here?" Aang asked.
Katara and Sokka looked at each other and replied, "No."
"NO?! So you don't know how this place is?!" Zuko shouted.
"Our tribe says that this place is fantastic! So that's why we suggested!" Katara replied.
"Awesome. What if it's haunted with your waterbenders?" Zuko smiled.
"What if it's haunted with the death of your army?!" Katara shouted.
"I can hear that!" A voice said.
"W-who said that..?" Aang asked.
"It's the..SWAMP!" Toph said.
"I am not a swamp! What do you think I am? A stupid waterbender?" The voice replied.
"Then who are you?" Katara asked.
"That's not the problem! The problem is that this place is haunted!" The voice replied.
"Lady, what do you mean?" Sokka asked.
"Save yourself, Sokka! All of you save yourselves before it's too late!" The voice replied as it fade away.
"That voice." Zuko said.
"What's she doing here? Trying to scare us?" Aang asked.
"I'm warning you! If you don't want to get—" The voice stopped, as if the person was kidnapped.
"I think she's telling the truth." Toph said.
"Azula never tells the truth!" Katara disagreed.
"What if she is?" Aang asked.
"Nah," Katara said.

"HELP!" Toph screamed as a shadow grabbed her and tried to suck her in a portal.
"Toph! We'll save you!" Katara said.
"No, dummie! Save y-yourself!" Toph said as she fade away.
"TOPH!" Sokka shouted.
"I guess Azula was right." Zuko sighed.
"We better hide!" Aang said.
"SAVE YOURSELF!" Two voices said.
"That sounded like Azula and Toph." Katara said.
"What the hell is happening? I do not want to stay here!" Sokka shouted.
"Then there really is a mystery here. Sokka, we couldn't get back today! We have to find the mystery around here and save Toph!" Aang said.
"What if the people Katara mentioned here are kidnapped by the thing?" Zuko asked.
"They never come back." Katara sighed.
"Then tonight.. we go hunt for clues!" Aang stomped his feet, being serious.
"Finally!" Zuko said.


Katara saw a wrecked wall made of ice.
"Hey guys, come look!" She said.
"Looks like a wrecked wall." Sokka said.
"Do you think this has something to do with the mystery?" Aang asked.
"Of course there is!" A voice said.
"What do you think this is, Twinkle Toes?!" Another voice said.
"Are you two here for guidance?" Zuko asked.
"Yes!" The two voices shouted together.
"Wait.. what happened to the two of you?" Katara asked.
"Cursed." A voice said.
"We are cursed into nymphs." Another voice said.
"Katara! Look!" Sokka pointed to a glowing gem. He touched it and the place started to rumble.
"Sokka! That was a boobie trap!" The two voices shouted.


  • Azula was the voice all along, Toph was the second voice.
    • They are cursed into nymphs.
  • When Azula asked Sokka to save himself, it showed she has some feelings for him.
  • Iroh was originally planned to go on the vacation, but the planned changed and Iroh will appear in the next chapter along with Suki, Mai and Ty Lee.

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