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The Battle for the South Part 1
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The Battle for the South Pt. 2

The 5th chapter in the Fanon, The Phoenix Chronicles. Part 1 of the end of the Introduction Arc.


Team Strike along with the Phoenix Bombers, reach the devastated Southern Water Tribe.


As the fleet approached the city, Mian knew that the tribe was in a horrible situation. There were almost 120 ships in the sea, and almost a dozen airships above. The ships sent out soldiers as the airships dropped bombs. The ships in the rear seemed to be full of supplies while the front ships were full of soldiers. Mian told Min to begin attacking the rear ships immediately, that would cut off their supplies.

Siege of the North

Under attack

Meanwhile, Team Strike and the Phoenix Bombers loaded several small boats. They soon hit the water and began to paddle to the shore. Once at the shore they fought there way through several soldiers until they reached the Water Tribe lines. They went into Mian's house, the HQ, to hear a report. The situation was worse than what Mian thought, they were vastly outnumbered, their air fleet had lost to the Phoenix's, but tomorrow would be the full moon. Hopefully, by then things would have changed. General Jin ordered a brigade of troops along with Team strike and the bombers to stop the airships. There bombing had weakened the tribe. Before they left, Ami grabbed an Air Nomad glider, from the weapons room. Tia grabbed a diamond staff. So, the entourage boarded several left over war balloons and slowly began to rise. As they rose they began to formulate a plan. 

Zuko blocks attack

The room was ablaze

The Captain did not expect any more attacks on his airship, so he turned to order there destruction. When he turned back towards the balloons, he saw nothing but fire, the windows already cracking gave under the pressure. The room was ablaze as thefire spread. The Ship's controls were failing, he needed to land it or they would all crash into the frozen ocean below. 

Mian patted Zura on the back, for a job well done. The ship was already heading towards the ocean, he was sad to know people would die, but it was for the best. The other ships seemed to have noticed, the falling airship, for fireblasts were coming at them. Zura began to block as Ami made a  protective layer of air. The small fleet of balloons split up and landed on several air ships. Ami and Zura,together, blasted the metal of the top of the main air ship. Team Strike entered the dimly lit hallways of the ship. Their Captain was on the speaker, Please be on guard one of our fellow ships has fallen, he had seemingly put the crew on alert. Mian slowly walked to the nearest corner, then jumped. There was a muffled yell, and a collapse. Mian then dragged out a soldier in full armor, he grabbed a piece of paper in his hands and showed it to team strike. The paper was a map to the inside of the airship. The pushed the man into a nearby store room, and walked towards the boiler. As they were walking, Mian noticed all the supplies on this ship. Suddenly he had an idea and whispered it to everybody else. The team changed plans and began walking towards the main control room. That was where the captain and pilot would be. 

The ship captain, could not tell his crew that he was afraid. That would be very embarrassing, but it was the truth. The man was in his armor and was waiting for something to blow up. He had seen the fate of the other ship, there was also a rumor that the Avatar had returned to the Water Tribe. Nevertheless he forced himself to relax and looked down at the ocean. He was surprised to see a Water Tribe fleet fighting their supply ships. Two other fleets were engaging many other ships. If it continued then they would lose their supplies and several of their prized ships. So, he ordered his men to prepare another bombing attack, this one on the fleet attacking the supply ships. 

Admiral Min looked up, and to his dismay saw an airship position itself over him, but he did not retreat but instead fought harder. His men saw it also, and refused to retreat now and attacked full force.

Zura pushed the man back into the room and locked it. There were far more guard here than anywhere else.  Luckily, they were reaching the control room. He lead the team into the next hallway, and saw a large room at the end of it. The other way would lead to the control room. He headed toward the large room and heard two voices inside. Now, the entire team strike was listening in.  Send this message to the King, the invasion is going successfully. Soon, the Water Tribe shall be ours.  Yes, sir. The first man began to open the door, when he was pinned by two diamond shards.

Tia, was proud of herself, she had shot two shards out of her staff, and had pinned one of the men down. She was seemingly getting better at earthbending. Meanwhile, Mian and Ami had tied up the two men with some rope in the corner. They then pushed them into a closet full of brooms and dust pans. Team Strike looked around, but Zura was the first to figure out where they were. As he closed the door, he told them were in the communications and plans room. Team strike quickly raided the area, and found several important battle plans. They then let out all of the messenger hawks in one corner. After burning any messages and defacing the Phoenix insignia, they left the room.

The Captain was looking down at the fleet, which would soon be destroyed. The bomb would be launched any moment. He sat down in his chair, and looked around the room. In the front were three men, at their respective positions. Each was doing something to help the ship, two were pilots and were near the wheel in the front tip of the room, the other was inter-communication on his right, he made sure commands were heard and carried out. On the captain's immediate right was the door. He took a deep breath and looked out at the magnificent view. His admiration was cut short by the door suddenly falling down. He was then pinned by almost 50 shards of diamonds. His men got up to fight, but were soon hit be several blasts of fire, water, and air. Then several diamonds pinned them all to the wall, butt facing the door. Then, their attackers, several kids entered. He was about to yell for help when the diamonds that had pinned his armor at the shoulders grew until they covered his torso and neck. They rose until they covered his mouth, making yelling futile.

Mian did not want to hear Tia brag about her diamond skills or how she was learning metalbending. He ran up to the front, and asked Ami to take the wheel. Tia closed the door and kept an eye on the defeated soldiers. Zura then went up to help Ami. Mian, meanwhile, picked up a microphone and began to talk on the intercom.

      Hello, this is your captain speaking. I need everyone in the bottom ship floor, this is an emergency. No, questions. Please begin moving immediately.    There was a lot of noise as the crew walked down to the bottom floor. As the floor was full, Mian told Zura to pull the lever he was pointing at. The captain suddenly started shaking his head, violently. Suddenly the bottom floor gave away, and several hundred Islanders fell to the frozen, arctic ocean. As the floor closed up, Ami moved the ship towards Mian's house.

The Water Tribesmen were happy to know they now had a large airship on their side. The remaining entourage slowly came in. Some on their balloons, but other copied Team Strike. The problem of an air bombing attack was now gone, with all the ships defeated. Team Strike then headed to the front lines. Mian, found his older brother fighting alongside his father. He had not seen his brother for months, and was tempted to run across the battle field to hug him. On the enemy side, there were several tanks and on top of one was their leader, General Loi, the general seemed to notice the fallen airships. He muttered under his breath, then noticing the Water Tribe Chief, he began to throw fireballs. Mian, along with Team Strike were soon surrounded by their own battles with several soldiers. The team regrouped in a small house and met up with the Bombers, then they all ran outside and were soon defeating dozens of enemy soldiers. Mian, then turned to see General Loi, and his father in close combat.

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