The Attack
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We Fall Together



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December 21st 2012

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The Escape


I'm Running as fast I can. I know that we can never hide from The Fire Nation It's impossible they will find us. But it's better than dying right before and they think we are weak. I know how to waterbend I can beat possible 3-7 of them at once. Like Water is an element and Water beats fire easily. But I can't 1000 of them that's why I'm running. About 30 are charging at me like I'm a fish against a leopard seal. I easily knock out 10 of them and race as I know they will soon catch up to me. I try to go to my brother's house his place and warn him. I live out in the border of the Water nation, They came and attacked us first, Seeing all the bodies and the smoke made be gag and cry. But I just kept running as fast as I could.

The army counselor screamed, "Get that girl!" which is me. I concentrate and look at the river next to me. I stop and look back them as they stop and look confused.

One of the guys says, "Ready to die little girl?" I concentrated as he looked at me and chuckled and said, "Fire ready, Aim" I then know I'm ready I say "Fire" as they stop looking confused. Suddenly a huge wave comes toward them as I concentrate on it. Their screams are no avail to the waves crashing down on them. I smirk a little thinking of how a girl like me beat them all, They should be ashamed of themselves. I then continue to run looking for my brother.


Flying is a sensational feeling in the sky. I'm flying as I see my friend Miko looking at me through his window. I love Miko I have known him since I was 2 years old and I love him so. I go up to his window and ask him to fly with me. He replies "I'd rather see you fly then fly with you"

I smile and say "Okay, What ever you say" I jump up again and begin to fly.

Just as I'm about to reach the highest peak I hear Miko say "Tai! What out!!" Then out of nowhere a fireball came out and hit my wing. I'm falling as I scream I catch a glimpse of The Fire Nation attacking the East Air Template. I'm on the west and I guess they must've saw me flying and shot me. Next thing I know Miko comes out and catches me. He knows I'm heavy and can't quite carry me were limbing and the soldiers notice us and send fire balls toward us. Miko tries to dodge them as one nearly hits me in the ear. He tells me to climb unto the cliff of the West Temple where the Sky Bison's are. I nod as he drops me and I hang on to a part of the cliff. I then proceed to climb up. Finally I manage to get there and get to a Bison. I see Miko fighting against a soldier while flying.

I say "yip, yip" The bison comes up and I tell him where to go. Then suddenly a fireball hit's Miko in the chest. I scream "NOOO" as he falls I tell the Bison to go to him as the soldiers are shooting at us we disappear. I grab and Miko who is unconscious with a lot of blood on his chest. I can tell he is badly burned but he is breathing. We then leave to find a new place to hide from The Fire Nation

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