This is the fifth chapter of book 2 in the fanon The Black Shadow by SSJ Trunks. Also a debut for the character Krios

The Battle Begins
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Book 2, Chapter 5 : The Battle Begins

The soldier was handcuffed to a chair his face was badly beaten and his bones were close to shattering yet his resolve did not falter refusing to give any information to his captors. A man walked around him, his face hidden by his demonic cloak. He stopped after, for the fifth time, the soldier refused to give any information. "You know you really should be more talkative, your starting to irritate me" muttered the cloaked man.

"Well you can kiss my ass" said the soldier spitting blood at his captor.

"That wasn't very nice okay I'll do the hard way, leave us" said the man ordering the guards out.

"W-what are you doing" said the soldier now fearing for his life. The hooded man placed a hand on on the soldier's forehead and raised his head and showed his face. The soldier spasmed as he tried desperately to break free from his captor. "6...6...6" muttered the cloaked man as a scream ran out of the torture room making the guards outside cringe. The man walked out of the room leaving a delirious corpse ready for execution...The man walked towards to throne room in the palace, moving so silently you could hear a pin drop. He entered quietly and quickly put Shinzo in his sights in the blink of an eye he rushed forward but Shinzo raised his arm and blocked the blow.

"Your getting closer my friend" said Shinzo playfully lowering the man's weapon.

"One day master I will complete your challenge" said the man bowing to his master.

"Rise Krios I have a mission for you" said Shinzo.

"What is it my master?" .

"I need you to travel to Kyoshi Island and assassinate a key member of their warriors" .


"No the chi blocker Ty Lee, her technique is two dangerous to our troops".

"I understand my master".

"I will send a squad of Neo Zaibatsu to draw their attention".

"I am perfectly capable of-".

"You will obey my Judgment!" replied Shinzo stamping his scythe.

"Yes my master.." replied Krios.

"Good you leave now and wait for nightfall is that understood?"

"Yes my master" said Krios as he walked out leaving Shinzo admiring some of the ancient treasures of the throne room.

Kyoshi Island, Midnight...

Alarm bells rung as the Kyoshi Warriors were trying to protect the civilians as Neo Zaibatsu stormed the village slaughtering everyone in their path. Krios was moving up the side of the mountain like a shadow and reached the top hut where Suki and Ty lee were trying to get a messenger bird off. As the hawk took off Krios jumped down and sliced it in half before charging at Suki and Ty Lee. Ty Lee got up behind him and unleashed punches aimed at his major joints yet Krios did not falter spinning in mid-air and kicking her away. Suki grabbed her fans and tried to combat his dual spear however thanks to his superior agility Krios outwitted her and managed to cut her hands off leaving her screaming in pain. Ty Lee tried to rush back to her friends side but was too late as Krios impaled her. Ty Lee ran towards the beachhead to get help but was confronted by Neo Zaibatsu and her friend's corpses. The soldiers unleash a flurry of fire killing her instantly. Krios walked up to her and removing her headdress to prove his kill. The Zaibatsu left as quickly as they arrived leaving the once peaceful surroundings a graveyard.

Northern Water Tribe...

Zuko and Aang were ripping apart endless tribesmen as Waku rescued an injured Akuma they pulled back under the cover fire of their troops as they made it back to their boat Zuko fired a flare signaling the remaining ships to bombard the tribe to give them time to escape, it worked and they reached the command ship. As they were about to set sail an Earth Kingdom battleship approached them and Toph walked out of it.

"Toph its so good to see you again-" Aang was cut off Toph hugged him.

"I'm so sorry" she said.

"Why What's happened?!" said Zuko rushing up to her.

"Zuko the Fire Nation has fallen and is under the control of Shinzo.." muttered Toph a tear escaping down her face. Zuko fell back a bit taking in the news before suddenly speaking.

"And My uncle, is he okay?" Asked Zuko he looked as if he was about to have a breakdown, Toph moved her head and Zuko grew enraged and punched a wall through to the other side before storming off into his cabin.

"Aang there's more...Kyoshi Island fell as well no one was left.." said Toph trying to comfort him. Aang sat down with his head in his hands as he realized what had happened. Zuko sat in his cabin alone before lifting under his pillow revealing a portrait of Iroh. He lay it next to him as he began to cry.

Fire Nation Throne Room...

"My master it is done" said a victorious Krios laying Ty Lee's headdress in front of Shinzo.

"Good work my friend" said Shinzo before he and Krios walked out onto the balcony. "We have 1 last task you must hunt down the original ones and kill them"

"Even the ones on our side?"

That day the fate of the world was nearly sealed...

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