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The Beginning, Part 1
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Kinu's Adventures: Between Two Avatars


One: Travel to the Northern Water Tribe



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The Beginning, Part 2

The Beginning Part 1 is the first episode of Kinu's Adventures: Between Two Avatars and the first episode of the Book One: Travel to the Northern Water Tribe. Welcome all! In this episode the adventure starts...


In this episode we meet Kinu and Li Chung, they go fishing, and they have a problem, who no one saw in years... Then they go the a dinner in the Royal palace, but nothing goes well...

Episode 1: The Beginning Part 1

Water, Earth, Fire, Air. Many years ago, the four nations lived in harmony, as now. Until the Fire Nation attacked. When the world needed the Avatar, disappeared. Sokka and Katara, found the new Avatar, an airbender named Aang, who trained, managed to put an end to war. The Fire Lord Zuko and Aang, began a project to restore harmony, it's working. They also founded Republic City, where teachers and no teachers around the world, live together in peace and harmony there. Aang and Katara had 3 children: Bumi, Kya and Tenzin. The Northern Water Tribe, helped arrange our tribe, and now is already big and good. All was well, and the world was at peace, and I hope it stays that way for years. KINU'S ADVENTURES: BETWEEN TWO AVATARS

(Kinu is playing with the Water, while Li Chung looks him bored. They are behind Kinu's house, on the outskirts of the city.)

Li Chung: (Inhale and Exhale, like bored.)

Kinu: What's wrong Li Chung?

Li Chung: Nothing, just that you spend doing Waterbending and... (Kinu interrupts)

Kinu: So, why don't you help me?

Li Chung: Because I don't know any Waterbending!

Kinu: Wow... Okay... So, do you want go fishing?

Li Chung: Okay, I think that will reanimate me... (Li Chung rises up and goes with Kinu into Kinu's house.)

(Change the scene to Kinu's house)

Kinu: Mum... We can go fishing?

Ni Mao (Kinu's Mother): Okay, but beware. Li Chung I'll tell your mom that you go with Kinu. Go with the raft.

(Change the scene to outside where Kinu and Li Chung are preparing the raft.)

Ni Mao: Goodbye guys! Bring fishes for the dinner with the Southern Lights!

Kinu: Yes mum! (The raft go esaway.)

(Change the scene some minutes later, where Kinu and Li Chung are fishing between some icebergs. Kinu is fishing with Waterbending and Li Chung is fishing with a fishing rod.)

Kinu: 156! I fished 156 fishes! How many fishes did you fish Li?

Li Chung: Five...

Kinu: Five? You caught only five fish?

Li Chung: Yes...

Kinu: Hmm... This will not reanimates you, no?

Li Chung: No...

Kinu: What about if I teach you Waterbending?

Li Chung: You can do it?

Kinu: Yes I can! For your first movement move your hands like me. (He moves his hands like waves and the river's water moves.)

Li Chung: Like this? (He moves his hands different to Kinu and the water doesn't move.)

Kinu: No, Like this. (He moves his hands again and the water moves again.)

Li Chung: Oh, I get it. Like this. (Moves his hands as Kinu and the water moves.)

Kinu: Great! You are doing great!

Li Chung: Yeah!

Kinu: Okay now stop. It's time for your next movement. (Li Chung stops but the water keeps moving.) Li Chung stop...

Li Chung: But I'm not doing nothing. The water is moving alone. Do you feel that the raft is raising?

Kinu: Yes, you're right. (The raft rises higher.) What is happening?! (Kinu looks behind and looks a giant Dark spirit raising the raft in his hands.) Oh, Li Chung, look behind.

Li Chung: Wow! What's this!

Kinu: It's like a spirit, And I think it's furious!

(The spirit kicks the raft into the water and sinks.)

Kinu and Li Chung: Aaah!! (Kinu and Li Chung stays in the water and the dark spirit attacks them)

Li Chung: Kinu! Watch out!!

Kinu: Aaah! (Kinu does waterbending and attacks the spirit.) Go out, spirit!! (Kinu attacks the spirit with ice and the spirit goes below water.) I eliminates him.

Li Chung: You think? (An ice falls in the water and it do a big wave.)

Kinu: Yes. We have to go out.

(Change the scene to the coast near Kinu's house where Kinu and Li Chung arrive coughing.)

Ni Mao: Boys! They are okay?

Kinu: Yes mum, I fight with a spirit.

Ni Mao: Spirit?!

Li Chung: Yes, a spirit. It was incredible.

Ni Mao: Okay. Li Chung, go home. Son we go inside. (Li Chung goes out.) You need to dress up for the dinner in the Royal Palace, for see the Southern Lights.

(Changes the scene to the Royal palace ballroom, where Kinu and Li Chung are counting to all the fight with the dark spirit.)

Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace

The Southern Water Tribe Royal Palace

Kinu: And we were in the raft, trapped for the dark spirit and... (The tribal chief interrupts Kinu.)

Tribal chief: Good story Kinu, but it's time to go out to see the Southern lights, for see who the spirits dance in the sky. Tribe go out! (All the people go out.)

(Change the scene to outside.)

Kinu: Mum, where are the Southern Lights?

Ni Mao: I don't know Kinu, it have to be in the sky now.

(All the people go with the chief.)

Citizen 1: Tribal chief, Where are the Southern Lights?

Citizen 2: What is happening chief?

Tribal chief: I don't know citizens, I think...

Citizen 3: (Interrupts.) Chief! The southern lights are there only they are black! And they disappeared now!

Tribal chief: Oh no...

(Final of the episode. Created by Rambor (wallcontribs) 22:02, January 24, 2015 (UTC).)


Major Characters

  • Kinu (Debut)
  • Li Chung (Debut)
  • Ni Mao (Kinu's mother)(Debut)

Minor Characters

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