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The Attic Meeting
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"Rebel Spirit"

Plot Edit

A month and a half prior to the defeat of Amon, Mako wants to talk to Korra and Bolin in private

Characters Edit

  • Korra
  • Mako
  • Bolin
  • Asami (mentioned)
  • Tenzin (mentioned)
  • Aang (mentioned)
  • Amon (mentioned)

The Attic Meeting Edit

Its been a little over a month since Avatar Korra saved Republic City from Amon and got her bending back. Since then, her and Team Avatar have returned to Republic City and Korra has given the bending back of everyone who had lost it to Amon. Once that was over, Korra continued her airbending training with Tenzin. Lin Beifong is now once again the Chief of Police. The Council is still running, but are talking about electing a president instead of having a council, but it's still in the process of getting worked out. Team Avatar is still living on Air Temple Island. Mako has called a meeting for him, Bolin and Korra in the attic on the temple.

"What is taking Korra so long? She should've been up here by now," says the earthbender in frustration.

The siblings are startled by the sound of something banging downstairs. The sound gets louder and louder. Korra's head pokes out from below the stairs to the attic and lets herself in.

"Hey guys," she says. "Sorry I'm late, Tenzin had to ask me about something. What's up?"

Mako opens his mouth, but before he can even say a word, Bolin cuts him off.

"I'll tell you what's up, how creepy this attic is! Why would Aang put prison cells up here?"

Mako shakes his head with an annoyed facial expression. Korra, looking annoyed herself, just lets out a short sigh.

"I asked Tenzin about that, he said he didn't know," Korra admits. "So why are we up here?"

Mako looks down at the ground composing himself for a second before he looks up at the two. "I wanted to call a private meeting in a place no one will find us," he confesses.

"Where's Asami?" Korra asks.

"She's been really busy with Future Industries stuff. Something about a new flying project, so she couldn't make it," says Mako.

"Cut to the chase big bro, what's this meeting about?" Bolin complains.

Mako looks down at the ground. He lets out a long sigh, making both Bolin and Korra looked concerned at him. Moments go by before Mako looks up again. "I...I can't play Pro-bending anymore."

The sound of this sudden news makes Bolin's eyes almost bulge out of his head. Korra on the other hand, looks confused.

"What? Why Mako?" Asks Bolin frantically.

"I got a message sent to me today that I had to go to the Police Station. When I got there, Chief Beifong said I was in huge trouble for burning up those parking tickets awhile back. I don't have enough money to pay her back, so I either have to be locked up or I have to be part of the police now."

There's a long pause. No one says anything. No one makes eye contact with anyone. Minutes go by without anyone saying anything. Finally, Korra looks at Mako and says, "Well you can't go to jail, Mako. You'd never survive and it would make you look bad."

Mako nods at Korra's advice. "I know. You both too. Think about it, boyfriend of the Avatar locked in jail. Little brother having to look after himself. I don't want either of you two to look bad."

"Then you're just going to have to take the job," says Korra.

Bolin looks up at the two as says, "I agree with Korra, you have to be a cop, even if that means you can't focus on Pro-bending with Korra and I."

Korra looks away from the siblings, with a guilty look on her face. She turns her head back, facing Bolin. "Actually, I'm glad we're having this meeting. I can't do Pro-bending either."

Bolin's eyes open wide again, his face looking terribly upset. "What? Korra, you can't mean that."

"I'm sorry Bolin, but with airbending training now that I can actually airbend, it's getting more intense. Becoming a master at airbending is more important than playing Pro-bending. No matter how fun it is."

Another long silence fills the attic. None of them are showing any signs of happiness. Finally Bolin speaks up, trying to be positive. "So, does this mean I'm captain of the team now?" he asks.

Mako walks over to Bolin and pats his shoulder, giving him a warm smile. "It sure does, Bo."

This brings a smile to Bolin's face as he gets up and starts walking to the exit. "Well, I better get going. Gotta find me some new teammates!"

Korra and Mako listen as Bolin's footsteps gets more and more quiet. Korra walks over to Mako, facing him and playing with the end of his scarf in her fingers. "I think that was a really good decision you made...with airbending," says Mako happily.

"Thanks," replies Korra. She stares into Mako's eyes more lovingly and says, "you know, boyfriend of the Avatar has a nice ring to it."

Mako starts smiling and his face flushes to the point where his cheeks are a light shade of pink. "Really? Then maybe I should use that title more often."

The couple embrace, holding each other in their arms as their lips meet. After a few seconds, their lips let go and they look at each other with adoration in their eyes. "Maybe, when I'm cop, I can say something funny to the people I arrest."

Korra laughs and says, "That would probably make the job more enjoyable. My boyfriend the cop, helping protect the city from bad guys," she says jokingly.

"My girlfriend, the Avatar, helping protect the world from becoming unbalanced," Mako jokingly says back.

The two laugh it off and hold each other, kissing again. After a few seconds they let go of each other, leaving the attic with Korra's hand closing the door as their footsteps can be heard from inside.

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