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The Beginning is the first chapter and prologue of Hitori Chronicles.


3 years ago..

People cheer in joy as they watch fireworks pop happily. Colors stretch out in the night sky. The wonderful smell of foods being cooked by "professionals" are being surrounded by many. The two Fire Nation kids sit on their own small thrones pointing and smiling at the magical event happening.

"This is amazing!" the small boy said.

"I know right?" a girl next to him said.

"Hey, do you know where Papa is?"

"I told you, I don't know. He's probably doing business. You know him" the boy replied. "Blaze... Well, where's Mom?" the boy sighed. "Can you stop worrying me? An, they're both alright. But, I think I saw mom leave. I think she was carrying food." the boy wasn't so sure. It was like a dream.

"Alright... I'm gonna go to the bathroom." An got up from the chair. "Alright, but if you miss anything, don't complain."

"Yeah, Yeah. You'll tell me anyways." The girl walked out.

"Hey, only because you be-" As he turned around, the little Fire Nation girl vanished. The guards just stood there, trying not to look at the embarrassed boy.

An skipped while singing "something". Soon, she found the place her father was. "Have you checked there?" the crowned lord asked. His voice sounded aggressive.

"Sir, I'm sure-"

"I don't think you're sure! Are you lying to me?" he asked.

"N-no sir, I would never!" The soldier replied quickly. It's pretty much confirmed that this guy is scared of the Fire Lord.

"Papa?" An skipped in. She saw a glimpse of the solider being hold by his shirt. "Father?" Her dad was the one doing this to the helpless man. Once he heard her voice, he put down the man and looked straight at her.

"Li, w-what are you doing here sweetie?" He started walking towards An. "I came to check on you. Also, do you know where mother is?"

"She's not here?" the Lord asked. He sounded irritated. "Again?" If he could count the time his wife left, you wouldn't want to know. "That woman..! L-look sweetie, I'm in a meeting now." he replied.

"You were holding that guy up in the sky. That's what you call a meeting?"

The lord was about to blow up until- "Lord Ju! We have a message from General Shin!"

"Grgh! What does he want!?" Lord Ju made hand movements towards An. He was telling her to leave.

"Look, sweetie, I have to work. Go back to your brother now, okay?"

"Okay." An started walking off. She looked back once more at her father and his servants. Then, she left.

An came back with a gloomy face. "Sis, you okay?" her brother asked.

"Blaze.. does father love us? And mother?"

Even though it didn't sound like it, An was serious. "What? Of course! He loves us all."

Again, Blaze wasn't sure. But, he didn't want to say no. The two looked down. "H-hey... guards, give us a minute?" The two that watched them turned and looked at each other. "Alone," Blaze said more specifically. The guards left the royal children.

"To be honest, I'm not sure," he continued. "I really want to believe that, but... Mom... and Dad... never mind." "What? What were you going to say?" An asked. "Nothing. Let's just watch the show."

An looked confused. She was worried what her brother could've said. "Blaze..." She looked back at the fireworks. She wasn't amused. An wasn't happy at all.

3 years later

A person with a red cape hiding there face was at a small desk writing in they're journal. "I saw him; I saw the man hit mother. The room was burning." They wrote. "She was bruised. Though, she wasn't sad. She wasn't crying. No emotion was on her face. I think, she was, tired. Hurt and regretting her decisions. Of course I didn't do anything. I was stupid and-" The writer's hand trembles. Tears fall on the piece of burnt paper. "Not only a day passed. My mother was killed. My father said it was an indent; a solider bended my mother. That man was murdered in front of a crowd. At first, I believed my father. But now, I question him. The soldier looked innocent. He was scared, but I guess everyone is when they're at death. But, he looked harmless. He had no background. My dad said he did this on purpose but why? Did he hate my mother?" An's fist shook.

"My mother wrote in a book. It's a temple not far from here. I could go there and find it." An quietly went out of the palace.



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