The Battle For Ba Sing Se Pt. 2
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Azula's Revenge




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Fanon Book 2: One Month Later


Finding Azula Part 2

Aang was walking back and forth through the throne room, trying to collect his thoughts. Zuko was sitting on the steps. Katara was lying down, looking up at the artwork on the celling. And Toph was sitting on the throne, as far as Aang was concerned, she was the queen of the Earth Kingdom.

"What are we going to do?" Aang finally said.

"Ba Sing Se is huge, and Azula is a small person."

"I know but we have to try, she has the Earth King, she controls the army, and she can start a new war." Zuko replied.

"Aang call Appa." Aang searched. "I can't find it."

Zuko groaned. "Nice." Aang looked at Katara.

"Wait, you have a whistle, too." Katara felt around and then pulled out a bison whistle. Aang took it and was about to blow it when Zuko stopped him.

"I don't think that's necessary." Zuko pointed. At Azula.

The Battle with Azula

Azula's blue fire jets

Azula attacking

Azula was standing in the doorway, looking as scary as ever. "I was wondering when you'd show up to dethrone me, Zuzu." Zuko angerly replied, "Don't call me that!" Azula laughed at Zuko.

Then she sent a lightning bolt toward him which he redirected toward the roof. Hundreds of rocks came flying down off of the roof. Toph destroyed the rocks that were about to hit Team Avatar, but Azula had no one to protect her, she would be crushed. All of a sudden the rocks were destroyed. The gang looked around, but saw no one. Then, hundreds of Dai Li agents came running through the door.

"You like?"Azula said. Zuko said, "I'm not surpised."

"Katara and Toph, you take out the troops, Zuko and I will take Azula."said Aang. Toph and Katara began to draw the fire of the Dai Li.

Aang began to earthbend large rocks toward Azula, which she easily dodged. Aang then sent water and fire in a vortex and Zuko added fire. The vortex knocked Azula off her feet and knocked her out. Zuko walked over to Azula, But before he could arrest her Zulan appeared. Zulan shot a powerful charged lightning blast at Zuko. It didn't hit him, but the blast knocked him off his feet. Aang just stood there, not knowing what to do. Katara and Toph were just able to see this all unfolding. Zuko was knocked out cold. Zulan walked over to Azula and woke her up. Zulan then walked over to Zuko, and was about to kill him, when Azula yelled,

"Wait! You take the Avatar, I'll take Zuko." Zulan stopped.

"Look, I don't care about your plot to start a new war, I just want to kill him." Azula walked over to him.

"Look, I'm in charge." Zulan paused, then agreed. Azula walked over to the barely awake Zuko. Aang then attempted to stop her but was stopped by Zulan.

"Where is Sokka?" Aang said

Zulan responded with a smile,"Their both dead."

Aang was shocked and before he could make a move, Zulan knocked him out with a lighting bolt. Zulan, thinking he was dead, walked away, Katara and Toph had defeated the troops, but they were to late. Azula had Zuko cornered. Azula then said, "You betrayed me, our father, and our country, now it's time to die!" Azula bent a lighting bolt right into his heart, and he died.

Katara ran to stop Azula, but it was to late, she and Zulan had fled. Katara went over to Aang and tried to wake him up. He did. Aang ran over to Zuko and Katara and Toph went to go find Sokka and Suki's bodies. As they were leaving, they decided to check the damage. Zuko was dead. Sokka had barely survived but Suki had died. And worst of all, the Earth Kingdom had fallen and they could see the troops leaving for the Fire Nation. The world was about to change.

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