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The Awkward Truth



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2nd of May 2014

Present day

His wrist twitched as he looked through the window, almost spilling his coffee on his already stained - blood stained - lab coat. He made it 3:53am, according to his calculations it was coming up to the 26th hour he had been awake. His reflection in the window was quite prominent, his sharp jaw line and short drawn eyebrows giving him an air of discipline and malice, while his medium length wild hair added a chaotic edge. Dr. Sonnenschein muttered, a snippet of classical music escaped from the radio in the lab (it was most certainly a gift Sonnenschein was a heartless man). He walked striding each foot step tapping against the tiles in quick succession. He then poured the remainder of the coffee onto the radio. The music droned out and the radio popped, the coffee pouring down onto the lab desk and then dripping to the floor. He was tired but there was something else his body was deteriorating faster than than he had predicted. He sighed thinking "he was only fifty-six" this turned into a strange snigger, the doctors humor was odd, uncomfortable and un-used. Yet his wit was as sharp as a knife.

2003 Afghanistan 10:03pm

The doctor was deep underground in Taliban controlled territory. He looked up from his test tubes surprised to see company had arrived, in the form of two turbaned officials. One of the officials a spiteful man barked at the doctor who then replied to the officials grumbling with "silence". Sonnenschein was working on chemical weapons for the terrorists. He believed that the world should pay one faction at a time.

Just over 61 years ago his grandfather a war hardened Nazi scientist was conducting experiments. He was war hardened from the Great War were he greatly damaged his right leg (forced to wear a metal contraption to keep it from collapse). He was researching genetics and how to cause great damage for the Nazi empire. Sadly Sonnenschein contemplated his Grandfather didn't finish his work. He was executed by a Nazi general a fabled strategist for the Fuhrer himself. He was forced to the ground and the General pushed the barrel of his pristine Mauser M712 Schnellfeuer into the temple of the scientist then pulled the trigger. He cackled twisted as the gun clicked and the scientist whimpered "Gott, bitte nicht". While the old scientist writhed on the cold concrete while he loaded a magazine of 22mm rounds. The gunshot rung out across the courtyard attracting attention, the blood spread across the floor, filling the cracks as the scientist's body was dragged away by the prisoner's. They were frail and starving he was their only meal.

Sonnenschein was continuing his Grandfathers and Fathers work, they were Nazis a new breed of evil. He packed his equipment into a metal briefcase along with vital documents and walked out of the room into a dank dark corridor flanked by the two terrorists. He knew where he was heading but one of the terrorists still attempted to inform him by saying "You have a meeting with a leader about your progress doc."He viciously responded with "Call me doc one more time and I shall rip your stomach cavity open and piss on your organs; you insufferable pig". This quickly silenced both of them. The doctor continued to hastily walk up the corridor. The 'soldiers' murmuring (under their breath) in the shadows behind him.

Present day

A knock followed by multiple sharp knocks . He suddenly put on a brave face from the grimace he previously held (he didn't want people to know he was weak). Dr. Sonnenschein turned. A young lab technician entered smiling to him (he most certainly didn't want her to know but why was beyond his comprehension). As she approached he noticed many things:One) she was wearing perfume Two) she had lip stick on (strictly banned in the science facility) Three) judging by her posture and facial expression she was going to try some pitiful attempt at romance with him Nonetheless, he returned the smile then turned his back to the attractive female. She walked around to face him. As he awaited the romance he was most shocked when she slapped him across the face her long nails (not very professional like the lip stick) almost fully piercing his cheek. He dabbed the grazed cheek with a handkerchief blood speckles forming on the white cotton. "I saw what you did Dietrich judging my every move" she screeches. He returns to an emotionless form while feeling a sense that his longevity would be affected by this wound. "I'm so sorry doctor, I don't know what came over me" she says quietly while wiping up the coffee with a cloth."Jennifer..." he says "It's quite all right but what did you disturb me for I'm a sehr busy man". This was a blatant lie the man wanted a lie down. He returns to the window scanning the city-scape with his grey blue eyes revealing this man's suffering yet there was a very prominent sense of intelligence while looking out over London, the Shard clearly visible he notes the increasing amount of traffic. The bleeding had stopped but he maintained pressure - to have some effect on Jennifer.  Jennifer was on the floor scrubbing the now vast coffee stain."The boss wants to see you "she chirps "It's almost time"."BOSS ? Jennifer do you see me as an inferior to him" he snarls turning to see her reaction "This is all my work, he is nothing but a pawn in my plan."She mumbles looking down she says "You're not inferior" she adds "If...If he's a pawn then what am I in this?"Dietrich wonders how to respond fast and viciously or should he use her as another chess piece in his large plan. "You my dear are the queen by far the most useful piece" he neglects to mention the game can go on without her and he is only playing mind games with her to keep her on task.He throws the handkerchief to the floor noting her violence. He then switches his lab coat to a clean and crisp one off the peg then picks up his silver case. Dropping the other coat to the floor Jennifer scurries around fixing his mess. Although she does not move any of the documents, that litter most of desk space except for where he does his testing. He fixes his spectacles and re-ties his shoe laces in a minimalist fashion.

As Jennifer stands Dietrich summons her to his side with a nod. They walk down the corridor to the command centre (a large office space greatly modified for the task). Jennifer goes to knock but Dr. Sonnenschien stops her grabbing her wrist. He then proceeds by opening the door and striding in. "You're late" comes a piercing voice. "How am I late when the plan revolves around me" the doctor responds sharply. The chair swivels unmasking a young man with severe facial burns. The doctor flips a switch on the dashboard while pushing the chair away. "Were going into lockdown" Jennifer says inquisitively."Shut up" says the scarred man."Don't talk to my staff like that" responds Dietrich. "Noted" says the scarred man, a hint of fear in his voice. Then the doctor says "Silence Jennifer don't speak again unless ordered to and do what I say."The talking is stopped by the shutters coming down and everything dimming due to the energy saving feature designed for longevity. "Jennifer, prepare the capsule for airborne release in 10 9 8 fuck it now". There are 3 men in the room not counting the doctor. The doctor turns his back to everyone opening his briefcase (the same briefcase from Afghan) drawing a modified 44.Magnum 8 cylinders. He turns firing a shot into the two officer's skulls and then cocks the gun once more for the scarred man. Jennifer goes to scream startled she is silenced by Dietrich."Go to hell you bastard." "Ah always had something to say didn't you George?" says Dr. Sonnenschein as he pulls the trigger with his slender fingers as if propelling the bullet with the elegance of a pianist. Even pulling the trigger sent pain shooting threw his nervous system. Through the gaps between the shutters black plumes of smoke are rising and crashes and bangs are already audible. Wincing in pain, the Dr begins patching into CCTV around London and into all security databases and the government - simple for someone with half a brain. As he is doing so Jennifer removes the bodies staining her lab coat further.

2003 Afghanistan 10:15pm

There was a large blast mortar fire or Apache fire, possibly HE. Roof gives in further up the corridor, definitely HE. The doctor grabs one of the terrorist's stolen Russian Makarov pistols and fires three shots, two making contact in the guy's chest, the other a clean shot through the throat of the other guy followed by an upper cut. "There is no way I'm being captured with some terrorists" he thinks while ringing a friend of his to pick him up in a stolen RAF Helicopter. While waiting for the call he takes some bullets from the terrorists. "Yeeehaw" is the response from his mobile. By friend he meant a guy who owed him a favour. "I'm on my way doc" with this the doctor closed his phone. He cursed the Texan then found himself a hole to hide in while the compound was infiltrated and the Taliban commander was captured or executed. For 3 hours and 23 minutes he waited after the soldiers had left and the gun fire had died down his phone rang. It was the Texan. He climbed out of the gap cramped and tired but hey at least he was alive. He walked down the corridor until he got to the end where a crater had removed the door and the sentry post. He heard the rotary blades nearby but he couldn't see a way to get past the wreckage of the entrance. He returned down the corridor finding a gap in the ceiling large enough for his thin frame to climb through but he was not the most athletic man and it took numerous attempts to climb through the hole. Out of breathe and cramped he lay on the floor just out of the compound regaining his mind set and the ability to walk. His tall sophisticated form looking peculiar crumpled as it is meant to be upright.Slowly he arose testing his legs, his left knee giving slightly, but he made it to the chopper and the irritating Texan. He checked that there was ammo in the Makarov and lined up the sights to the Texan while ordering to get out of the chopper or he will blow his brains out. That made sense to then Texan so the doctor decided and it might be best to talk like an idiot around this imbecile. When the Texan got out of the helicopter Dietrich fired 3 shots the Texan dodging the first and going for the gun in his belt. The Texan fired wild shots off while screaming. So as the Texan rolled he fired the other two shots one hitting the target in the thigh stopping him mid track. Then the other bullet hit the floor stirring up some dirt.As the doctor approached the Texan who was at this point trying to crawl away from him he reloaded replacing the almost empty magazine with some extra bullets to play mind games with him. The doctor then kicked the cowboy pistol sending it spiralling into a ditch. He fired a shot to the stomach which would cause great pain and suffering then followed it up with a swift kick to the groin. He then climbed into the cockpit and began performing all the pre-flight checks he had took lessons about fifteen years ago so he was taking every precaution not to do anything wrong. Even though the Texan was irritating, he knew how to fly but it was totally worth watching him suffer. He took off the rotary blades getting up to speed. The only worry was where that the nearby camp bastion would be alerted of his presence when he attempted a fly by to get to Bulgaria.

Present day

Jennifer was preparing two backs filling them science supplies. Meanwhile the hack on the British government was progressing it was had almost reached 100%. Once it had finished Dietrich began to patch it through to his compound and wire it to his laptop so he can observe during travel. When Jennifer finished she sat down and began to fidget nervously .The doctor left the room continuing down the corridor into his lab and still continuing on to his study. Books lined every wall, a large desk was the centre piece carved from African Blackwood and to finish it off the battle of the standard painting lost to the common world but found by a German scientist specialising in genetics. He walked to the painting feeling up the side for wood warp pressing into the third knot opening a door behind the painting. It was a room branching into other rooms every 45 degrees or so their where five rooms he went into a dressing room and approached the mirror. To the doctor, his judgement cystalline, he was getting worse.  He has darkened hair contrasting his pale skin giving him an air of originality. While his dark deep set shadowy eyes giving him a sense of evil his eyes where deeper due to the prominent bags under them which made him seem wise yet wary. His large pointed nose an opposite to the deep set eyes accompanied by thin pulsed lips which gave him a reserved and unsocial able edge. Finally one of the most prominent features his connoisseur moustache added a strict edge and an old-fashioned French man style. Although he despised the French he took great pride in his moustache more than anything else. Looking down Dietrich noticed his shoe laces had became undone so he decided to change shoe. He was deciding between a pair of black battered yet still shiny wing tip dress shoe, a pair of red converse multi-purpose and fit in into society or the mad maroon on black two tones Derby's. There was a knock on the door and in entered Jennifer her long crimson hair wavering as she turned her head. She smiled her lips shining with another coat of crimson lip stick similar to her hair and nails. She had changed from her lab attire into a black dress and red stilettos. "What do you want" he responded to the intrusion. "I came to see you" she said. He nodded for her to leave momentarily while he changed into a black suit accompanied by a black and gray slight tweed Ulster overcoat. He fell to the floor another pain ricocheting through is body. "Doctor are you okay" came a voice" he replied bleakly "I'm splendid" Before opening the door he picked up the Derby shoes unfastening the laces as he left the room and walked into the study to see Jennifer perched on the desk. The bags where there waiting they consisted of the doctor's briefcase, his suitcase, two bags of science equipment and Jennifer's suitcase and overnight bag. This took multiple trips it was now safe to talk outside seen as the airborne contaminant doesn't linger they removed their S10 NBC Respirator S10 Gas masks. The multiple trips causing problems with the doctor's health (yet he still hid it from her). They together put the bags in an old RAF reconnaissance helicopter the doctor carrying her final bag as a ploy of good health. Before leaving Dietrich picked up his cane a Blackwood stick with a chrome handle and steel tip (he could walk perfectly fine when he bought it but it is still good for self-defence) and his hat, a trilby. The rotary blades began to slowly spin and Jennifer pecked the doctor on the cheek who wasn't expecting that while he was performing his pre-flight checks. "I'm dy..". He went to respond but this was cut off by the rotary blades getting up to speed so they both buckled up and put on their headsets as the flight began. Underneath them chaos was spreading. There was a splutter from the engine,smoke thickening and billowing into the air. A scream escaped from Jennifer as they plummeted.

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