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The Avatar's Fan Girls
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Those Bored Eyes




Chapter 8

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Nathan Miranda


Nathan Miranda

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December 22, 2011

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I'm very sorry about this huge delay. The fanon will be temporarily stopped until summer time, but I thought I'd post this chapter in the meantime. Thank you to all of my old readers! I'll get this back up and running over the next year!

Chapter 8

Our luck finding the after was not going so well. No, it was definitely not going well. On our mongoose lizards again, Azula has us tearing through the Earth Kingdom forest, again, in search of that obnoxious little kid with the arrows.

Okay, I know that he's a wanted criminal, and that Is should hate him, but that's kind of hard when you've been stuck in a forest for a very long time with no success. I just want to get some rest. Knowing Azula, that's not going to happen. "They have to be here somewhere," I can hear Azula mumbling to herself. She's definitely not been herself lately, especially after that battle with Meng En and Zuko. She seems to be addicted to trying to rip the Avatar to shreds. "Mai! Ty Lee!" Azula suddenly shouts at us.

"What now, Azula?" I'm tired, and I let it show. "That's what," Azula points towards the ground a little way ahead. There, lying on the ground is a small amount of white fur.

Well, it's almost white. The bison's fur must have gotten extremely dirty all of a sudden. It's most certainly from the Avatar's bison, however.

Azula get off of her mongoose lizard and picks up the fur, "There must be more nearby. We're close, girls." "Oh, how exciting!" Ty Lee is still her happy little self.

Azula remounts and the search continues. Sure enough, we find more and more very dirty white bison fur. The Avatar must be nearby. I hope Azula can capture him this time. This chase thing is getting old. The amount of fur increases, but something doesn't feel right. "Azula," I say, "I'm not sure about this. There are signs of a bison, but not a trace of any human activity." "They're being very clever," Azula says, although it sounds as if she's just trying to reassure herself.

I can't believe this. I have a feeling this is going to end the same way it always does, a big failure. The day goes on, getting more and more boring. Yesterday was the most interesting thing that happened to us for a while. Today isn't looking so good.

That's when we see it. "Mai, Ty Lee!" Azula whispers. "Look, there he is. The bison!" She's right. The Avatar's bison is there, just not the Avatar. This was probably another one of our blunders. There are people, though. A group girls dressed in green are watching and talking with the bison. They seemed to be armed, so I'm ready for a fight. Azula walks right up to them, as if she expects them to bow down and worship her. Of course, they all see us, and look terrified.

"My, my! You're easy to find," Azula sneers at the frightened girls. No wonder, I'd be afraid too. Azula goes on, "It's really astounding my brother hasn't captured you yet." Mocking her brother, I notice. Azula wouldn't just suddenly think of him like that, unless...Had he been on her mind lately? But why? Was it because of the fight the other day? Is she suddenly jealous or angry at him? "What do you want?" One of the little green warriors asks her voice a little bit shaky.

Azula's lips curl into a rather disturbing smile, "Who are you? The Avatar's fan girls?" Very funny. You see, these warriors are each equipped with a fan. Apparently, they use them in their fighting forms. So in the joke...never mind. "...Oh!! I get it," Ty Lee chuckles to herself. "Good one Azula!" I roll my eyes. Seriously Ty Lee. So that's what I'm still stuck with--A raging fire monster princess, and a ridiculously naïve ballerina.

"If you're looking for the Avatar," the warrior girl says, "then you're out of luck."

Something about the way the girl says this makes me believe that she's not bluffing. I am sick of going around in circles. Now, all of our hard work is totally thrown away. All we've got is a gigantic beast and a group of green cheer leaders.

"I knew this was a waste of time," I sigh.

Azula apparently doesn't think so. "No Avatar? Well, that's okay." Well, actually, it's not okay, but who can argue with Azula?

Azula suddenly leaps off of her lizard, "Any friend of the Avatar is an enemy of mine!"

Just like that she sends a line of blue heat at the warriors' leader. Luckily for her, she is a good dodger.

It's time for some fighting, I can see. Ty Lee and I jump off of our lizards too. It's a shame, really. I was hoping today was going to be an easy day. I slide a few arrows into my hand. Ahead of me, a warrior girl runs towards me. It isn't difficult to pin her to a tree. Green, green everywhere. Another green girl rushes at me with a long blade.

"You're so colorful, it's making me nauseous!" I throw a few arrows at her. She blocks them with her blade. She's not interested in me, I guess, because she then attacks Ty Lee. She doesn't last long against Ty Lee's chi blocking skills.

Ty Lee hurls a terrible comeback at the warriors, "You are not prettier than we are." Ah, Ty Lee, when will you learn?

I see that another two warriors are drawing close to Ty Lee. Although I know that she can handle them on her own, I decide to attack just for fun. The warrior girl I attack turns to meet my flying knives with good accuracy. This one's fast on her feet. A couple arrows to her feet will fix that. She stumbles, and I finish the fight.

Ty Lee seems to be handling her warrior girl pretty well, and the rest are backing off. Even their leader is already looking frantic. Then, that stupid flying bison thing gets in the way. He knocks me over as he tries to stay out of the fight. Azula lights a fallen log on fire. The bison is clearly terrified by the flames.

"Afraid of fire?" Azula looks him in the eye. "That's good. You should be."

Then, the warrior girl leader jumps between Azula and the bison.

She shouts at him, "Get out of here Appa! Fly away!" So Appa is his name. I have a name to go with the brute that's caused me so much pain. He flies away into the sky.

The warrior girl is brave, because she charges at Azula, one thing I wouldn't do in her situation. The rest of the fight doesn't last long. It is just more of the same thing that always happens. Azula, Ty Lee, and I completely defeat the warrior girls. I watched Azula closely through the fight. She seemed so excited. Something wasn't right, though. She wasn't the same proud girl I was once friends with. Azula is becoming proud and insane.

The warriors' leader is finally trapped by Azula. The fight's clearly over.

Azula wears a twisted grin on her face, "Don't you know? Fans only make flames stronger."

She sends a wave of blue fire at the girl. The rest of the warriors gasp, as their leader falls to the ground. Azula continues to blast her flames at the poor girl. There's a strange sparkle in Azula's eyes as she watches the girl suffer.

Just like her father. I can't believe I could possibly think such treasonous things. The warriors surrender. Azula is elated, and rips the leader girl's warrior outfit off. She does the same to two other girls. She puts the clothing on over her robe, and motions for me and Ty Lee to do the same. We climb back onto our lizards, and we leave the disbanded warriors alone. Azula looks overjoyed at her success. I look back at the poor girls, sitting there, some half naked and injured.

I did that, I think to myself.

But who cares?

I'm working for the Fire Nation's glorious cause, right?

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