Origin of firebending mural Zuko, something happened to The Battle of the Elements in the last hundred years.

This fanon has been discontinued, but is still available to read for your enjoyment.

The Battle of the Elements

The Battle of the Elements is a conflict (somewhat like a mini-war) which occurs when an Avatar is killed in the Avatar State or disappears for a very long time, It is the process of the deterioration of the earth on its pathway to death....

The Avatar is a being that is capable of bending all four elements therefore it is his or her rightful place to maintain balance between the four nations, each of which is home to an individual element. When an Avatar disappears for a long period of time chaos breaks out between the four nations this instance can be seen with, the "Last Airbender" series. However in "The Last Airbender" the absence of the Avatar was only through the duration of a hundred years therefore a fully-fledged battle of the elements did not unravel itself and it was only the Fire Nation which appeared as the opponent (not the Four Nations). It can be assumed that a world without its Avatar its "element-balancer" is a dying world.


(5,000 years after Avatar Aang) It has been a thousand years since the last Avatar, Avatar Shuang Fen Taa' had disappeared, some even assumed he had even been killed in the Avatar State. His disappearance was long enough however to restart the battle of the elements...

The true story of his disappearance however was that he was an evil Avatar whose sole aim was to bring about the battle of the Elements so that the "corrupt" world would be destroyed so he could start the world anew...... Avatar Shuang was an Avatar who always feared going into the Avatar State because he knew that this would mean that this would mean that he would have to face his previous re-incarnations who would use their mighty force to take over his body and destroy him then and there on the spot. It was because of this reason Shuang never entered the Avatar State and therefore never had access to his full powers. He began to concoct a plan which would solve his problems....... Eventually the day came when he was forced to enter the Avatar State when he was overcome with rage when his most loyal followers attempted to assassinate him. Once they were all left dead on the ground the past Avatars took control over his body and made him enclose himself within a crystal tomb in which he took one hundred years to die in by unknown means of survival. The extra nine hundred years of delay were caused by searching for a suitable body to be born in for the next re-incarnation of the Avatar.

The past Avatars knew that the battle of the Elements had begun from the moment that Shuang was encased within his tomb of crystals, selecting a body at random would spell disaster, so their choice was narrowed down to a situation where the next Avatar would remain neutral to any of the conflicting sides.


The four nations are at war with each other and hundreds of people are killed each day due to the Battle of the elements. It now seems that the Avatars have made a choice upon who they want to be reincarnated as.

Chance presented itself when the future Earth King fell in love with a refugee claiming to be from the Earth Kingdom but really was an air bender. The Avatars destined this couple to bear a child-who would be their next reincarnation, the child was chosen because of the situations about to unfold...........

Their two parents named their new-born son Lei. Naturally according to the cycle of the elements Lei was supposed to learn Earth-bending first but behind his father's back (who now is the Earth King) Lei's mother always tried to teach him the disciplines of air bending unknowing that he was an earth-bender too. The confusion of having two opposite elements in the family meant that Lei was too confused to be able to bend at all, thus making him appear as a non-bender-a title which led his father to be highly disappointed of him.

Eventually his mother was found-out to be an Air-bender. The Earth King was furious at this news claiming that his wife's blood "had befouled his offspring!" he now had a reason to blame someone for his only son, the next heir to the throne not having the single ability needed to be suitable to become the next Earth King! And in his fury he threw his wife into the largest volcano in the Earth Kingdom in order to get his revenge.

As Lei saw his mother fall into the boiling magma extreme rage overcame him and he transformed into to Avatar State, eyes glowing a burning white! He destroyed the whole palace of Ba Sing Se.....

Now lei is Banished fro the Earth Kingdom and the only way he can begin to lead a normal lie again and to be accepted back into the world, he has to fulfill his destiny!

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