The Earth Saga
Book 4 - The Earth Saga
Maybe there's more to life than living

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The Earth Saga is the fourth and final book in the Avatar Rhythm Series. In The Earth Saga, everything will finally come together, and fall apart. The Procession will kill millions if Shirou doesn't make the right move. The Quadrination Bandits will become immortal if Shinji can't hide himself. Hotaru will have to learn Earthbending with weight of the whole world on her shoulders. And the only way they're going to succeed is trusting in the Avatar Rhythm. As one final villain emerges from the mist, everyone will have to cooperate to learn what really happened.


"Well, there's a pivotal turning point. Nicely done!"
- AvatarRokusGhost

"Possibly the best chapter yet. Amazing action."
- Omashu Rocks

"Wow. Really great."
- Henryjh98

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The Earth Saga
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