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Avatar Aang charges

Aang in the Avatar State.

The Avatar State is the most powerful form of the Avatar, when he's blessed with all the knowledge and powers of the previous Avatars.



When the State works continuously, the Avatar's eyes, and tattoos (in the case of an Air Nomad Avatar) glow constantly, and the Spirits of the past Avatars actively channel their energy, skills and knowledge through the body of the current Avatar, granting him/her great amounts of power. The State has been seen to work this way almost exclusively as instinctive unconscious reaction, as the 'defence mechanism' Roku described the State as, when an Avatar (who has yet to master the State) is confronted with a threat beyond that they can deal with, or when their emotions (specifically rage and sorrow) reach a breaking point. So it may perhaps be more accurate to describe the state being used this way as 'reflexively' rather than 'continuously'. When the State is triggered this way the combined spirits of the past Avatars seem to take control of the Avatar's body, thus the current Avatar has little to no control over his/her actions and retains little to no memory of what he/she did.

Aang appeared to use the State this way against Fire Lord Ozai, after the scar was forced against a rock unlocking his final Chakra, however it is unclear if he was in control of his actions at the time or if it was being used reflexively before he gained control by sheer force of will. Thus it is not clear if an Avatar who has mastered the Avatar State can trigger the State this way, or if they could control their actions if they did.


When the State is used non-continuously, the Avatar's eyes and tattoos (in the case of an Air Nomad Avatar) glow only for a second, and during that time the current Avatar stores the knowledge and energy needed within himself/herself so that he/she can release it once he/she exits the state. This reduces the danger of being killed in the Avatar State. This can only be done by an Avatar who has mastered the State as it is a conscious use rather than an instinctual response.


The Avatar State is a spiritual form, who is so mystical and secret many Avatars and gurus don't understand it at all. But eventually, there was an Avatar who discovered the secrets of the Avatar State and solved the mystery. He discovered that the Avatar State isn't the one-way, all-powerful power it is, but it's like all living things, divided.

The Water piece

Water Tribe emblem

The Water piece is the most changing part of the Avatar State. It stands for change and peace, but also the destructive ways the Avatar can react in the Avatar State. It carries the wisdom of decisiveness and gives a lightblue glow.

The Earth piece

Earth Kingdom emblem

The Earth piece is the most steady piece of the Avatar State.

The Fire piece

Fire Nation emblem

The Air piece

Air Nomads emblem

The Spiritual piece

Spirit Emblem


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