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The Legend of Korra


Set 800 years after the last season of The Legend of Korra, the Avatars have been getting less, as no Avatar now lives, the people now live in a destroyed apocalyptic world, because of climate change, which got worse because they tried to stop it with bending. The so-called 'Avatar Age' ended over 500 years ago, with only 6 Avatars after Korra. In result of this, a ruler called King Remushind decides to let 3 agents go back in time to warn the most recent Avatar, Josak, about this fate, so they send 3 brave souls to go on the mission. However, attraction to this mission was shown with girl Ellie, who sneaked on, ignoring her brother Al's warning. They all see red as a little waterbender is in danger.


Principal characters

  • Ellie, the overexcited waterbending heroin of the story.
  • Jacrull, the airbending leader of the mission. He is very strict, and doesn't like Ellie's input.
  • Al, Ellie's older brother and guardian who takes the blame for her disappearance.
  • Harkrin, Ellie's best friend, who isn't very keen about her going.
  • Ahmed, Jacrull's nonbender best friend, who is also on the mission. He wants to be fair, but doesn't really respect Jacrull.
  • Cannat, the only female sent on the mission. She is tasked to look after Ellie. She is a firebender.
  • Rachel

Supporting characters

  • Earth King Remushind, the Earth King at the time who sends the gang on their mission.
  • Harkrin, Ellie's best friend, who isn't very keen about her going.
  • Sophie Beifong, a descendant of The Metal Clan, and Jacrull's boss.
  • Avatar Josak, the Avatar in 364 AG.

Book One: Time-Travel

  • Dr. Jonathan Williams, an evil doctor plotting to make climate change worse by using bending. He is an earthbender.
  • Earth Queen Disefy, Remushind's strict wife, who wants the world to remain in this state, to start the challenge.
  • Fred Harksa, Dr. Jonathan's overexcited henchman.
  • Amy, a computer-obsessed girl who doesn't believe in climate change. She is rated a master criminal, and eventually gets involved with the group.
  • President Winkton, the skeptical president of Republic City.
  • Jase Lasso, a crazy cowboy gunman, who won't stop disturbing the president.
  • Hayley Beifong, the current police chief at the time, and a descendant of The Metal Clan.
  • General Josen, The leader of the United Forces.
  • Matefa Varrick, A descendant of Iknik Blackstone Varrick.
  • Fatra Boat, a cheerful boatwoman who is Josak's love interest.

Book Two: Jobs

  • Zachary Hart
  • Silas
  • Kate
  • Lee
  • Snowokt
  • Romma
  • Fatrillk

Book Three: Seperation

  • Natalie Hart
  • Malcolm Beifong
  • Highman Cost

Book Four: Highjinks



Book One: Time-Travel

  1. Chapter One: The Future of The Avatar
  2. Chapter Two: Into the Machine
  3. Chapter Three: The Warning Turn
  4. Chapter Four: The Guy That Hates Us
  5. Chapter Five: The Demented Doctor
  6. Chapter Six: The Suit of Armour
  7. Chapter Seven: Computers and Chuters
  8. Chapter Eight: A Bending Parade
  9. Chapter Nine: The Battle of Crime
  10. Chapter Ten: Living on a Den
  11. Chapter Eleven: Mission Completed (Part 1): The Celebration
  12. Chapter Twelve: Mission Completed (Part 2): Fired
  13. Chapter Thirteen: Yacruel
  14. Chapter Fourteen: Return to Air
  15. Chapter Fifteen: Ellie Alone
  16. Chapter Sixteen: Bright Side
  17. Chapter Seventeen: The Return
  18. Chapter Eighteen: The New World (Part 1)
  19. Chapter Nineteen: The New World (Part 2)
  20. Chapter Twenty: The New World (Part 3)

Book Two: Jobs

  1. Chapter One: Sorcery
  2. Chapter Two: The Prediction
  3. Chapter Three: The New Republic City
  4. Chapter Four: The Southern Water Die
  5. Chapter Five: The Outbreak of Spiders
  6. Chapter Six: The Earthbending Teacher
  7. Chapter Seven: Choked on a Cucumber
  8. Chapter Eight: I'm Going to Get You
  9. Chapter Nine: Attacked in a Van

Book Three: Seperated


Book Four: Highjinks


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