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The Avatar is the seventh chapter of Aang: Story of an Airbender. The chapter is about Aang finally discovering he is the Avatar. However, will it be all fun and games when he finds out that Air Nomads have been going missing?

The Story So Far

Aang has arrived at the Northern Air Temple where he competed with Aka, his childhood rival, for the Sky Bison Polo Championships and won. The Airbender amazed everyone with his invention of the Air Scooter, but will all that amazement suddenly turn to shame when his destiny is revealed?

The Avatar

~~The Southern Air Temple: Courtyard~~

Aang walked into the Courtyard. He put his hand up to block the morning sun. It was early. No one should be awake again. Roar! No one but Appa. Aang chuckled and walked over to the center of the Courtyard. In the corner of his eye, a pot moved. The Airbender turned. He looked at the pot.

"Yah!" A voice yelled.

Aang moved to the side as three Airbenders landed on the ground. Aang dodged a slice of wind and ran up the side of a building. Three more Airbenders jumped in front of him and shot blasts of air. Aang bended the air around him and shot it back. The Airbenders yelped as they were knocked off the wall. Aang shot a small tornado at the ground. The tornado spun as it grabbed the Airbenders and shot them at the ground.

"Nice try guys." Aang said, floating down next to the attackers.

"It wasn't good enough." A small boy said.

"We lasted five more seconds, right, Jinju?" Another boy asked.

Jinju looked at a watch, shrugged and threw it away. The watch landed in Appa's mouth.

"Well, I better get to feeding Appa." Aang said.

Appa roared as Aang walked toward him.

"Wait Aang!" The first boy shouted, running up to him. "Can you show us how you did that ball of air like in the Sky Bison Polo Championships?"

"Of course, Ko." Aang said. "Gather around, everyone."

Jinju, Ko, and the others surrounded their friend.

"First you got to form the ball, then you got to get on quick." Aang said. The boy created a ball out of nowhere and jumped on it. He laughed as he circled around the others and flew up the staircase and walls.

"Okay, here it goes." The second boy said.

He created a ball of air and jumped. The boy yelped as he landed on his rump and spun on the ball. Soon, the ball vanished and the boy sat on the ground. Aang gently got off his. "You kind of have to spin on it like a top."

"Man, that's hard." The boy said.

"Where'd you learn that trick, Aang?" Ko asked.

"I made it up." Aang said, shrugging his shoulders.

"Wow!" Ko said.

Step. Step. Step. Aang turned to see High Monk Pasang, Monk Tashi, Monk Meiji, Monk Futo, and Gyatso walking up behind them.

"Aang, come with us." Gyatso ordered in a friendly but urging tone.

The Airbender waved goodbye to his friends and walked with the Southern Council of Elders into the temple.

"Aang!" Mia shouted, running up behind him. "Don't worry, Mia." Aang said, smiling.

~~The Southern Air Temple: The Council Chamber~~

"How do you know it's me?" Aang asked, sitting before the Council of Elders.

"We have known you were the Avatar for some time." Monk Tashi said. "Do you remember these?"

The monk Airbended a rolled-up mat toward the boy. Aang watched as it unraveled, revealing the contents inside. His eyes lit up.

"Those were some of my favorite toys when I was little!" Aang said, looking at the four toys He grabbed one and released the lever. The wind toy flew behind the Council of Elders.

"You chose them from among thousands of toys, Aang." Monk Tashi continued. "The toys you picked were the four Avatar Relics."

"I just chose them, because they seemed like fun." Aang said.

The toy made its way over Monk Tashi's head. "You chose them because they were familiar."

"Normally, we would have told you of your identity when you turned sixteen, but there are troubling signs." Gyatso said. "Storm clouds are gathering."

"I fear that war may be upon us, young Avatar." High Monk Pasang said.

"We need you, Aang." Gyatso said.

"But why me?" Aang asked.

"Our scouting Airbenders have gone missing." Monk Meiji said, Airbending a map up in the center of the room.

"We are practically worried about the western side." Monk Futo said. "That is where they go missing the most."

"So, why do you need me?" Aang asked.

"See these marks, young Avatar." Monk Tashi said, pointing to the flames depicted on the map. "These are where the nomads have gone missing. Our brethren."

"We fear that the Fire Nation is out to kill us." Monk Meiji said. "We want you to head toward the most marked areas and investigate why Airbenders are vanishing." Aang rolled up the map and tucked it in his pocket.

"Normally, we wouldn't let someone as valuable as you head out, but we need you." Monk Tashi said.

"I'm not an item." Aang protested.

"Indeed you are not, you are the savior to our world." Monk Gyatso said.

The Southern Council of Members stood up. Aang followed suit. The members then got on their knees and bowed.

~~The Southern Air Temple: Aang's Room~~

"I know Appa." Aang said. "But how am I supposed to feel? I'm not happy but I'm not sad. Part of me wants to be the Avatar but another part of me doesn't."

Appa roared.

"I know you can't really talk." Aang said, petting his friend's forehead. "But pretending you do, helps me think."

Appa roared.

"I'm going to pretend I didn't pretend to hear that." Aang said, eyes squinted.

Aang's ears perked up. The sound of a tsungi horn rang in his ears. It was time. Time for the announcement. In a few minutes, everyone will know he is the Avatar. Aang closed his eyes and grabbed his glider.

~~The Southern Air Temple: Main Courtyard~~

"Ladies and gentlemen, we are proud to announce that the new Avatar has finally been revealed." High Monk Pasang said.

The Southern Air Nomads stood, facing the platform where the Council of Elders was standing. Monk Gyatso walked up to the front. "I am pleased to announce the new Avatar: Avatar Aang!"

The crowd gasped. Aang wasn't sixteen yet. He was only a boy. The crowd tried to peer over their fellow citizens, trying to glance at the boy. The Southern Air Nomads looked at the entrance. Nothing.

"Where is he?" Monk Tashi asked.

"If only I knew." Gyatso said.

~~The Patola Mountain Range~~

Aang sat on Appa's forehead. He turned around as the Southern Air Temple vanished behind a mountain. He looked at the sea to see an island. It seemed like it was following him. Aang closed his eyes. He opened them to see nothing but the clear, blue sea. The Airbender snapped out of his trance when Appa roared.

"I know buddy." Aang said, rubbing the bison's head. He turned as the mountains vanished. Tears streamed down his eyes and onto his hands. "I'm sorry Gyatso."


- Originally, Aka was supposed to reveal to everyone that Aang was the Avatar, but that idea was scrapped. Aang was also supposed to run away with Mia but without Appa.

- Ko means small in Japanese.

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