Toph protects the ship
The Battle part 1
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Hunting down the alien

After Aang entered the Spirit World, Katara went to help Zuko find the creature. They found themselves in an old alley. "Wait, what's that"? Zuko said while picking up a piece of shredded skin. Katara shrugged. They both heard a hiss. Zuko dropped the thing and he and Katara got into fighting stances. They couldn't see clearly because of the darkness, but a domed-serpent thing was crawling on the walls right towards them! Katara flashed out her water but it missed. Zuko let out a barrage of fireballs, but it missed as well. The serpent creature landed in front of them and they got their first look at it. It had a domed head with no eyes, had arms and legs, and a long tail with a blade on the end. It hissed and tried to bite Katara, but she froze it's mouth. The serpent broke off the ice. "That thing's strong"! Katara shouted. "But we have another problem", Zuko said, pointing to the opposite end of the alley. More of those serpents were coming!

Toph vs the Predalien

Toph was resting easy at Sokka and Suki's apartment when she heard a hiss. She couldn't see exactly what it was, but it wasn't pretty. It marching towards her. "Alright buddy, you wanna play with Toph"? It roared and attacked her. Toph brought out an earth wall to block the attacks, but it smashed it's head against it and started turning. Next thing she knew, she was breaking the wall right into the kitchen where Sokka and Suki were having dinner. "Toph! Are you okay"? Sokka asked. She shook his hand off. "I'm fine Sokka! Get Suki out of here and run"! They understood her quite well. They went out the back door just as Toph heard the thing roar again. She climbed out of the wall and jumped out to meet it.


Aang jumped out of the house, which was also burning. He hoped Katara and the other were okay, but he doubted it. He heard a hiss behind him and was immediately jumped on by a domed serpent thing. It opened it's mouth and out came another mouth. Aang dodged and blew the thing back. He made an earth wedge on the serpent. Aang walked up to it. It suddenly spit something at Aang, but he just dodged it to see acid blood. Like the giant spider Aang thought. It struggled to get out, even whimpering. But Aang just walked away to find his friends, where he could hear the thing shrieking for help. Aang was flying all around Ba Sing Se, in a desperate attempt to find his friends. The city was full of screaming, screeching, and hissing. But there was one scream he recognized. "Katara"!

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