The Beginning
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December 3, 2011

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The Beginning, Part 2

Fire Nation Capital

105 AG

"Bye mom, I'm going to Cong's house."

"Okay. Bye, Ashley."

Ashley picked up her back pack and rode her bike to Cong's house. When she arrived, however, there was nobody home. A small note was pinned to the door, saying, Ashley; I'm already at the tree house waiting for you, hurry up!

"Oh my Spirits, I'm late!!" said Ashley.

She got on her bike and pedaled as fast as she could to tree house.

"I'm here, I'm here!!" Ashley exclaimed while making her way up the tree toward their tree house. When she arrived at the top, she didn't find her friend, but instead she found another note. "Oh no, not another note..."

Ashley, change of plans: Follow this map and I'll show you something amazing.

Ken's Village


"Dad, I'm ready for my training." Ken said.

"Well, okay then," Ken's dad answered.

Their training was excruciatingly hard, but Ken went on. He wanted to become a master, even if it would take him years of severe training.

After practice, Ken went to explore the caves. Only walking for a few minutes, he heard someone. Curious to find out the source of the strange noise, he hid behind a huge crystal and peered over it to discover a stranger wandering through the caves. Ken ducked down and read the boy's energy from behind the crystal. Learning that he wasn't a bender, Ken revealed himself.

"Who are you?" Said Ken

"I'm Cong, who are you?"


"Are you a Firebender? I've never seen you before."

Ken pensively looked at Cong and decided it was best not to reveal his true identity yet to this stranger.

"No, I'm a..."

"Non-bender?" Said Cong quizzically.

Taking advantage of the handed excuse, Ken quickly proceeded. "Exactly, I'm not a bender. "

"Where are you from"


Before Ken could proceed, a distant scream cut through the air. Cong smiled and turned his head in recognition of the voice.

"And that's Ashley. I'll be right back."

"Ashley?" Ken mumbled as Cong made his way back in the direction of the sound.

"You could have written that the way in is a hole!" Ashley said.


the hole ashley fell thrue

Cong waved away her remarked and tugged her arm, "Ashley, come with me!"

"Why? What's up?"

Cong pulled his friend further down the cave where he had left Ken standing. "Ashley, I'd like to introduce you to..."


Ashley peered over Cong's shoulder. Cong turned around to follow her questioning gaze to discover that the cave was empty. "I could have sworn that he was just here a minute ago."

"Well, whoever he was, he isn't here anymore." Ashley lightheartedly stated. She focused her attention back to her friend. "So, what was this amazing thing you wanted to show me?"

"Oh right, I almost forgot! Come, it's this way."

Somewhere In The Forest

"Sir, we searched the entire town, but couldn't find any trace of Energybenders."

"Then check the next town! They can't hide forever."

"Yes, Sir."

Outside Ken's Village

"How am I going to explain to my dad that I have talked to surface dwellers? I'm so grounded..." Ken mumbled to himself.

"Ken!" said Cheng.

"Cheng!? What are you doing here?"

"Shhh, you know I'm banished from the village."

"Actually... I forgot."

"No matter, but did you see those surface dwellers? Were any of them Firebenders? I really need a master..."

"Well, the first one is a non-bender. I escaped before I could read the second one's energy."

"Ohh, that's a shame... But okay, see you later! Bye."

"Bye, Cheng."


"Cong, I can't believe this!" Ashley said in an angry mood.

"Can't believe what?".

"That I went as fast as I could to the tree house to find a note saying I should follow the mysterious map without a clue where I was going. I arrive at some weird cave, not knowing to get in to only fall 10 feet down when I discovered the entrance by accident and..."

"Wait, what? Did you just say 10 feet?"

"Yes, why?"

"Oh no..."


"This is very bad, very, very bad."

"What's very bad, Cong? You're starting to scare me..."

"Getting in is no problem... Getting out on the other hand..."

"Wait... Are you saying that we are stuck in this hole when nobody known where we are?!"

"Well... Maybe not entirely. There is still that kid I met earlier. If we can find him, he might know a way out of here. He had do come from somewhere."

Fun facts

Remember some of these facts might be important later in the story.

  1. The place that Cong took Ashley to was an underground garden.
  2. Cheng was banished from the village for learning Firebending. I will explain later in the story why that is an action punishable by banishment.

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