The Air Saga
Book 2 - The Air Saga
All life is sacred. You can't just go killing the people you hate

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Book 3-The Water Saga


The Air Saga is the second book in the Avatar Rhythm Series. In the Air Saga, Shirou will continue his quest to hunt down the Avatar, and he must travel to the Western Air Temple. As he journeys there, he'll meet new allies and villains, and is going to have to force his way through the peaceful lands of monks and nuns with the weight of a frightening curse, powerful bandits, and the government on his shoulders. The world's balance will be at stake, and Shirou is going to have to be protective and kind against his own will to save it from crashing down into a never-ending downfall. You can find the chapters at the bottom of the page.


"Everything in this book was amazing."
- BlueDagger

"Wow, this chapter was good. Can't wait for the next one."
- Omar067

"Exceptional. The name, the plot, the everything."
- Bahjy1

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The Air Saga
The Island - The Fire Nomad - The Poison Farm - The Procession - The Airbender
The Swarm - The Black Market - Nun Gate - The Temple - The Second Seminar
The Winds of Destruction: Part 1 - The Winds of Destruction: Part 2

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