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The Beginning, Part 2
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The Beginning, Part 2 is the second episode of Kinu's Adventures: Between Two Avatars and the second episode too of the Book One: Travel to the Northern Water Tribe. In this episode, the boys discover some important things, and start the travel...


In this episode the Tribal chief is going to say what happened with the Southern Lights when some problems attack him and he can't. For this problem, Kinu and Li Chung start a long travel to the Northern Water Tribe...

Episode 2: The Beginning, Part 2

Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Over 30 years ago, Avatar Aang ended the war of 100 years and restored harmony in the world with the Fire Lord Zuko. Will it be possible to maintain peace in the world, while the Southern Water Tribe, falls into a spiritual decline? Can the master water Kinu, help your tribe? KINU'S ADVENTURES: BETWEEN TWO AVATARS.

Previously, Kinu was trying to teach Li Chung waterbending while fishing, but a dark spirit attacked, and Kinu managed to beat the spirit, not knowing that outside are lots of them. At the dinner for the first Glacier Spirits Festival in years, the Southern Lights disappeared but the Tribal Chief knows what happens. Are they may return the southern lights and bring peace to the tribe?

(After the events occurred in The Beginning, Part 1 to see that the southern lights disappeared, the Tribal chief iS surprised.)

Tribal Chief: Oh no...

Citizen 3: What is happening chief?

Ni Mao: Chief, what happened with the Southern Lights?

Kinu: Yes chief. What happened with the Southern Lights?

Li Chung: I want to know what happened with the Southern Lights too.

Lin Senuoa (Li Chung's mother): Son, we have to go home.

(They enter some warriors of the Northern Water Tribe breaking a wall.)

Warriors's chief: Stop, don't talk Tribal chief. (He does Waterbending and attacks a citizen who tried to protect the tribe.)

Citizen 4: Aaah! (It hits with the wall.)

Warriors's chief: Hahaha...

Kinu: Stop don't attack... (It gets in position to fight.)

Royal palace Guardian: Child go with your mother, we have to fight. (He and other guardians, stand in front of Kinu.)

Ni Mao: We have to go out Kinu.

Evil warrior 1: Go out ladies... (He does Earthbending and pushes Ni Mao and Lin Senuoa back.)

Ni Mao and Lin: Aah!

Kinu: An Earthbender... Don't attack my mother! (He does Waterbending and throws away the Earthbender.)

Evil warrior 1: Uuh! (Flies to the right and hit it against the wall.)

Warriors's chief: Warriors! Attack the disheveled boy and the palace guardians while I kidnap the Tribal chief!! (He approaches to the Tribal chief while the warriors start the battle.)

Tribal chief: Hey, what are you doing? Let me go!

(The Warriors's chief puts the Tribal chief in a pouch and kidnaps him.)

Li Chung: (Leading citizens to outside.) Stay here. I go for Kinu. (He enters to the palace.)

Lin Senuoa: Beware son...

Kinu: (Attacking a warrior.) Haha! Have this! (A warrior went to hit Kinu but he dodges, and the warrior stumbles.) Wow...

Evil Warrior 2: Go out warriors, I'll take care of them.

(The other warriors go out.)

Palace guardian 1: You think you can defeat us only? I don't think it.

Kinu: Yes, he's right. You can't only...

Evil Warrior 2: You think I can't? (He does Bloodbending to all except to Li Chung and he rises up all in the air.) Hahaha... (He faints at all.) Haha... (He goes out.)

Li Chung: Oh no...

(Hours later, in the morning, Kinu and the guardians wake up.)

Ni Mao: He's waking up...

Li Chung: Hi Kinu.

Kinu: Mum? Li Chung? What happened here?

Ni Mao: Aam... (A guardian interrupts her.)

Palace guardian 2: The evil warrior was left was a bloodbender and he attacked all us with his power, and fainted us.

Li Chung: Yes, and I kidnap one of the warriors.

Kinu: Great... Now what?

(Change the scene where Kinu and Li Chung are interrogate the warrior.)

Kinu and Li Chung: Where is the den of your friends?! What are they going to do with the Tribal chief?! Who your friend knows doing Bloodbending?!

Evil Warrior 3: The den is in a hut near the dock. The warriors are going to take the Tribal chief to the principal den in the Northern Water Tribe, and Noatak, the new, we don't know to he know doing bloodbending. Now release me!

Kinu: In the dock, ah... We have to go before they going out! (Runs out with Li Chung to the dock.)

Evil Warrior 3: Stop! Return and release me!

(The scene changes to the dock where Kinu and Li Chung see the boat going out with the Tribal chief.)

Kinu: Oh no... It's too late...

Li Chung: We have to go home friend...

Noatak: (Exits inside the hut.) Stop! They can't go anywhere...

Li Chung: Oh no... the bloodbender.... Don't underestimate him...

Kinu: Go out of here! (He does Waterbending and freezes Noatak.)

Noatak: Aaah!

Li Chung: (He enters in a shock.)

Kinu: Ahm... Li Chung...

Li Chung: Oh... oh... Yes. What?

Kinu: We have to go to the Northern Water Tribe to save the Tribal chief.

Li Chung: You're sure?

Kinu: Yes, I am.

LI Chung: Okay... We can go with my boat.

Kinu: Okay... (He goes out with Li Chung.)

Noatak: They can't get away with yours... I will follow them..

(The scene changes to the dock hours later, when Kinu and Li Chung are preparing the boat.)

Ni Mao: Son... I miss you...

Kinu: Me too mum... (Hugs his mum.)

Lin Senuoa: Good luck son!

Li Chung: Yes mum I will considerate it! (He gets into the boat.)

Kinu: (Drops his mom and gets into the boat.) Bye mum!

Ni Mao: Bye son! Good luck! (The boat sets sail.) Oh. (She puts her hand in her pocket.) He left the toothbrush in my pocket when he hugged me.

(Final of the Episode.)


Major Characters

Minor Characters

  • Lin Senuoa (Debut)
  • Citizen 3
  • Citizen 4 (Debut)
  • Evil Warrior 1 (Debut)
  • Evil Warrior 2 (Debut)
  • Noatak (Debut)
  • Warriors's chief (Debut)
  • Evil Warrior 3 (Debut)
  • Royal Palace guardians (Debut)

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