Liberation of Ba Sing Se
The Battle part 2
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Alien vs Airbender

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The Battle part 1

The Hive

Aang flew his glider to the source of Katara's screaming, which was a hospital that looked fine on the outside. Aang opened the door, only to find webbing all over the place. He walked down the hall. "Help please", said a weak voice. Aang turned and saw a pregnant woman on the webbing. "It's.... inside of me. Kill me". She screamed as her chest opened up and the bloody creatures Aang saw in the Spirit World came out of her.
Just like Mai Aang thought. He heard Katara again, and Aang sprinted down the hall. He arrived at a wide chamber, and saw hundreds of eggs. "Aang"! He turned and Katara was in the webbing, an egg opening up. Aang blasted the egg with firebending. He got Katara out of the webbing and she stumbled. "Katara, where's everyone else"? "Zuko is in here somewhere. I don't know where Toph, Suki and Sokka are". Aang heard a hiss behind him and instinctively swung his glider. He turned and saw ridged serpent things approaching him. Outside the wall of Ba Sing Se, Iroh and the Order of the White Lotus prepared to wipe out the serpents.


Azula finally arrived in Ba Sing Se. The city was in distress as smoke was high in the sky. She made her way to the Upper Ring, meeting no resistance. When she got there, she ran up to the Jasmine Dragon, and found empty ruins.

Zuko hated being held captive, especially in something so slimy. He was halfway out of the webbing when he heard hissing. The new ridged serpents were putting eggs in front of him, which had the pale spider in it. Zuko started wiggling hard to get out as the egg was opening up. Zuko fell off just as the pale spider was scrambling to get out of the egg. He burned the thing to ashes and ran out.

Azula searched the ruins for any sign of the team. She found nothing. But she heard a hiss behind her and she saw a domed serpent... thing! She blazed out her firebending which charred it. She looked like she wanted to kill. Then she heard him "Hello Zuko, I've been waiting for you".

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