Azula vs. Zuko
The Battle Needs A Sacrifice
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Book 1 : "A New Era Of Love And Peace"


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17 November 2011

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Hikaro : "Great, next week, we will have our airship base with four airships, a good amount of tanks in Omashu, a whole military around New ZeaZhao, three Waterbenders-filled submarines near Gaoling, loyal Earthbenders in Gaoling, and the Avatar. Our forces are so many, now we just need a plan. General Fungi has a plan"

Fungi : "That's right. I think, that if we put the airships above their big wall", Fungi moved a little airship-like piece to New ZeaZhao on the map, "and we collect tanks and Earthbenders, Firebenders and fighters, as well as Waterbenders and the Avatar, all around the walls, then attack from every single point. This will make the battle short, and will ensure us the win. Agree ?"

Hinku : "Agree"

Zuko : "Agree"

Hikaro : "Agree"

Other generals : "Agree"

After a moment of silence, Zuko spoke up : "Aang ?"

Aang : "Oh, oh, yes. Agree"

Another regular day passed, the next morning, a messenger hawk was at Omashu, Gaoling's seaport, Aang's house in Katara City, and the Fire Nation Airship Base. All of the messages said :

Go. Now. Gather around New ZeaZhao. Do as the plan said.


Fire Lord Zuko.

Chapter 18 : The Battle Needs A Sacrifice

Everybody was present there.. Zuko, Fire Nation forces, Earth Kingdom forces, Water Tribes forces from the submarines, and Aang.. bringing some guests, Sokka and Toph. After Zuko's permission, Sokka, Toph, Aang, and all the forces invaded.

Old Glory Nation forces were training, when suddenly they heard a sound heard not long ago, that sound, it was the wall-breaking sound. Walls were breaking, but this time, it was the roof, the roof was breaking.

Zuko, was alone, in his room. "We're going to win the battle. I know it" Mai said.. Memories and thoughts ran through Zuko's head, I may die. I will write my will right now. He started writing his will, three lines only :

1)All the Wealth goes to the current Royal Family : Mai, Ursa, and Maiko.

2)Current Fire Lord session goes to Mai.

3)If Maiko was 16 at the time Mai was the Fire Lord, he will take place.

Of course, Old Glory Nation stopped training, they readied themselves for the battle, as dust started raining from the roof. A reporter went to Zhao.

A piece of the roof fell on the ground. Then another one. Then another. The roof was crumbling, and Zhao knows that. Once it broke, fire showered from the sky, and after they looked more carefully, there were four Fire Nation airships attacking. Earthbenders started firing rocks at the airships, hitting them hard, but causing almost no damage. The Old Glory Nation was loosing, until.. A manhole, seemingly leading to a tunnel, got open from its bottom. Six people popped out of it, they were a citizen who reported the events to Zhao, Zhao himself, Roy Dest, Jong Kong, Fu Gan, and Hiku. The Old Glory Gang was here. They sent a stream of fire from each Firebender, stopping a massive raid of fireballs from hitting many Earthbenders hard. For the Old Glory Gang, hope finally came.

Soon after, the whole wall crumbled. Earthbending powered tanks broke in, with Earthbenders and fighters flooding out. Aang flew using his glider to find someone who needs help and help him. Toph, of course, started firing and shooting immediately, at any creature that wasn't wearing Fire Nation military or Earth Kingdom military clothes, and wasn't Aang or Sokka. Sokka was looking for a fighter to fight, he had a sword hanged to his clothes and a boomerang hanged on his back. He found a group of sword masters and started fighting them. He was winning, his skill was superior.

Zhao, Roy Dest, and Jong Kong, supported by a small group of Earthbenders, were crashing everyone who was getting in their way, they made an umbrella made out of fire to keep safe from airships' fire raids, which were strong and making progress.

Waterbenders were freezing and wounding everything on their way, until they met with the Old Glory Gang and their supporting small group of Earthbenders. They were getting weaker and weaker, and getting back. In three words : They were loosing. Zuko saw that. Without thinking twice, he ran at Zhao, punched him in the stomach, hard. The Earthbenders wanted to help, but Zhao stopped them. "Leave him, leave my victim, go help the others" Zhao ordered. With nods from the Earthbenders, he looked at Zuko, with an evil smile.

"I guess we meet again, looser", said Zhao. With a fireball, Zuko shouted "Why too sure that you will win ?".

"Who said I am ?", Zhao sent a fire stream on Zuko. "Stop playing around, it's show time!" Zuko said with a confident, low sound.

Leaded by Roy Dest and Jong Kong, Earthbenders marched ahead, defeating the Waterbenders one by one. Aang approached from the back, he thought for a moment, closed his fingers, then released them at once, taking control of a whole body, taking control of Roy Dest. Aang was Bloodbending. He made him walk to a near Earthbending powered tank, where he was captured by Earthbenders, and soon, his scream could be heard, and a drop of blood flew from the tank. Aang cried, and he was unimpressed. Jong Kong slapped him, and held him tight, that muscular body wanted Aang, dead.

Waterbenders could start winning again, and they marched into New ZeaZhao again, re-conquering their positions. A group of Earthbenders followed them, all shouting "Gaoling benders came to help!".

Zuko and Zhao were trading shots and hits, before a powerful fireball hit Zuko hard. Zuko fell to the ground. Zhao came to complete his mission, he lifted his arm to fire the ending shot, while Zuko had memories running through his mind : "Are you planning to re-start the war ? Are you as mean as your father ? Are you A liar ?" said the letter from the Earth King. Mai gave him a kiss on the cheek: "We're going to win the battle. I know it". "You're starting to sound like Ozai, you know" said Ursa... I am not another Ozai.. Zuko thought. And while Zhao was laughing evilly, Zuko concentrated in himself to produce something that he felt its heat, something that was blue fire. He surrounded himself in a ball of blue fire, which was growing bigger and bigger. Zhao fired his shot but it was too late, it was stopped by the blue fire, which have grown to contain Zhao and Zuko. Zuko released his fists, making the blue fire ball explode, destroying everything around. That was witnessed by Sokka, he who cried : "ZUKO!!... This should be named the Great Battle of Zuko". And with a tear dropping from his eye, Sokka wounded everyone on his way to reach Aang.

Aang got an idea, he stripped Jong Kong out of his bending, using the same technique he used with Ozai.after he did that, Jong Kong dropped to the floor, disabled. A group of about twenty men gathered around Aang, all of them hitting him. They managed to stop Aang to bend in every way. They ran with him to an untouched house.

When Sokka realized he could not find Aang, he stopped searching for him, he met Fire Nation General Ro Ming, he cruised to him and told him about Zuko.

Ro Ming : "What!??"

Sokka : "Yes. It is true. I guess we may have to surround the city again. Time is running out and we are not winning"

Ro Ming : "We aren't loosing as well"

Sokka : "True. But look at the airships, that one is almost broken"

Ro Ming : "I'll give it a while, if we do not make progress, I'll siege"

Sokka : "Thank you"


She was a crusher, or better known around the Old Glory Nation soldiers, as the "Blind but crazy monster".

With a nod, Sokka got back to fighting, while Toph was rocking the place. She used every piece of metal around here, she hurt any enemy in front of her, something like pushing the enemy to the air, or maybe sinking him in the ground, and sometimes she really hit him hard. She was a crusher, or better known around the Old Glory Nation soldiers, as the "Blind but crazy monster".

Other places of the battle were really slow on making progress, General Ro Ming knew what to do : he got to siege.

In a dark room inside a house, a shady figure whispered : "Hey Aang, ever wondered about your destiny ?"... "Well, never wonder anymore!"

A line of Waterbenders, Firebenders, and Earthbenders grew thicker around the now-smaller New ZeaZhao, they were sieging. The leader of the Old Glory Nation, Jong Kong, who just got up, ordered everyone to stop fighting, after the airships were back. It was an agreement between the Old Glory Nation and the other Nations, they all signed : A one-year period of siege without fights.

And with that my dear readers, our story takes a brief break, a break of 17 years of suspended animation. The story will return, under the name of book two, in the same world, but after 17 years. Here's an additional line of the story if you really are wanting one : After 17 years, the same world may not look the same.


  • This is the last chapter of Book 1.
  • Toph was supposed not to intervene in the plot. Because of a reader request, she intervened.
  • For those few Zhao and Jong Kong fans, as well as for the Zuko fans, I am so sorry that they were dead or energybended.

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