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By King Bumis Heir Part of the Avatar: The Legacy of Rong Yan continuity.
The Assassination of Shan-Yu of the Mousha Quan


General Senlin's Escape/The Assassination of Earth King Ta Po


Coronation of the 42nd Earth King


Invasion at the Southern Air Temple


Dixia and Hei Shichang gangs raid the Mousha Quan compound.


Autumn, 659 BG; Qiang Zhen's Coronation Day 659 BG


Ba Sing Se


Fatality of Shan-Yu

  • The Dixia gang and the Hei Shichang control the whole Lower Ring.
  • Mousha Quan gang disbands.


Mousha Quan gang

Dixia gang, and Hei Shichang gang


Shan-Yu, Fanzui de laoban of the Mousha Quan

Forces involved

Earthbenders, Non-benders, Combustionbender

Earthbenders, Non-benders


Death of Shan-Yu, Fanzui de laoban of the Mousha Quan

Baotu and Ying Xiao control the whole Lower Ring of Ba Sing Se.


First appearance

Chapter 13: The Tale of Two Gangs

Last appearance

Chapter 13: The Tale of Two Gangs



Death of the Tactician

The Dixia gang needed to know who the tactician of the Mousha Quan gang. Meanwhile outside, as they spoke in the headquarters. An archer had located the tactician and had quietly murdered the man.

Barging into Baotu's and Qian Zei's conversation, the archer had notified them both that he had just murdered the tactician and they had nothing to worry about.

Location of the Compound

A Xinxian de Rou of the Mousha Quan, could not deal with the madness within the gang. By betraying his own gang, he traveled to the southeastern lower ring in search for the Dixia headquarters.

Being caught by Bings of the Dixia gang when the Xinxian de Rou found their hideout. He was captured and taken to the fanzui de laoban, who interrogated him, in return of sparing his life, the Xinxian de Rou gave the crime boss the location of the Mousha Quan compound.

With that, the initiate had joined Baotu and Ying Xiao and their gangs to the compound in a march to the northern lower ring. Along the way they're attacked by a squadron of the Mousha Quan. But they successfully prevail the fight with only a few fatalities.

Assassination of the Muzhis & the Fanzui de laoban

As Baotu, looks for the fanzui de laoban of the Mousha Quan. "Shady" was sent to find and assassinate the muzhis of the Mousha Quan crime boss. Find the right muzhi inside of a mess hall.

Killing the man's wife first, he then knocked out the man's son. As a bing comes for the boy and kidnaps him. Ying Xiao breaks into a fight with the right muzhi of the gang. Victoriously, killing the right muzhi he continues to search the compound to eliminate the left muzhi.

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