The Water Saga
Book 3 - The Water Saga
Do what is right.

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Book 2-The Air Saga

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Book 4-The Earth Saga


The Water Saga is the third book in the Avatar Rhythm Series. In the Water Saga, The Procession has overrun the icy nation of the Northern Water Tribe, and poverty has struck the population - big time. Also at the North Pole, Shinji is dying to get a life, but Shirou is too scared to go back to the royal world he has tried to forget for so long. Disloyalty will cause tragedy. Rebellions will cause destruction. And the battle between good and evil will cause all hope to be lost. Permanently.


"I'm sick of commenting on your chapters, but I just can't stop! Dude this is really better than Korra!"
- Bahjy1

"Oh my God, BlackMonkey... That chapter was... Incredible. Simply incredible. The best one yet, by far."
- BlueDagger

"That caught me off guard. "
- AvatarRokusGhost

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The Water Saga
The Land of Ice and Fear - Frostbite - The Stars - The First Strike - The Polar Revolution
Special Operation - The Battle at Glacier Cove - Eleven Hundred - The Third Seminar - Tax Day
Drowning Hope: Part 1 - Drowning Hope: Part 2

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