The Avatar Rising
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Anubis Rising


Book 1:Water



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Voice of Koi

Earth; Fire; Air; Water.

When I was just a girl, my mother used to tell me stories of how the Avatar, master of all four elements, reunited the four nations, and brought peace and harmony back to the world. Soon after, a new foe, the new Earth King, set out an attack on benders, wanting revenge. But when the world needed him, the Avatar vanished.

A hundred years have passed. Thousands, maybe even millions, of benders have died in the hands of the Earth King. But my brother, Sonng, and I have found the new Avatar, a young Firebender named Anubis. And, even though his Firebending skills are great, he still has some ways to go before becoming the Avatar. But, I believe, Anubis will save us all.

Chapter 1: The Avatar Rising

A young girl walked out of her Northern Water Tribe igloo, and rested her arms on a railing made of snow. She looked out towards the ocean, lost in thought. Even though it was spring, the air still stung like hornets on her face. The girl's brother, Sonng, walked silently up next to her.

"Koi?" Sonng asked as he approached the girl.

"Yeah?" Koi replied, still lost in thought.

"Do you really think the Avatar is out there?" he asked, looking out to the ocean.

"I believe he is." There had been rumors that the new Avatar was hiding somewhere in the Fire Nation, safe from harm. Most people believed they were false, but Koi still had a hope in her heart that he was out there.

"What if the rumors aren't true?" Sonng always liked to be a pessimist, even though it angered his sister.

"Then he isn't there," Koi replied, still convinced he was out there.

Suddenly, a young boy, maybe 12 or 13, appeared in the far reaches of their sight, looking as if he was flying. As he started getting closer, it appeared he was propelling himself into the air using Firebending. Both Koi and Sonng were amazed at this, for they had never seen a Firebender before. They both were shocked, but couldn't keep their eyes off of him.

As the boy reached the shore, it appeared Earth Kingdom airships and boats were pursuing him.

"Sonng?" Koi asked, astonished.

"Yeah, Koi?" Sonng replied, staring at the boy.

"You see that too?"

"Yep." Sonng and Koi both ran for their ice shelters, still astonished as the boy neared. Koi couldn't keep her eyes off, as she could pick out the boy's two eyes glowing.

Koi's heart started pounding. She could feel hope well up inside her. Was this the promised Avatar? She still held strong to her hope as the fight neared the coast.

Koi's hopes were sky-high as the boy shot out a blast of air. He tried to flood the boats with waves, but they held strong, very unlike anything the Earth Kingdom had produced.

Then it hit Koi like an Earth blast to her stomach.

"It's the Fire Nation," she said.

"What?" Sonng asked, confused.

Koi came to her senses and explained, "It's not the Earth Kingdom that's attacking them. They've never made something like that. It's the Fire Nation. They ran him right out of his own nation!"

"So you're saying..." Sonng began.

"...That he's being attacked by his own nation," Koi finished. Just as she said that, the boat shot out a blast of Earth. "And apparently they've made upgrades," she muttered. The blast of Earth hit the boy right in his chest. He was knocked down like a fly.

"We have to help him!" Koi screamed, running outside. She ran over to the boy. He was badly wounded, with scratches and scars all over his face. His native Fire Nation garbs had been singed and torn. As Koi approached, she noticed that the boy was unconscious. She picked the boy up into her arms, and carried him over to a cut-out in the ice, where they kept refugees and loners.

As Koi carried the boy into the cut-out, she looked at the approaching Earth Kingdom forces. She had a look of despair on her face.

As he woke up, the boy was startled to see where he was. At first, he was mad, and tried to get out. Then he came to his senses, calmed down, and told Koi and Sonng his name was Anubis; he was the new young Firebender Avatar.

"They drove me out," Anubis said. "That was the last thing I remember."

"Well you're here now," Koi said. She had a strong feeling inside, even though she didn't know what it was.

"Thanks for the clothes," Anubis said. After they brought him in, Koi and Sonng took some of Sonng's old clothes. They weren't what he was used to, but it was better than nothing. "I need to be getting back." Anubis tried to lift himself out of the makeshift ice cot, but he fell down in pain.

"You're not going anywhere," Sonng exclaimed. He laid Anubis back down.

"Where, exactly, were you going?" Koi asked.

"Well, I was trying to go to the Southern Water Tribe, after my people drove me out," Anubis explained, dread in his voice. "I chartered a boat, but it got destroyed half way to the Water Tribe."

"We'll help you," Sonng declared, standing up. Sonng felt a pang of sympathy, and he found the courage to help him – he had to help the Avatar.

"What?" Anubis asked, puzzled. They weren't going to take him to the South Pole in a canoe, were they?

"We will help you get to the Southern Water Tribe."

"Sonng, we can't!" Koi exclaimed, standing up to meet her brother's gaze. They just couldn't, they didn't have the supplies.

"We have to." Sonng gazed out a hole in the snow at the ocean. "We must."

"Then we will." Koi stood next him, and hugged him. Even though her brother could be annoying sometimes, she still loved him.

"It will take about three weeks to get there, you know," Anubis exclaimed.

"Yes," Koi replied. "But we have to go."

"Now," Sonng finished.

"Then we go." Koi had an amazing hope in her heart. It was so great she could barely contain it. It burst out of her with just a tiny streak of a smile on her mouth. She was going to help the Avatar learn his Waterbending!

"We will have to leave now, sir." A high Dai-Lao officer addressed Kyano, the new Earth King. The city of Ba Sing Se, the capital of the Earth Kingdom and home to the palace, was being attacked.

"No," the young king replied sternly. Even though the boy was only 17, he still had the authority to make the Dai-Lao officer quake in his boots – if he had any, that is.

"But sir-" the officer began.

"I said no!" the boy interrupted.

"Y-yes sir," the officer said, trembling.

Just as the officer left, a figure in red Fire Nation garbs appeared behind the young Earth King.

"Good job," the figure paused, "son."

"Thank you, father," Kyano said, turning to the figure. Just after, a Fire Nation warrior stepped in. "What do you want!?" the boy said sternly, just as the figure stepped back into the shadows.

"W-what should w-we do with t-the remaining," the warrior started. He gulped down the rest of his words as he saw the king's face turn bright red.

"What do you think!? Take them to the Northern Water Tribe, and find the Avatar! We must kill him before he creates anymore trouble." Kyano looked out one of the windows, just as a blast of metal shot through it. The young boy dodged, without flinching, and the metal shard moved back out the window by some unknown force.

"Great attack, sir," the warrior cowardly remarked, puzzled. He then opened the palace door to leave.

"You!" Kyano said, pointing to the warrior. "Get back in here! I'm not done with you!" But it was no use, for the warrior was already scurrying out of the courtyard. Kyano sighed as he laid his head on one of his hands.

"Follow me," Anubis whispered as he tip-toed out the door. Koi was the second out, staying close to the door, and shielding them with a moving ice wall in front of them, where nobody could see them. Sonng was the last out, watching their back. Apparently Sonng wasn't looking forward, because he knocked into Koi, who dropped the ice wall, and exposed all three to their attackers.

Anubis, Koi, and Sonng froze, shocked with fear.

"Don't move," Sonng whispered. "Maybe they won't see us. They're stupid anyway, right?"

"No, idiot," Anubis whispered back. "That's dinosaurs." But apparently Sonng's trick worked, because the Fire Nation warriors resumed their talking and searching. Just as they resumed their work, Anubis blasted off, streams of fire coming off his hands and feet. Koi followed, using the surrounding snow to create a tornado of water around herself, propelling her up. Sonng was a little different – he was an Earthbender – so he picked up a piece of Earth, stepped onto it, and propelled himself forward.

The Earth forces and Fire Warriors then saw them, and ordered all canons, warriors, and tanks to fire at the escaping prisoners. But it was too late, for they had already escaped behind an iceberg. Unknown to them, the three had clung onto the iceberg, and Koi was slowly propelling it to the south.

Koi finally gave out as they neared another village, hundred of miles away. By that time, the iceberg had melted and cracked into a tiny ice raft. Koi fell over on her side, but Anubis caught her in his arms. Koi barely opened her eyes, to see Anubis sitting above her. A smile appeared on her face, but vanished as she closed her eyes and fainted.

"Go to sleep," Anubis murmured into her ear as she dozed off.

His voice trailed into Koi dreams, for in her dreams, appeared Anubis and Sonng, her mother and father, and all her friends back home. She tried to pursue them, but they ran into a dark tunnel, and the only figure she could see was Anubis, his eyes glowing.

"Koi," he quietly spoke.

"Anubis?" She tried to catch him, to run into his arms, but he kept running away.

"Koi, wake up!" Now she heard Sonng's voice. She immediately woke up, to see herself lying on a bed, a blanket covered over her.

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