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The Battle for the South Part 2
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The final chapter of the Introduction Arc of The Phoenix Chronicles.


The Southern Water Tribe, is beginning to win and the islanders are retreating. Just as everything seems great, a leader falls, and an Avatar rises. The Battle Continues!


Mian turned back toward his enemy and pinned him with several ice shards. He and Tia then both tried to get more soldiers pinned.

Ice column

Mian Waterbending

As they attacked, Zura blasted several away. Ami was on a pole making devastating winds to prevent the attacking forces from continuing. As hours passed Mian remembered his father, and turned to check on him. He was still fighting, but seemed more tired this time. As Mian turned back to face the enemy in front of him, a largeflash and a chirping sound filled his ears. He suddenly turned and fell to his knees at the sight. His father was on the floor, and his chest was blood red. His brother was fighting the General, so he would not finish of his father. A Phoenix soldier, noticed his collapse and threw a fireball at him. But, what he did not know was that Mian was a skilled water bender. Because the next minute his blast had been subdued and he was frozen solid.

Mian rushed to his father, and started sobbing. Several yards away his brother was fighting the General, and team strike was rushing towards him. But, Mian noticed none of it just this uncontrollable rage, suddenly there was a bright flash of light and he felt drowsy. He looked to see himself in floating, but was too tired to question it and fell asleep.

Tia was amazed, as Mian's eyes glowed white and he began to float. This was the Avatar State, and she knew why everyone said it was so powerful. He was rising and there was suddenly another flash of light. His eyes were glowing white and all the water nearby, was moving towards him. He was now surrounded by a big blob of water. Mian then yelled so loud that, it gave her the shivers. Suddenly, the air nearby began to push away from his body, and he began to speak as if a 1000 people were talking through his body.

Phoenix Islanders, you have all outlived your stay here!


Suddenly, the blob transformed into hands with claws, they began to move toward enemy lines. Though she had not noticed yet she now noticed the winds were at hurricane-level. She grabbed a pole, to stay on the ground. But, that was unnecessary as only the Islanders were flying. Many were shooting through the air, and their screams in the frozen cold southern water Mian looked below him, he was surrounded by light everywhere but down. He felt like he had just woken up, as he looked down he saw ships being turned over, bodies falling into the sea. It was all horrible! But, he was so tired, and it was so warm, he just needed five more minutes to sleep.

Mian, had never felt so tired. The warmth he had felt, had suddenly disappears bringing so much pain. Then he had collapsed on an ice floe several miles away from the shore, around him there were ships everywhere, upside down.

Healing hut


The bed was comfy, but Mian was still bruised. The tribe was already being repaired, and was doing pretty good. He had been out for a day, and was now getting better. His friends had visited him and were helping out in the tribe, his brother had also checked up on him. The only one he had not seen yet was his father. He would askeverybody, but they would always avoid the topic. As he was relaxing one day, he met a happy messenger who informed him his father had recovered, he was hit near the chest and was now recuperating.

..Weeks Later..

Admiral Min would now stay at the Water Tribe to help them recuperate. Meanwhile, Team Strike was deciding what they would do. Since they were still at war, they would need to begin counterattacking immediately. But, the tribe could not afford any soldiers or fleets. So it was decided that team strike would go under cover in the islands.

None of the coast guards, noticed the small boat. It was so puny, there was no way it would have any attackers anyway. So, they just ignored it.

In the ship a cramped Team Strike, finally came near the shore. They got off and set up a small camp, and started a camp fire. Once there they relaxed and prepared for the upcoming days, in the unknown, enemy territory.

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