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The Avatar Returns
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Avatar: Time Is An Illusion





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15 May 2011

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The Lady In The Sea

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The Fire Palace

The next day came...

No one was there...

She was lying alone in the beach...

And even if the death was near...

She was not feared...

She was falling in an eternal darkness...

She heard a voice...

"What is your name old lady?" The voice said...

She didn't know who was asking...

"Hama..." she answered.

"Hama why you gave up? You haven't completed your objective... The girl doesn't bloodbend."

Hama's eyes opened widely...

She was still on the beach... She was alive...

It was morning... She has been sleeping for a whole day...

She had a plan... She had to go north...

Southern air temple...

Aang was awake. He waked up some minutes ago. He is walking to the window...

He stares out and sees many people... This place has life again.

He spent three months at each temple to teach the people how to live there.

However, he never forgot. He never forgot his friends. He just didn't have time to visit them.

He doesn't know if he must visit them... Will they hate him?

He is unsure...What may happen?

No, they will understand.

Aang was so lost on his thoughts that he was hit by a ball in the head and fell from the edge of the cliff.

The people's that threw the ball ran to the place he was standing few moments ago.

" Oh no, why did I throw that ball? I know I am not very good at throwing balls." The man said.

The woman near him looking to the depth of the cliff placed her hand on the man's shoulder turned to him and said, "Congratulations big brother... You killed the Avatar."

The man suddenly screamed "Nooooooo! Hey guys, come on the Avatar needs our help."

Aang was unconscious. He had hit his head. He had just a scratch on his head. Luckily, he was saved because he airbended to fall softer.

Whale tail island...

The boat that Katara, Sokka, Suki and Ty Lee had been traveling on is stuck in the sand near the water at the beach.

They are all sleeping on the grassy field near the beach.

Sokka it's the first to awake. He stands up and looks around.

He remembers they had to leave the boat somewhere because Katara needed to rest.

They didn't make it...They had to get to Ba Sing Se before the celebration.

If only Iroh had sent the message earlier.

He walked around. The three girls were sleeping. Then he saw something. No it wasn't something but someone. It was a human. She was a woman. She was wearing red clothes. He had a hood. "Who is she and what is she doing?" Sokka thought. The hooded human raised his hands walking into the water. He or she wasn't very deep and moved her hands front of her and raised a wave, a very fast one. The wave was fending off with her at the top.

"She is a waterbender?" Sokka shouted. After he made himself comfortable with all this, he turned around and fell to the ground scared. Ty Lee was behind him, and he was scared when she saw her suddenly.

"What's up Sokka, did I scared you?" Ty Lee asked.

"No I just saw you suddenly..." Sokka answered getting up.

"Then I scared you, right?" Ty Lee asked confused.

"You could say that..." Sokka said walking away from her to explore more the island.

As Sokka was walking Ty Lee began to walk on her hands. After some time, she arrived near him. "Hey Sokka can you do this?" Ty Lee asked before walking on her feet again.

" No... Anyway why are so happy?" Sokka asked. "I am always happy." Ty Lee said making a cute face. They were walking for much time until Ty Lee broke the silence "Sokka, can I ask you something?" Sokka was surprised for her question. "What does she want to ask me?" Sokka thought. "Of course." Sokka said a little nervous scraping his neck.

"Would you like you...I mean I... I mean us" Ty Lee couldn't express what she was thinking.

" Come on, tell me," Sokka said while he was thinking, "Oh here it comes," and then he closed his eyes.

"Would you like us to be friends." Sokka opened slowly his eyes "What?!" He shouted surprised. "Em...Sokka...are you okay? I just asked you if you would like us to be friends?" Ty Lee said curious.

"But Ty Lee...we are already friends?" Sokka shouted. "Really, you mean it?" Ty Lee asked getting excited. "Of course." Sokka explained. "Yeah, now we will be friends for ever!" Ty Lee said and then she hugged him. "Sure." Sokka said escaping her hug.

"So now that we are friends, what would you like to do?" Ty Lee asked surprising Sokka.

Sokka who was going to leave again turned to her and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Friends pass some time together, so what would you like us to do?" Ty Lee explained.

" know. Would you like it if I say to you my plan?" Sokka said.

"Okay. After that I will learn you how to walk on your hands." Ty Lee said getting excited.

After some time back at the beach Suki is starting to wake. She gets up and after some stretching and some yawning, she is awake.

She looks around "Oh no." she thinks.

"Katara!...Katara!" Suki shouts. Katara still tired wakes and says "Leave me alone Suki!" and goes to sleep again.

'Where did they go?" Suki asked herself.

Suki searched the beach. She saw them walking on their hands. Of course Sokka was falling most times.

"See, I will not fall..." Sokka said before he lost his balance and fell to the sand.

Ty Lee was laughing. They were having fun. "At least they are friends."

Suki said before running towards their place. "Ty Lee! Sokka!" Suki shouted.

"Hey Suki, do you want too to walk on your hands?" Ty Lee asked.

" Of course I want." Suki answered and they started to walk on their hands.

At the sea...

The sun was shining. A ship was at the middle of the sea. It was noon.

The men on the ship were around twenty.

Hama was still traveling on the wave she was waterbending. She saw from far the ship's flag.

"Perfectly." She said to herself. She made the wave to disappear and she grabbed a wood near her. "Help, help!" she shouted. A man on the ship show her from far... "Hey, captain... There's a woman on the sea!" The man shouted. The captain who was not far from the man ran to see. "A woman?" He asked. After he saw her with his eyes he commanded the men to go near her. "It's working," Hama thought. The ship after some seconds was near Hama.

The men earthbended a rock they had on their ship. The rock was floating in the air and a man got on the top of it. Earthbending the rock the men brought it near the surface of the water and near Hama.

"Give me your hand." The man said. Ham acting weak grabbed his hand and he lifted her up from the water. The men earthbended the rock back on the ship.

Hama, still acting, said, "Thank you."

"What happened?" The captain asked.

Hama quickly created a story on her mind..."It was terrible. I was on a ship at Charmeleon's bay. The night our ship hit some rocks and so it got sunked. I was trying to survive with this wood for three days. The waves got me here. My friends are dead." Hama said and pretended she was crying.

"Oh come on, go inside to rest a little okay?" The man that have saw her first said.

Hama walked to the door and opened it. She got in and before she close it, she asked,

"When is the full moon?"

"Today," the man answered confused.

Hama, with an evil grin on her face, closed the door.

Back at the Whale Tail island...

Katara finally after many hours was awoken. When she saw where the sun was she knew she has been sleeping for a half day. She stand up shocked. "Where the others?' She asked herself. She had never slept for so many hours again, expect when they were hunted by Azula, Mai and Ty Lee.

She looked around worried about the others. She ran to the other side of the beach. They were near three rocks.

"What are they doing?" Katara thought.

"One...two...three...Go!" Ty Lee shouted then both she, Sokka and Suki tried to stay still with one hand on the rock. They were staring at the sea. They were seeing upside down. Katara suddenly walked in front of them and shouted "What are you guys doing?" They lost their balance because Katara scared them and they fell down.

"I was teaching them how to stand on their hand." Ty Lee said after she got up from the sand.

Katara angry asked them "Why didn't you wake me up?"

Suki quick expalined " I tried but you said you wanted to sleep more."

Sokka and Ty Lee haven't something to tell.

"Anyway we must leave now..." Katara said.

They walked back to their boat. When they got in the boat Katara was the only one to stand up. "To which way Sokka?" Katara asked. Sokka got his map, opened it and looked to see where is the nearest land...

Sokka after a lot of silence suddenly screamed "Northeast!".

Katara started to waterbending and so she made the boat to move really fast.

Southern air temple...

Aang is walking down the stairs...

"Where is everyone?" Aang ask himself confused.

Now one is near him...

He turns around looking for someone. Suddenly he sees down the stairs and there they are...his friends.

"Guys I missed you so much!" Aang said while he was running down the stairs.

He lowers his speed. They look sad.

"What happened?" Aang asked.

" You were late Aang..." Katara said.

"What do you mean?" Aang asked.

" I couldn't wait you...I am with Zuko now!" Katara said and left down the stairs.

" What?" Aang said with tear on his eyes.

Zuko turned around and before he leaves too down the stair..." I was always more beautiful than you!"

"Wait!" Aang screamed but Zuko didn't stopped.

Aang turned to the others...

" Guys ... I" Aang said while he was trying to explain himself.

"Go speak to others! My parents now hates me because I left them for you!" Toph said and walked too down the stairs.

Sokka walked some stairs up..."Suki died.." Aang was shocked at this one.

" Because you weren't there to save her..." Sokka said.

"How should I know..." Aang said but stopped when he saw Sokka getting out his sword.

" And now you will feel more guilty..." Sokka said and stabbed himself.

"Nooooooooooo!" Aang screamed and fell down on his knees near his friend.

He was crying. He was moving Sokka's body like when he was trying to wake him up.

He turned to Mai who was looking at him...

Mai drew her knives..."Zuko broke up with me...And it is your fault." Then she threw her knives at Aang. Two of the knives pierced his chest while the one passed his whole flesh on the cnter of his chest.

He was dead. He was in a totally darkness. He tunred around and saw Suki.

" Aang...wake up. Aang... Aang wake up!" Suki was saying.

Aang waked up by the voice of the woman who's brother threw the ball at Aang.

"Aang are you okay?" The woman asked.

"Yes, I am okay Atini." Aang answered.

The man that had thrown the ball came really fast and fell no his knees too near Aang.

" Sifu...I am really sorry." The man said looking the ground.

" It's okay Gawin. And please just call me Aang." Aang answered and tried to stand up.

But he was wounded and he felt too painful. He fell down again.

" Oh you are wounded..." Atini said and held him by the arms helping Aang to stand up.

She placed Aang's arm around her neck and began to moving up the stairs.

Back at Hama...

Hama is sitting at her cabin very sceptical. Suddenly she hears a knock at the door.

The man that saw her first opens the door.

" Hi, em I just wanted to ask you if you want anything?" The man asked.

" No thank you." Hama answered.

" Can I ask you some questions?" The man asked.

" Of course." Hama answered with an evil grin on her face.

The man walked in the room and sat at the chair near the bed where Hama was sitting.

" First :What's your name?" The man asked.

" Tell me yours to tell you mine." Hama answered.

" Ling..." The man answered.

" Hama." Hama answered back looking out of the window.

" Second: Where do you want to go?" Ling asked.

" I am going at the same place you are going?" Hama answered.

" Third: Why did you ask for the full moon?" Ling asked.

" I used to stare at it with my friends. It reminds me of them." Hama answered.

"Why do you care?" Hama asked.

"You know I have heard about an old lady called Hama. She was known to control people at the full moon," Ling answered with an evil smile on his face.

Hama got up from the bed she was sitting at. She was shocked.

"So what are you planning? Go back to the Fire Nation?" Ling asked her.

"If I answer you, will you join me?" Hama asked looking out of the window.

"Yes," Ling answered.

"I am going to start a new war," Hama answered.

Ling was shocked. He didn't see that coming.

"Why will you come?" Hama asked him.

"I like wars..." Ling answered with an evil grin on his face.

Back to Aang...

Aang was lying at his bed. Atini was taking care of Aang's wounds.

Aang was feeling some pain. Suddenly Gawin came in holding a scroll.

" Sifu this is a message for you." Gawin said.

Atini finished tying Aang's bandages.

" Just call me Aang, Gawin." Aang said and took the scroll.

After reading it, Aang was confused...

To leave or to stay?

He wanted of course to see his friends. However would he let alone all the people?

" Atini..." Aang said quietly and sad while he got up from his bed...

" Yes?" Atini answered looking worried about him.

" If I had to leave...would you watch after this temple?" Aang asked giving her a sad look.

" Of course Aang, I would anything for you." Atini answered.

"Why her and not me?" Gawin asked.

Both Aang and Atini gave him a very strange look.

" Maybe cause I have reached the thirty-fifth level of becoming an airbender while you have reached the eighteenth." Atini explained. " But my score is second, you only pass me. Anyway I believe a guy must be the leader here." Atini and Aang again made weird looks.

" But Aang was an airbender, he just received his tatoos when he passed all the the levels.

We will take both our airbending and our tatoos when we will reach the final level." Gawin said and Atini thought he had a point at this one.

" But Aang, will you leave?" Atini asked. Aang didn't what to answer.

" I must think for a little." Aang said and walked out.

After many hours at the sea...

It was night. The sea was calm. Katara was still waterbending to move the boat. She was feeling really tired.

" How haven't you get tired yet?" Suki asked her.

Sokka who was relaxing as Suki and Ty Lee dod, answered wise, "There is the full moon tonight."

Ty Lee suddenly got up pointed and shouted " Land, I see it."

Katara with a smile on her face muttered. "Finally."

Back at the ship...

The men can't control their bodies.

They lead the ship on the nearest port.

"Why are you doing this?" The captain asked.

Hama didn't answered. Suddenly Ling came out from the door on the ship's board.

" Ling help us." The captain said.

Ling didn't move. Hama turned to look at him with her hands still in the air.

"Where are the two others earthbenders?" Hama asked. Ling pointed two of the men Hama was controlling. Hama bloodbenging made them to jump in the sea.

The captain opened his eyes wide.

At the Southern Air Temple...

It was night... Aang was out sitting on the edge of the temple's floor staring at the full moon.

" What to do?" Aang was asking himself.

"I know, maybe if I enter the Spirit World."

Aang started to meditate. After some hour Aang's spirit was out. However he wasn't at the Spirit World. He was a spirit in his world.

"What must I do?" Aang asked sadly himself. A light, a blue light, the light of the moon. That was what got his attention. The moon was glowing. The moon's light was stronger around the place he was sitting. Yue with her white hair floating and blue glowing as a spirit she was appeared in front of Aang. 'Yue?" Aang asked.

"Hello, Aang," Yue said. "What are you doing here?" Aang asked her confused.

" Didn't you asked help from the spirits?" Yue answered to him.

Aang in Escape from the Spirit World

Yue appears to Aang.

"Oh, yeah right...What must I do?" Aang asked her being impatient.

" Go to Ba Sing Se..." Yue answered to him "your friends won't be angry with you."

Aang happily jumped up. "Thanks, Yue," Aang said and got out his glider ready to fly off.

"Wait." Yue said to him. Aang got his staff glider back to normal form and turned to see what she wanted.

" You must stop the bloodbender." These were the last words Yue said before vanishing....

"What??? The bloodbender? Katara..." Aang said angry and a tear fell from his eye.

He fell to the ground with tears running from his cheeks.

He went back to his body. He took out his glider. He entered the Avatar State.

Atini and Gawin were awoke by the light and the strong air. They ran near Aang.

Aang turned to them and said, " Atini, you are the Sifu now." Then Aang jumped off the cliff but he airbended. He was flying really fast with his glider.

Far at the Northern Air Temple a woman is at the top of the highest tower...

"The Avatar returns."

Author's note

Wow... It took me almost a week. However, here it is. The next chapter. Also there isn't much action here. I hope you like it. It is bigger than the first chapter. Also I made my first original characters. I have exams and I am too busy now so I don't know when I will finish the next chapter. Please comment! ElessarNikos (talkcontribs) 15:32, May 15, 2011 (UTC)

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