Azula zapped Aang
The Battle For Ba Sing Se pt. 1
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Azula's Revenge





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July 21, 2010

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Journey to Ba Sing Se

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The Entry

Appa was flying very fast. Faster then he had ever flown. He was going almost seventy miles per hour. Aang was trying to get to the inner wall and into the city so that he could be near less rock. Five years after the war a horrible fire in the outer ring that destroyed all the houses in the lower ring. The Earth King decided to plate the lower ring in metal. Aang, Zuko, Katara, Toph, Sokka, and Suki were riding on Appa to take down Azula. They were just at the outer wall when trouble in the form of earthbenders came. All of a sudden, hundreds of earthbenders came chucking huge rocks at them.

"What are they doing?" Suki yelled "Don't they know that were trying to help."

Zuko looked at her. "She most likely threatened them with death if they helped us. She does that a lot."

Just then, a large flaming rock hit Appa's tail. Appa span out of control and crashed just in front of the inner wall. Aang walked over to Appa. "I don't know if Appa can fly again, he's too tired and I think he's injured."

Appa groaned. "Aww, you must be so tired," Katara said to Appa.

"Well, you get to take a break. We need to get to the place where Azula is and take her down." Aang then looked to the wall. "I think we need to re-think that."

"Huh?" Zuko said confused. "What do you mean?"

Aang pointed. They all looked up. It was Zulan.

The Battle with Zulan

Zulan was using firebending to fly to Team Avatar. "It's that crazy guy from Kyoshi Island," Sokka yelled.

Zulan landed. Zuko asked calmly, "Who are you and why are helping my sister?" Zulan laughed.

"You don't remember me, you will." Zulan shot a powerful fire blast at them. Zuko stopped and then remembered. "You are Zulan, you are that.....that guy I fired after the war ended."

Zulan laughed. "Good, now suffer the consquences."

Zuko was blocking everything that he could. He was like a human wall. All of the sudden a lightning blast just missed Zuko by inches but the force threw him sideways. Aang yelled. "He can generate lightning!?"

Zuko looked at him, "Apparently so."

Katara yelled, "We have to move."

Aang yelled "I got this."

Aang took a deep breath and then his arrows glowed. That's when the team knew that he'd entered the Avatar State. Zulan then said to himself "Okay. I can handle this"

Zulan tried to fight back but it was pointless. Aang used metalbending to bind him so that he couldn't get free and that he couldn't use fire bending to get free. Zuko laughed. "Well that is the end the of the once great Zulan. Suki and Sokka, watch him."

Now they were after a much bigger threat, Azula. Aang turned to the team, "Let's move, we have a world to save."

Finding Azula Pt. 1

Earth Kingdom throne room

"Where Are You Azula?"

Walking through Ba Sing Se was one of the toughest tasks in the world. So many people crowed into a small space, the lower ring is a terrible place to live. Aang, Katara, Zuko, and Toph were walking through the city trying to not get noticed. It wasn't working.

" Hey, that's the Avatar."

" Hey, that's the Fire Lord."

"Hey, that's the Queen."

Hundreds of people swarmed around them. Zuko yelled, "Get away!"

He firebendent a circle and the crowd backed away. "Hurry," He yelled.

"We need to get away before Azula's guards notice us."

Just then, a large rock came in and hit Zuko's hands., stoping his firebending. "Owwwww!"

Katara ran over to Zuko. "Your wrist might be broken."

Aang looked up and saw a large group of Earthbenders preparing to fire again. The general yelled "Ready. Aim. FIRE!"

At least thirty rocks flew at them. Aang, using Avatar enhanced bending, broke all the rocks into pebbles. The pebbles rained down, created a distraction so that the team could get away. They were running towards the plaice as fast as they could. They, reached the entrance to the throne room. Toph, Zuko, and Katara were waiting for the cue from Aang. Aang then said

"Let's move." They burst in, but Azula wasn't there.

No one was there.

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