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The Avatar's Sacrifice
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The Beginning of the End

The Vice Chairman of the council took her spot on the podium to make her announcement. "The Council now recognizes that it temporarily consists of 99 members." She then finished the session with a symbolic bang of the gavel.

The Chairman was thrilled, but tried not to show it. It was critical that others view him as heroic and brave for his actions. "Officers, take Councilman Keric into contempt. I am sorry that I had to do this, friend."

Keric spat. "No you're not! Rohan, your father and grandfather would be distraught if they knew you were doing this!" The other council members gasped again and murmured to themselves as Chairman Rohan became visibly angry.

"Tenzin and Aang? Disappointed in me for protecting our city! I think not! Take the Councilman away. I'm sure the voters of his district will be interested in knowing what he has done."

Rohan was forced backwards when a ball of fire hit the ground just in front of his feet. He whipped his head up to see the large man who represents the Fire Nation's 8th district in a fighting stance.

"Councilman Fushon! Attacking the Chairman of the United Republic Council? That's a crime!"

Fushon remained calm. "Then I guess you'll have to arrest me too."

"Very well. Officers, another pair of handcuffs."

"Make that two pairs, Chairman!" Keric's friend who was the third to vote against the measure to track the Avatar stood in protest."

"Fine! The Council recognizes that it is temporarily comprised of 97 sitting members!"

As the gavel was heard once more, Keric and his two friends were taken into custody to be held in contempt as the other members chattered a bit then slowly made their way out of City Hall. A few stayed back to answer questions from the Press.

"Well I think today the Council did the right thing," said a concerned Chairman Rohan. "It's a shame that we had to arrest three Councilpersons but this is an urgent issue. The fact that the world's most powerful figure is on the side of our greatest enemy is very disturbing, but I promise that we will do everything we can to stop this war."

Completely oblivious to what had taken place in City Hall just one hour earlier, Team Avatar sat around the lobby of Keric's grandiose training center. They practically lived there; if Brek and Kaeta weren't training, then the four of them were hanging out in the lobby or in their new "room" in the attic.

"So it turns out," Brek started, "that the Avatar can actually take away and give bending. It's called Energybending."

Berani was intrigued. "Has Korra tried to teach you how yet?"

The Avatar shook his head. "No, but I read that she mastered it at 16, and Avatar Aang learned it when he was even younger."

"That's quite a power to possess," Zola commented. "If you ever learn it, change me to a hairbender okay? Maybe I could get these knots out." Her friends all chuckled at her joke.

"What's taking Keric so long?" inquired Kaeta, yawning.

As if answering his question, a young woman came rushing through the front door. It was the 18-year-old Councilwoman from the Southern Water Tribe. Nervous as always, she glanced frantically around the lobby, then made her way to the gang.

Kaeta sat up as she approached. "Hey, I saw your campaign poster when I was back in the Southern Tribe."

She looked frustrated. "I don't have time for this. Which one of you is the Avatar?" She looked back and forth between Berani and Brek, waiting for an answer until Brek finally rose.

"Me. I am."

"You have to get out of here before the police come!" She gestured for them to follow her but they just sat still, looking at her quizzically. "My name is Councilwoman Yue. I'll explain later, but for now you must come with me. It's an emergency!"

The four friends complied after exchanging strange looks and followed her out of the building. Once through the doors however, they realized that they were too late. Yue gasped when she saw police trucks and officers at the foot of the gym stairs.

"Put your hands where we can see them! Absolutely no bending!" One man shouted these orders with the help of a megaphone. "We're here for Avatar..." He turned to another officer and whispered. "What's the Avatar's name?"

His colleague simply shrugged. "Rohan's description was pretty vague. Brown hair, Earth Kingdom. He was in a rush."

"Captain!" A slender officer sprinted over. "I think that's Councilwoman Yue over there with those kids!"

The esteemed captain was flabbergasted. "What?" He squinted to see. "What is she doing?"

Yue was almost hyperventilating. Thinking on the fly, she told Berani and Brek to follow her as if she didn't care about Zola or Kaeta. Using water from the enormous fountain next to her, she formed a wall of ice to momentarily block the police and give time for a quick escape. "Come with me, now!"

The four bolted down the perpendicular street as sirens blared behind them. Zola looked back to see two police trucks chasing after them in full speed, so she did what she had to do. Making swift motions with her arms, she shot several bolts of lightning at the oncoming vehicles. Kaeta, using his pouch water, sent ice claws to the cops riding motorcycles. Every officer was a Metalbender, and a few flung thin lines from their wrists to stop their suspects, but each attempt failed thanks to Kaeta's water whip.

Berani glanced up and gasped. "What is that?"

Yue looked to see a police blimp flying not to far behind, and she knew that the five of them couldn't fight everyone off. That's when she was struck by a brilliant idea. "Avatar, remove that manhole covering."

Brek did as he was told, and immediately, Yue performed a move that no member of Team Avatar had quite witnessed before. She turned the sewer water below into a steam that she rose to create an ingenious cover. Nobody on the outside could see anything on the inside.

"Get rid of that cloud!" barked the captain.

By the time the fog had dissipated, the group was nowhere in sight.

The slender officer thought it was a good time to make his point. "Can someone explain to me why we don't have other types of benders in our force? I Waterbending squad would've been helpful here."

The frustrated Captain wanted nothing of his underling's useless ideas. "Shut up!"

"And all went according to plan." As Zhouray finished up his report, the other Isha members in the room smiled.

"Excellent," Soza remarked. "With Rohan's support, we managed to get the Mayor and Chief Beifong to go after the Avatar. There's just one problem. What happens if he leaves the city limits?"

Zhouray simply laughed. "That's why we had the Council vote in the first place. Their decision automatically declared the Avatar as an enemy to the United Republic of Nations, which means the United Forces will be ordered to hunt him down."

"And the United Forces has implied consent to carry out military operations in any nation," added Sangti.

"No army is going to get him."

Everyone bowed as their mysterious leader entered the room, puzzling them with his odd words.

"They might weasel him out, but I'm the one who's going to end him. He has evaded me for too long, but destiny is bringing us closer. This whole manhunt, it's a distraction. We won't need to play tricks on the military when it's under our direct control. That reminds me, we'll never have direct control unless you win the tournament and get us access to that banquet, is that abundantly clear?"

Kimma, Zhouray, and Sangti nodded. "Yes sir."

Kimma stood up. "Crystal clear sir."

"That's what I like to hear. Now, would any of you like to know what former Chief Gulong said in his dying moments? The man was a coward."

In the abandoned remains of a once-popular diner, Yue sat Team Avatar down to explain the day's events. To start off, the group listened to the news coming from the radio next door through an open window.

And the Avatar is said to... hold on... I'm just getting breaking news... Gulong is dead. Gulong is dead. It appears as if former Chief of Police Gulong has been found dead by the Republic City harbor just now by commercial fishermen.

Brek and Berani shot one another shocked looks as the broadcast continued. Only, five minutes later, it had become much, much worse.

...and now experts believe that it was in fact the Avatar who murdered Chief Gulong. That's right, the Avatar killed Chief Gulong. We do know that current Chief Beifong is safe and we can only hope that the Avatar does not strike again. We-

The sound was cut off when the residents of the house next door shut their window. For ten minutes, nobody said anything. Brek stared blankly into the ground, appearing neither sad nor worried nor confused. He was emotionless, dead on the inside.

Finally, Yue spoke up. "I think it would helpful if I explained what has happened." She recalled the day to the four others, making sure to be very detailed.

"... and after the vote, myself and the other members of the Council's Public Safety Committee met with the Mayor and Chief of Police to discuss strategy in hunting you down. Just like earlier, I only went along with it so I would be able to warn and protect you. There, I learned that the United Forces would be working to see your capture, even if you leave the city. It's not their fault, they have to submit to the whims of the Council, and right now it looks like Chairman Rohan is the only crook necessary for this whole operation to take place. Of course, the media is and always has been in Rohan's back pocket, so that won't help, and Beifong is an ignoramus, not to mention Rohan's best friend since childhood."

Brek was perturbed. "So there's an army that will never cease to look for me."

"Not necessarily," said Yue with a slight smile. "The United Forces is required to look for you, but I can guarantee that the majority of their soldiers don't buy into this trick at all. They might accidentally let you get away a few times. Other than that, there is one more bit of good news."

"And what's that?" asked Kaeta.

"Neither the Mayor nor Chief, at least temporarily, know anything about you or what you look like."

Zola was confused. "How could that be?"

"Rohan came into our meeting for only a brief second, and in that time, Beifong asked for a description. In a rush to be somewhere else, the Chairman simply muttered something about you having brown hair and being ethnically Earth Kingdom. That's why I had to ask which one of you was the Avatar. Only two of you had green clothes on, so I assumed it was one of you, but regardless, I've always had trouble telling what nation people are from just from their appearance."

Berani jumped into the conversation. "That's all they know about him? That's almost laughable."

The Councilwoman chuckled. "Yes, at least until someone gives those two buffoons a better description, that is the only bit of info they can attribute to him, or her for all they know."

The whole group laughed, desperately needing something to take their minds of the situation.

"And the match is finally over! The Avengers have earned a spot in the championship round after emerging victorious in today's battle against the Zhiming Assassins, which will go down in history as the most intense clash in pro-bending history! This is one for the record books, folks! I have never-"

"The time is coming. Soon, this world will be yours, Lord Kofaru, and I will rid the world of its impurities."

What had been a sunny, beautiful day morphed into a dark, stormy night in the course of just a few hours. Chief Beifong almost didn't hear someone knocking on the door as he prepared to leave his office and head home for the night.

"Chief. Someone is here to see you."

The man, exhausted from the day's events and clearly stressed by his new position, placed a few papers down on his desk and lifted his head. "Come in," he said drearily.

The metal door slid open, and behind it, stood a tall woman with a gray uniform and a younger girl. The woman gave the Chief a short nod then left, closing the door behind her.

"This better be important," said an irritated Beifong, wondering why such a young person had business with the Chief of Police.

"It's about the Avatar," said the girl, dressed in green and white cloth.

Beifong instantly became interested. "Do you know of his whereabouts?"

The girl, standing straight up with long, brown hair, opened her mouth calmly, but hesitated. Then, after collecting herself in a short breath, she said it. "I am the Avatar."

The Chief gasped, staring Berani down face to face.


  • The title, The Avatar's Sacrifice, refers to the decision that "Avatar Berani" made at the end of the chapter.
  • Chairman Rohan is the son of Tenzin and Pema, and brother of Meelo, Jinora, and Ikki, and was seen in The Legend of Korra.
  • Councilwoman Yue is Sokka's granddaughter, and was named after the character from Avatar: The Last Airbender.
  • The man who represents the Fire Nation's 8th district is slightly based on the current Governor of New Jersey, Chris Christie, who is also very blunt.

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