Ba Sing Se Regulars

In the aftermath of the Hundred Year War, the people wanted a corp of earthbenders and soldiers loyal to the city. This started the formation of the Ba Sing Se Regulars. This growing force stayed a domestic force for most of its early history. This changed when they successfully hired several metalbending police officers from Republic City to train their troops.

Earthbending-powered tank

Earthbending-powered tanks were a common vehicle used by the Ba Sing Se Regulars for their durability.

The Regulars soon became a reliable and frontier group in the name of their capital city. Fears were that they would become like the Dai Li of old, though this was never realized, most of its members had families who were victims to the Dai Li and were not eager to fulfill that role.

The Regulars commonly were with in range of their home city. The first time this status quo changed for a serious reason was when the City of Omashu defied summons to bring its forces to the capital. Earth King Iruei sent the Regulars, knowing their loyalty to the Kingdom, would not buckle to any pleas from the mutineering King.

After his failure to capture Chief Arkoda, Crown-Prince Kuir has taken command of the Ba Sing Se Regulars for the Siege of Omashu.

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