The Beginning, Part 2
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December 3, 2011

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The Beginning

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Ashley was going to Cong's house when she saw a note telling her to go to the club house. When she got there, she found another note with a map. Following the map, Ashley arrived at a cave where she fell through a hole, interrupting Cong's conversation with Ken. Cong proceeded by showing Ashley the garden he wanted to show her; Ashley, however, wasn't pleased with this as she went true a lot to get here just for a garden. Cong realized then that he didn't know how to get out, so they decided to look for Ken and ask him how to escape.

The Underground Garden

"Oh, come on, Cong" Ashley said impatiently.

"You go on without me," Cong replied absentmindedly while studying some plants.

Pensively looking at her friend again, Ashley decided to leave him with his plants. "Okay, see ya later then!"


Ashley wandered around for a while. "Strange. I've been walking downwards for a while now, getting deeper under the ground, but it isn't getting darker. Maybe it are the crystals." Ashley marveled at the beauty of the shining rocks. "They're just like the crystals in the Cave of Two Lovers. I bet Cong would love! I'll take a little piece with me, so he can look at it later."

However, the moment Ashley broke off a piece of crystal, the hole crystal seized to glow, plunging the entire tunning in an unnerving darkness. "Great, just my luck! I'd better not touch any more crystals."

As Ashley ventured further down the tunnel, she encountered more crystals; much to her amazement, instead of glowing soft blue, these were shining red. Her thoughts of reasons why were completely brushed aside and forgotten when she turned another corner: An entire under-ground village appeared before her. While admiring the splendor of this unexpected wonder, she felt several quick jabs in her back and then no feeling at all. Instantly losing control over her body and unable to move, Ashley fell to the ground, a victim of a strange form of chi blocking.

The Garden

"But how on earth are these plants growing without sunlight?" Cong muttered quizzically to himself. Before he could continue his train of though, he noticed two large men behind him who quickly overpowered him with only a few quick jabs.

Ken's Village

The tingling feeling of returning control over her body, slowly woke Ashley. Much to her surprise, she realized that she was no longer beholding the wonders of the village, but the inside of a prison cell. "Oh no! I have to warn Cong before it's to late." Ashley jolted up and started pulling the bars. She startled and seized her efforts when a boy's voice reached her from the corner's of the cell.

"Too late."

Ashley spun around on her heels and noticed that Cong was sitting only a few meters away from her. "Cong! How did they get you?" Ashley inquired quizzically.

"I was studying some plants, when a man knocked me out. How about you?"

"Same thing, only I was admiring the view of a village. Any ideas on how to get out of this hole?"

"Well... Did you notice there are no guards?"

"Yes, but still, how are we going to break the bars?"

"I think you mean, "melt the bars?" " Cong smiled confidently at his friend.

Lights of comprehension lighted in Ashley's eyes, soon to be followed by a flame dancing in her palm. "Hehe, I like where you're going with this."

Ken's House

"I hope the two kids I met are okay," Ken said while pacing through the room.

He heard his dad come home, but didn't pay him any attention until the soft whisper of hushed conversation reached his ears. Ken's curiosity reached critique levels and he couldn't help but overhear the conversation between his parents.

"Really? How many will we have to move?" His mother's voice unusually alarmed.

"As far as I know, it were just two kids." Ken's dad replied.

"But what if their parents start looking for them?"

"Then we'll just ask the badgermoles to seal the entrance they came though and create another one on the other side of the forest."

"I feel bad for those two kids. I heard one of them is a bender, a Firebender."

Ken had heard enough. He knew the two children his parents were talking about. With this realization come the resolve to help them. They didn't belong here, and certainly didn't deserve to be imprisoned underground for eternity. Ken swiftly left his room and went to find Cheng as he couldn't do it alone.

Later the day
"Cheng! Cheng! I need your help!" Ken rushed through the door of Cheng's house.


Ken yelped and turned quickly to find Cheng standing behind him. "Ahh, don't do that!"

Cheng shrugged Ken's words away with a smile. "Well, what do you need?"

"I need your help busting out a few friends of mine from jail."

"Yeah, fight the power!"

"Does that mean you will help me?"

"Of course! But remember, if we get caught,it's every men for himself. I cannot be responsible for your slow moments. So if they catch us, I can easily escape, but if you get caught, you're toast."

"Fine, I can take the risk."


The Jail

"That was easy," Ashley said while finishing melting the bars with her Firebending.

"Don't jinx it, we're not out yet. Come on, let's hurry before..." Cong never finished his sentence as suddenly three guards appeared before them. "... too late!"

"Don't you mean "three late"?" Ashley said, trying to lighten their dire situation, while preparing to defend herself with her stilettos and trowing stars. Before the objects left her hands, however, the guards were taken down by Ken and Cheng.

"See, Ashley! I told you that I met someone in the tunnel." Cong said smugly.

"No time for pleasantries, come on!" Ken gestured to the two friends to follow him to the outside.

Outside The Village

"Thanks for helping us out back there, but we still don't know how to get out of this cave." Cong addressed their two saviors.

"Oh, that's no problem at all." Ken reacted. "You know that plants need sunlight to live, right?"

"Of course, who doesn't know that?"

"Well, go back to the garden. Behind the carrot patch, you'll find some vines. They obscure a big hole that lets in the sunlight from sight. You can get out through there."

"Thanks for all your help! Bye!"



  1. I told you that knowing it was a garden would be important.

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