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The Avatar Rhythm

Break the Cycle, Break the Rhythm.

The Avatar Rhythm was BlackMonkey's first fanon. It tells the story of a teenage boy named Shirou who is born 224 years after Avatar: The Last Airbender, when the war ends. After Shirou runs away from his saddening life of royalty in the Northern Water Tribe, everything around him starts taking some mysterious turns as he tries to find and kill the Avatar, destined on getting revenge after the last Avatar accidentally killed his grandfather in war. Corrupted and lost, he befriends the young daughter of a Fire Nation governor who has a similar goal as his, and he settles down in the Capital. Although as soon as his peaceful life begins, Shirou is thrown into a tangle of conspiracies, curses, tax collectors and bands of rebels, leaving only a few wise souls left that can shape his true destiny. Prepare for huge mysteries, unbearable secrets, and an epic tale that will teach balance and peace in the most complex way. This is more than a story. This is The Avatar Rhythm.

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The Stranger

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Apocalyptic Rhythm: Part 4

Cleaving lightning
The Avatar Rhythm Chapters
Book 1 - The Fire Saga
The Stranger - The Fire Lord - Everburn Academy - The Lesson - The Fire Days Festival - The Meeting - The First Seminar
Into the Fire - Out of the Ashes - The Heat of the Moment - The Laws Ignite: Part 1 - The Laws Ignite: Part 2
Book 2 - The Air Saga
The Island - The Fire Nomad - The Poison Farm - The Procession - The Airbender - The Swarm - The Black Market
Nun Gate - The Temple - The Second Seminar - The Winds of Destruction: Part 1 - The Winds of Destruction: Part 2
Book 3 - The Water Saga
The Land of Ice and Fear - Frostbite - The Stars - The First Strike - The Polar Revolution - Special Operation
The Battle at Glacier Cove - Eleven Hundred - The Third Seminar - Tax Day - Drowning Hope: Part 1 - Drowning Hope: Part 2
Book 4 - The Earth Saga
Survivors - Royalty and Poverty - The Peak of Power - Avatar Mikio - The Lady and the Koto - The Final Seminar
Bloodshed Shadows - What Lies in Darkness - Altogether Now - The Death Toll
Apocalyptic Rhythm: Part 1 - Apocalyptic Rhythm: Part 2 - Apocalyptic Rhythm: Part 3 - Apocalyptic Rhythm: Part 4
The Avatar Rhythm Characters
Asaki - Hotaru - Markale - Shinji - Shirou - Takumi

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12/21/12 - Finished!!!
WOOOOHOOOO!!!!!!!!!! It's been over one and a half years! I have no words to describe this feeling of awesomeness!
12/8/12 - Finale Incoming!!!
The four part finale of The Avatar Rhythm, Apocalyptic Rhythm, will be arriving on December 21, 2012. Get ready for the biggest event in this fanon's history. It's all coming to an end, 12/21/12.
10/10/12 - New Main Page
Look at this, folks! The Avatar Rhythm has just gotten a complete makeover, thanks to yours truly. Highlights include the slider for the four books, Start Reading and Latest Chapters boxes, and of course, this enhanced News section which includes all the past announcements in Rhythm history, and this fancy scroll bar. Part of me thinks it looks awesome, part of me thinks I went overkill. I was just going wild with coding.
8/22/12 - Fourth Fanon Awards
I haven't made one of these things in a while... Anyway, the The Fourth Fanon Awards is underway, and Rhythm has once again gotten on the nomination list. Markale got an official nomination for Best Villain, and The Avatar Rhythm and Takumi got community nominations for Outstanding Drama Series and Best Male Supporting Character, respectively. From the looks of the community voting, TAR's not gonna make it, but Takumi should be passing into the final round to join Markale. To celebrate, I have created a page for Markale, if you want to check that out. Anyway, please help out and vote Rhythm. Thanks, BM.
3/1/12 - Victorious
Double big news! Not only did Hotaru win us the Best Supporting Character (Female) Award at the Third Fanon Awards, but The Avatar Rhythm was just awarded March's Featured Fanon! This is a glorious time for my fanon, and I can only thank my fans. Go Rhythm!
2/21/12 - Nominations and News
First on the agenda, Royalty and Poverty is finally out after the twenty three day wait. Second on the agenda, is the Third Fanon Awards, which began official voting today. The Avatar Rhythm has three nominations, and BlackMonkey has one, so if you want to support us, just vote on this page! Thanks!
2/1/12 - March Nomination
Oh snap! AvatarMonarchist has just nominated The Avatar Rhythm for March Featured Fanon! I've got a feeling we can win it this time. Vote for it here.
2/1/12 - Epic Fail
Heh heh, yeah, we lost both Featured Fanon and Featured Article. That's pretty much it. We were running against other great fanons and chapters. And we lost. Well, there's always a next time.
1/29/12 - Book 4 Begins
As promised, The Earth Saga has begun today with the release of our thirty-seventh chapter, Survivors. Read now and get ready for the longest and legendary installment of The Avatar Rhythm. The end is near.
1/7/12 - Featured Article
The Avatar Rhythm is on a roll! Another great one of our fans, Bahjy1, nominated Drowning Hope: Part 1 for February 2012's Featured Article, but we're facing two other pages so we have to work as a team to win, possibly winning a featured fanon-article double crown in one month. Vote for it here.
1/5/12 - Featured Fanon
More good news! Our dedicated fan, Omar067, has nominated The Avatar Rhythm for February 2012 Featured Fanon. We are running against another story, but if we all join together we may be able to beat it. Vote for it here.
1/1/12 - The Earth Saga!
Here's a New Year's gift for all my Rhythm fans! After a lot of thought, I have decided to officially release the last installment of The Avatar Rhythm on January 29th, 2012. And if you've been hoping for a preview - You're in luck! Just check out this blog!
12/27/2011 - Book 3 - Finished!
Woo! The Water Saga is finished. This afternoon, Drowning Hope: Part 2 was published, concluding the tragic yet hopeful ending of the third book of The Avatar Rhythm. I'll get a preview and release date of The Earth Saga soon, but don't expect it for a while, I've got to make a huge amount of character pages and I'm hoping to remodel the main page.
12/17/2011 - Sadness and Delays
Ouch. Just that title makes you know this isn't a happy update. If you haven't noticed, production of The Avatar Rhythm has been skyrocketing slower and slower. My life has been very busy lately, so that's the reason for the slowness. Simple. Also, this is a bit delayed, but we lost December's featured fanon election, which was probably my fault also for nominating itself. The point is, Drowning Hope: Part 1 should be posted in two or three days and Part 2 should be posted about a week after that, completing Book 3 before January 2012, when Book 4 can start to be put into production.
12/17/2011 - Rewards and Awards
The Avatar Rhythm has grown so much since it began in April. Just this morning The Stars was awarded November 2011's Featured Article. We've grown, I've grown, the story has grown too. I couldn't have done it without my fans, and my fans couldn't have done it without me. For our accomplishment, I have nominated The Avatar Rhythm for December 2011's Featured Fanon! Please vote to support it.
10/24/2011 - Apologies
If anyone has realized the slowing in chapter production lately, as I usually have a new chapter every week, well, I just have to say I'm sorry for that, and there are reasons. First off, my life has been really busy lately, and I've had a lot to do around Wikia. The most of it is, though, that I'm really into the Avatar Fanon Trivia Contest, the free time I usually use writing is now being used stalking the RC for new trivia questions. So sorry, and I assure you that The Battle at Glacier Cove will be published by Wednesday, if not earlier.
10/20/2011 - Character Pages!
Finally. The Avatar Rhythm has character pages. It took me long enough, but now articles for Shirou, Shinji, and Hotaru have been created. If something looks funny, it's just because these are only updated with Book 2 info - Book 3 updates will be made after the whole Water Saga is complete. Also, you saw those pages right - they've got some quality images of each character drawn by the amazing artist - me!
If you've noticed, Avatar Rhythm production has been... slower lately, but now that we've got that, I can get to work on The Battle at Glacier Cove, as my only deadline to create more character pages is before Book 4 starts, which shouldn't be until mid November.
10/7/2011 - Fanonbending!
After a persuasive friendly chat on the IRC, our good friend BlueDagger has nominated The Avatar Rhythm for fanonbending! Just vote on this page to support it. Lets show everyone how good this fanon really is!
10/1/2011 - Featured Article
This morning, The Winds of Destruction: Part 2 was awarded October 2011's Featured Fanon Article. I want to thank everyone who made this possible, and everyone who voted for it. It's really an achievement, and I finally got to put a real award in the Reception section to the right of this newsfeed. If you want to see this in the slider on the fanon portal main page, click here.
9/16/2011 - The Water Saga is Out!
Book 3 has finally begun! The legend continues! Today, the twenty fifth chapter, The Land of Ice and Fear, has been posted, and the Avatar Rhythm is now half complete! Twenty five done, twenty five to go. We have created a this together, and now we have reached twenty five chapters in less than five months! Well done.
9/13/2011 - Chapter Renaming
Through a bit of confusions, rereads, edits, and research, I have decided to rename the last three chapters Book 1. Now the two-part chapter, The Laws Ignite, will be the last two chapters of the series, instead of the second-to-last, making the former "Final Flames" now "The Laws Ignite: Part 2". And the former "Laws Ignite: Part 1" is now called The Heat of the Moment. Sorry for the complications.
9/11/2011 - Water Saga Preview
With The Water Saga only six days away, it's time that you get a taste of the what will be happening in the next epic 12 chapters of The Avatar Rhythm. Here's the preview: In the icy nation of the Northern Water Tribe, The Procession has overrun the cities, and poverty has struck the population - big time. Shinji is dying to get a life, but Shirou is too scared to go back to the royal world he has tried to forget for so long. Disloyalty will cause tragedy. Rebellions will cause destruction. And the battle between good and evil will cause all hope to be lost. Permanently.
9/1/2011 - Vote Featured Article
Yeah! Our Air Saga finale, The Winds of Destruction: Part 2, has been nominated for October 2011 Featured Article! Show your Avatar Rhythm Spirit by voting here. Lets show everyone how good this fanon really is!
8/29/2011 - New Logo
Have you seen the vibrant, eye-gouging one-of-a-kind, breathtaking new logo for The Avatar Rhythm? For various reasons, I needed a rectangular picture instead of a square one, so instead of just formatting the old logo, I decided to completely revamp it. In case you haven't noticed, it's right above this post.
8/26/2011 - Book 2 is Finished!
Yes! We have done it! Book 2: The Air Saga, is finished! We have finished the climatic finale, The Winds of Destruction: Part 2, and Book 2 is complete. Congratulations, fans. You inspired me to keep writing, and even this fanon is only 4 months old, we have created 24 chapters. If you're still a new reader, you can go Here
8/21/2011 - Active Author
I, BlackMonkey, the author of this series, am back in action! I came back from the depths of inactivity, and have published the 20th chapter, Nun Gate. Yeah! 20 chapters. Wow. It's weird to think that I still have 30 more to go. Anyway, theres's four more chapters left in Book 2, and they are going to be awesome.
8/13/2011 - Inactive Author
I, BlackMonkey, the author of this series, will be inactive from August 14th to August 20th. No chapters will be posted in that time. Chapter 20 will be released on August 21st. After that inactive period however, I am hoping to have write chapters much more often, hoping to get the last five chapters of Book 2 released by the end of August.
8/1/2011 - The Air Saga is Out!
After a month of intense planning, Book 2:The Air Saga is released, with it's first chapter. It's very different from Book 1, and that's why I think you'll enjoy it. If you're still a new reader, go here.
7/10/2011 - Book 1 Changes
If you noticed, I have made small changes to several Book 1 chapters, so they now include an organization called The Procession, a group of unfair, crazy, Earth Kingdom taxpayers that will have a large part in Books 2 and 3, and even a bigger part in Book 4. I'm sorry for changing it, but it will bring the best reading experience for you in the upcoming books.
7/8/2011 - Main Page Remodeled
As you can see, The Avatar Rhythm Main Page got a major makeover! Here, everything is organized neatly, plus it looks pretty cool. At the bottom of the right column, you can find our new Avatar Rhythm fan userbox, which you can stick on your profile. Book 2 is still in the works of being planned out, but be assured that Chapter 1 of The Air Saga will be posted by the end of August 1, 2011.
7/6/2011 - Book 2 Preview
Over the past four days, I've been scribbling, crossing out, and writing ideas for Book 2, The Air Saga, and I have finally succeeded in making a good plan for the story. So here's a small taste of what you'll be reading in August: As Shirou will continue his quest to hunt down the Avatar, he must travel to the Western Air Temple. But the journey won't be easy. A huge storm, new villains, and a mind boggling secret about himself could slow down the journey, and leave him to choose peace or destruction. The world's balance could be ended, and Shirou must be protective and kind against his own will to save it. Coming this August...
7/1/2011 - Book 1 is Complete!
Hey, Book 1, The Fire Saga, is now fully completed. After the climatic season finale, The Final Flames, the first book is over, and the ideas for Book 2 will be put into play. More news on the next book will be arriving shortly, but in the meantime you should just read Book 1 Here
6/29/2011 - Starting the Transcript
Hello Everyone, fans and newcomers. This is the new Avatar Rhythm Transcript, which will let you know exactly what is happening around this fanon and it's creator, BlackMonkey. Anyone who is interested in reading this fanon should check out the following links:

  • The link to the first chapter is Here
  • The link to the Book 1 homepage is Here


Wondering how BlackMonkey is doing constructing chapters and characters pages? Just look below to be up-to-date on The Avatar Rhythm's production status.
Character Page Production

  • Taro - 90 % Done
  • Goro - 60 % Done
  • Akata - 20 % Done
  • Takumi - Posted
  • Anil - 5 % Done
  • Kyong - 5 % Done
  • Gephel - 5 % Done
  • Zhena - 5 % Done
  • Palden - 5 % Done
  • Sora - 5 % Done
  • Ken - 5 % Done
  • Asaki - Posted
  • Markale - Posted
  • Riku - 5 % Done
  • The Chancellor - 0% Done
  • Kaito - 0 % Done
  • Mikio - 0 % Done
  • Kotone - 0 % Done
  • Isamu - 0 % Done


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Note From the Author

Please note that when The Avatar Rhythm's concept first was being developed in the spring of 2011, there was little known about The Legend of Korra, and therefore, much of the technology and locations that are in the new series were never put into the plan of this fanon, even though it takes place over two hundred years after Aang's time. Some major things that you will notice missing include Republic City, Satomobiles, and any other major electric devices. Again, these are excluded from the story only because when The Avatar Rhythm was planned out, there was little or no known information about them.

Word Count

Ever craved for exclusive Avatar Rhythm stats and statistics? Here are some numbers for you to boggle your mind with:

Word Count:

  • Book 1 - 16,089 Words
  • Book 2 - 18,958 Words
  • Book 3 - 34,225 Words
  • Book 4 - 69,481 Words
  • Total - 138,753 Words

Average Word Count Per Chapter:

  • Book 1 - 1,341 Words Per Chapter
  • Book 2 - 1,580 Words Per Chapter
  • Book 3 - 2,852 Words Per Chapter
  • Book 4 - 4,963 Words Per Chapter
  • Total - 2,775 Words Per Chapter


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