By Dr.Doom23 Part of the The Secrets of the Beast continuity.
1394688- better the beast
The Beast
Biographical information

Before the four nations



Physical description


Hair color


Eye color

unknown(Presumably red)

Personal information
Bending style(s)

All four

Chronological and political information


The Beast is a being of ultimate destruction that, if freed, will annihilate all of the four nations.
BB Arcade Hakumen 01

Ancient drawing of the Beast.


As the four nations started to form, all were well until they suffered under The Beast, a creature that threatened to tear the nations apart, until the six legendary heroes banded together and stopped it. Now, The Sediao is trying in every attempt to unseal it.


A lust for destruction even bigger than Zhèngyì. Nothing more is known.


Unknown, but what is seen is that he is bald.

Abilities & Equipment

According to legend, he too can bend all four elements, but they are corrupted versions.As his firebending is always dark red with a black core or green, His Earthbending gives the earth a polluted corroded look, His waterbending is fill with poisons and toxins of many kinds turning the water dark green or black, and his airbending is smog looking or filled with smoke.


Based on The Beast from Infamous and The Black Beast from Blazblue.

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