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A bad start

Iruka was sitting in a circle with Yamato and Asami, a small fire burned in between them. It sizzled and cracked, it cried and screamed in the shadows as it shed a light on them. They sat huddled and in silence, a very awkward silence, except for the fire of coarse as it danced in the iris of their eyes, but that just made things even quieter...and more awkward. Iruka glanced at Yamato, then Asami and back to the floor.

"So your an Ex-Dai li...?" He asked timidly. He didn't know what to say to them, and although he was usually good with other people he found himself struggling with words when he sat with the couple.

"Yes, um...I was when it was functioning, but obviously it's not anymore so..."

"But it must have been an honour at the time, what did you do?" As he asked the question he saw a pained expression revolt across his face. It lasted only for a second, but it was there.

"Yeah, it was good I think but I'd rather not speak about what I did..."

"Why? I would've been proud off being in the Dai-li I don't see-"

"Well most people who Taku pick off the street randomly to be a soldier don't know what it's like being a Real warrior, what do you do? Run around with a sword and shoot people like live stock? Don't worry-"

"Yamato, watch your tongue!" Asami screamed as she jumped up." Last time I checked, he was pinning YOU down before I got involved-Don't ever judge him or discredit him because he's a non bender or even if he did come off the street!"

Iruka didn't try to make snap judgements about people but he had already got a sour taste in his mouth, like dirt had been cooked into stew that had been forced down his throat. He realised that his mouth was pulled down in a scowl and that his hand was wrapped around the hilt of the sword strapped to his back. He slowly removed his hand and stared hard at Yamato's eyes. He had faced off with strong men before and he wouldn't be put down by him, but he knew that it would probably be better if they were on each other's sides. It was why he was here in the first place...but his opinion of Yamato wasn't changing any time soon. His patience was being tested and he didn't like being tested. He was a moody character and he rarely saw a sky without at least one cloud in it.

Asami tried to calm down. She noticed that the group had fallen back into the same awkward silence. She might have been strong a few minutes ago but she couldn't shake of the feeling that she was scarred...not of the men alone but more of what the men would do if they would continue in the same manner. She noticed that both men were tense and rigid, they both looked vicious and their eyes darted faster than you could see. They both released a blood thirsty aura, like they were waiting for the right moment to rip each other's throat and disembowel their bodies. Iruka's eyes had a cold, sheer look of steely there was no other emotion than distaste...or at least like his emotional span was the size of a tea spoon and that he didn't have enough space for more than one emotion at a time. Yamato had eyes of rage, like fire was surging through them. He had a short temper and she was surprised he didn't blow already, but a lust for a killing frenzy was living in his pupils right now and she didn't like it. But she was sure she could handle them.

"So what's the plan?"

"The plan is to get on that train and leave. We were meant to meet up with my commander Kuzon who's been here for a while working in the ticket booth. We'll find him and he'll fill us in with the rest of the details."

So the man at the ticket booth is also on this? She thought. It was nice to know there were others in on this, she felt that they could use the help. "Well great! We can get going now, we don't wanna be here for any longer than need be."

The Avatar's Legacy

Iruka followed the them as Yamato led them to the entrance he was pulled through. He analysed the couple, and he had to admit he was impressed with Asami's fiery attitude and Yamato's earth bending was impressive. After a few brisk movements Yamato re-opened the entrance. They all took turns to climb onto the platform. When Iruka brushed off the dirt from his clothes he felt like something was missing. The train station was empty-literally-There weren't any trains either..."Where did the train go?"

Yamato answered gruffly "Great plan oh-mighty Soldier!...A train station without trains!"

"Yamato stop!...Your so annoying!" She teased.

"OH GOD-what's that...that thing?...Coming towards u-us?" She squealed and backed slowly away.

Running toward them from the tracks of the disappearing train was a limp, large figure. It stumbled it's way down like some dumb beast-shaking violently and went air-borne like some beast of the sky. It landed and began it's drunk totter back. As he came closer it became apparent he was covered in blood, the source was the grotesque excuse of an arm swinging uselessly at his side, Convulsing and drooping side to side leaving a ghastly trail of blood behind. It was mumbling...As if trying to communicate. It sounded like a Badger mole was coughing up phlegm. Yamato spread his feet and was in a strong bending position. Unsurprisingly, Asami was armed as she produced 5 throwing blades shaped like spades. It was fast approaching-

"Kuzon! What happened to you?" He asked in a croak.

"Metal benders! And secret police-they know!" "What's going on?" Asami and Yamato asked at the same time.

Kuzon was quickly introduced and told them how the Metal bender attacked him and that she destroyed the train, so they couldn't leave as planned.

"So what are we gonna do?

"We need to get to either Taku or Republic City, either will do, will be on friendly ground and the Metal benders can't touch us, the borders of Silver Town is literally the circular wall, we get out and maybe, one day we come back for the rest of the people, and put a stop to that nonsense."

"That was the biggest risk, I didn't know the Metal benders could shove a whole train into the ground-and she had ingenious techniques...and spoke like a nut case. Soon there will be more metal benders, and armed guards, sure those pistols take some time to fire, and the bullets don't reach very far distances, but they still hurt. Be lucky they're not being used by fire benders, that would be bad."

"So for now we're screwed!" Iruka panicked.

"No were not!" Asami's face exploded with colour, she suddenly jumped up and said- "Avatar Aang is the answer!"

"Honey he died almost 118 years ago! What are you babbling on about!"

"He left one of his greatest legacies just outside these walls! Years ago he created a compound outside the wall for animals, it's grown into some kind forest cave, and it's caused issues for ages. It's the only part of the wall still made from earth, they were scared of the beasts that stayed there."

Ba Sing Se Zoo

"Genius! it'll be hard to get there but it's our only option! We're bound to meet the secret police, or some metal benders, but if I carry Iruka and Yamato carries Asami, we could bend our way there!"

In agreement they got into position, Yamato began rotating his arms and kicking softly down, a large rumbling occurred as the rubble displaced and crumbled, suddenly, he kicked off on a spinning tire of loose rocks with Asami wrapped around his shoulders. To Iruka's displeasure, he was given a piggy bank as Kuzon shot off into the air, a comet like flame protruding from his feet, he soured, trailed after Yamato as they both twisted past turn after turn, only meeting trouble as they passed over more than half the giant complex, leaving a snail mark of curious eyes, peering through the curtains covering the windows.

As they caused a deafening cry to terrify the city, they could not help but notice the guards they had seen did nothing to apprehend them, and that there were fewer than usual.

"What's going on? Where are all the guards? Why aren't they attacking?" Asami asks.

"Because they don't think were going to escape, they've predicted our move and have stationed their at the wall." Iruka replied

Kuzon struggled to keep flight and talk at the same time as he couldn't help but notice the drops of blood that left his mouth, causing the air to smell of tainted metal. "Don't worry...if the wall is earth then we can use it to our advantage, me and Yamato can break it down from a distance, hopefully releasing enough beasts to distract them for us to escape."

Fallen Wall

As they approached the wall a sense of finality and dread began rising like tides pulled towards a full moon, stationed in front of the wall were Bei fong and men covered in linen strings, they looked like mummies playing dress up with the grey over coats that hung on their bodies. The bandages fluttered of like tails or bandannas, and only the man in the middle had uncovered his face. The old man moved forward with surprising strong posture and wide glides. His skin was an white-olive colour, unusual for the Earth Kingdom.

"I told you to meet us at the tavern, we had a party prepared and every thing, you shouldn't disappoint such an old man. Young people these days, only think they've had a rough time...well it is about to get very rough...."

With a flourish of his hand two dozen metal benders ejected onto over hanging power lines, grappled along and then dropped upon them. Kuzon was first to react as he shot up and punched several balls of fire at his targets. This was followed by a round house kick of flares that sparked like golden fire works, and burned down four of the soldiers. After several quick rotations, Yamato summoned several battle coins, they spun into action clashing into guards, only to be crushed by metal cables. The guards quickly reformed, bended cables to shoot forward and suddenly change directions, like moving lasers they forked over the path, causing them to jump, crouch and then roll over. Kuzon side stepped and effortlessly produced to forks of lightning to surge through the cables, leaving two more guards paralyzed in electrocution. Yamato jumped forth and landed with a massive crash, as though he weighed more than a badger mole. A rippling shock wave passed through the earth, causing spikes of rock to explode from the ground, severing the guards that had previously destroyed his coins. Several other guards had just landed, only to stumble in bone crunching pain. Their own bones had given way to such force.

Asami was lost in the confusion, in the dirt that had gathered and concealed that got worse when conflicting wills made rocks burst into dust. But she was no novice to fighting. As two guards assaulted her, she lowered her position, wrapped round one of the guard's arms and flung him over with his own momentum. The second attempted to give a left hook, she smacked down his fist, effortlessly cartwheeled over out of his view, and when she landed she pummeled down with lightning fingers on joints and pressure points. His arms had lost feeling, and in frustration he kicked forward, his displeasure at finding he could no longer bend was visible on his face, and remained visible as she caught his leg and slammed down her elbow so hard his body buckled down and dropped. A third sprung from the shadows, armed with a cable bended into hook, sure he was to land a finishing blow. Suddenly a long sword cut in between the place his ribs would be, twisted and then pulled out, followed by several sickening snaps. Iruka quickly danced his way back into the chaos, cutting down another soldier, turning anti clockwise, bending slightly backwards and lunged forward, striking a guard directly in the eye. As he elegantly moved from assailant to assailant he flourished his blade with arks and twists, rolled forward cut down into a women's ankle, like a black panther he pounced with a hunger. The unsuspecting women laughed and tried to attack, but only dropped and began grovelling, her ankle dismembered and with nerves severed, it hung and forbade her any movement.

Asami had flipped into his view, expertly rendering several guards useless, both by physical means as well as blocking chi points.

He shrugged and said, "My mother told me to never hit a women...I try my best." She smiled as she fought her way to Yamato's side, helping him take a particularly troubling metal bender. She had wrapped her leg around his neck and pulled his body down, when suddenly, cutting a hole in the dirt flew a bandage whip that pierced the man, like as if she intentionally made a human shield. The battling ceased, she took notice of the burned and broken pile of metal benders from her husbands side of the field. But they all took note of the person holding something similar to a pistol and a flintlock gun. It was a women in a trench coat, her face also completely bandaged up. She swirled her fingers around, a strip of linen rose and danced like a snake, followed by several other strips that began to interlock.

The women flicked her wrist, bandage upon bandage lashed out like a thousand threads, knitting and stitching into a fish net that caught her toes. She turned to run but the thread only cuffed her next foot and pulled her down with a thump. She screamed as the hot, wet and gooey mix began writhing up her legs and around her waist, dragging her towards the trench coat.

A single rock glove flew and pounded down on the police, the gooey bandage split from that that had closed around her. Asami began ripping of the bandage and struggled to rejoin the conflict.

Furry animals

The atmosphere fluctuated again, the confusion ceased, the metal benders retreated. The police took their positions, they moved in unison...somewhere in the back some idiot had began playing a contemporary violin-- "Sorry, but I'm a bit theatrical." The old man said as he laughed a demonic cry. Huge slugs of bandage danced in rotation, like half filled ying and yang tiles. They moved in together to make one massive planet, reduced in size. Like giving the breath of life, they blew the fog towards them, causing everything to go brown. "What are they doing-" coughed Asami.

Yamato replied "They're making cover-"

Iruka shouted out to Kuzon "Do something! Break the wall! Anything! I have blast jelly! We all hit it with everything we have before it's too late!"

"Right now!" Kuzon signaled.

A mighty barrage smashed against the wall of earth. Two massive forks of lightning crackled and caused cracks the wall, a huge stomp to the ground caused a shock wave, causing the cracks to ripple, and then several blast jelly grenades burst on impact, and for the first time in 100 years, the walls of the ghost of Ba Sing Se fell.

The atmosphere fluctuated again. The steam dropped, layers of dust sung songs of their destruction, a demeaning shadow leaked in through the cracks, revealing an ugly mix of cherry blossom trees and larger more tangled trees. From the trees now released into Silver Town came a flurry of colour, leaves of pink, red, purple and blue danced, swayed and caressed their way down, lightly landing on the dirt. Rays of sun leaked in through a web of decaying branches, complimenting the shadows of the forest bulk. And from the darkness glowed hundreds of yellow eyes, eyes of creatures. The terrifying cacophony of howls and screeches ripped through the air, foreshadowing the stamped of Avatar Aang's vicious legacy.

The ground beneath wrenched apart, filth and mud pushed upwards as the stamped surged forward, a barrage of countless species. Land walkers and flying beasts entered the city, causing chaos in the city, those who peaked from behind curtains now turned their backs and left screaming from their homes. A massive uproar that ruined the collected society of Silver Town. In the frenzy, Kuzon created a fiery shield to protect them, warding of the beasts, except for one, a regal Leopard falcon, using his wing blew the flames back into embers, its massive body bulked above them, his lower hawk like body, with gargantuan talons, spotted feathers tensed, his bulk like a leopards girth, with a catlike head, from the whiskers protruded a golden hooked beak. His golden brown wings unwind-ed, revealing his massive wing size. His feline gaze regarded them with he approached they all moved back, except for Asami.

He approached, and she tentatively tickled his whiskers. Just as benders regained order and wondered whether to capture them or the beasts, the majestic leopard falcon picked them all up and flew off to the distance.

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