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After what I saw a boring chapter, not sure if you did, I decided to make this one more action-focused. So here we go with Chapter 7: The Assassin! The Crimson Dragon

Chapter 7 - The Assassin

Two guards walked silently through the city of Isu, the cities glamorous lights now all but gone. The two men patrolled as they did every night, it was business as usual for them. They walked completely unaware that someone was following them.

The man wore blue clothing with a mask covering his face so only his eyes were visible. In one hand he carried a steel blade attached to chain. He stalked the men from the rooftops, his steps so silent not even the sharpest hearing could detect them.

The man threw a stone into an alley getting the guard's attention. One ventured in while the other stood guard on the main street. The man silently dropped behind the guard in the street and slit his throat with the steel blade before pushing his body to the side.

The other guard was still blissfully unaware and continued on and picked up the stone the man threw. He turned to go back but instead saw the steel blade and then nothing...

7 Hours Later...

Shinn and Ren Xu stood over the corpse of the now long dead guard. He was the 8th guard to die on patrol this week and the body of his partner was found on a nearby rooftop. The killings began a few days ago with a palace guard's death but lately, the victims were all members of Ren's unit.

"Think they could be after us?" asked Shinn.

"What makes you think that?" replied Ren, "Other than the fact they were all killed after each other. It might just be someone after the guards."

"What kind of weapon do you know that makes that kind of cut?" said Shinn pointing to the wound.

"It's a single cut, not enough depth to be a dagger straight through the chest."

"Exactly, this looks like a professional job."

Both of them stood up and walked out of the alley as a young guard came rushing up to Ren.

"Sir, another guard was killed near the Fu Yong Plaza last night," he said.

"Same injuries?" asked Ren.

"Yes sir, a single cut designed to hit a major organ."

"Are you okay Private?" asked Ren noticing the guards pale face.

"I-I am a guard too, I just hope it's not me next," he said shaking.

"Don't worry it won't be," replied Ren walking off with Shinn behind him.

The two men walked through to the Fu Yong Plaza. The guard indeed was killed by the same weapon and possibly the same person. Ren sat down at a nearby cafe and punched the table in anger.

"I won't stand for this," he said.

"How can we stop it?" asked Shinn.

"We'll go out on patrol tonight."

"So he'll think we're guards and attack us," Shinn said in realization.

"So he'll die," Ren said proudly.

"Unless..." Shinn said quietly.

"Unless what?" Ren asked a little shocked by the comment.

"He didn't give them a chance to fight back so we'll have to be extra careful," said a cautious Shinn.

"Yea but still, he's as good as dead," Ren said as he smiled.

Shinn and Ren got up from the table happy with their plan as a man on the next table smiled. Unknown to Shinn and Ren, the man had heard the entire conversation. He stood and left a few moments later, happy with this knowledge.


Shinn and Ren disguised as guards wandered through the quiet and peaceful Isu as the moon shone bright illuminating their path. As they passed a house a man sat perched on the top of it. He smiled as he brought up his chain and aimed and then threw it with all his strength!

Ren heard the sound and quickly turned to block it with his spear and to his shock the chain had wrapped round his spear and it retracted taking Ren's weapon with it. The man had disappeared from the rooftop as Shinn and Ren looked around franticly knowing each passing second could count.

The chain shot at them again but with the infamous Steel Blade attached to it. Shinn dodged as it narrowly missed him, Shinn drew his sword and sliced at the chain and unbelievably it was intact. The chain retracted as laughter broke the silence.

"Reveal yourself!" shouted Ren.

Shinn glanced back and In the middle of a courtyard stood atop a fountain was a man dressed in blue clothing. Shinn and Ren approached him as the man laughed again.


"Who are you!" shouted Ren.

"My not important," the man replied.

"Enough of the talk!" said Shinn charging.

Shinn jumped in the air and swung at the man who disappeared before his eyes. Shinn glanced around and saw the man once again only atop a rooftop. Shinn stood shocked as the man had moved so quickly, it was as if he teleported.

As Shinn tried to speak again he was cut off as when he blinked the man had disappeared. Ren and Shinn glanced around the courtyard for any signs until Shinn noticed a tea shop's door was open.

Shinn and Ren entered as a single candle burned. The tea shop was bigger than most and had tables spaced far apart. Shinn approached the counter and looked over...there was no one. Relaxed Shinn turned around as the man shot out from under the floor boards. Shinn attempted to reach his sword but to his shock Ren tackled the man knocking him to ground.

"That all ya got pyjama boy?" Ren asked referencing the man's robes.

The man growled before kicking Ren off him sending him flying behind the counter. Shinn drew his sword and attacked, the man used his blade and chain to block most of Shinns attacks. Shinn Firebended which caught the man off guard and knocked him against the wall. Shinn stuck his sword through a loop in the chain pinning it against the wall.

"Ren are you okay?!" asked Shinn noticing he had not yet returned.

Then the man simply detached his blade and started attacking Shinn again. Only a few fire shields kept Shinn from being sliced in half. Shinn retaliated and in the man's next attack Shinn caught the blade and head butted the man sending his back and stealing his weapon.

"No matter..." the man said coldly.

"Wanna give up?" asked Shinn.

Shinn attacked with the blade but the man's gauntlets stopped and hit from counting, the man ducked down and Shinn unleashed a vertical slash. The man kicked Shinn in the groin and in a very comical way used the leg in Shinn's pelvic region to flip Shinn over him and back outside.

Shinn was injured by the attack on his manhood and lay still in pain as the man walked out of the tea shop, his blade in his hand. As he was about to finish him Shinn jumped up and poked both of the man's exposed eyes only Shinn was Firebending as he did. The man screamed in pain before disappearing in a puff of black smoke.

"Where'd he go?" asked Ren rushing out of the tea shop.

"Oh Hi princess how was your nap?" Shinn replied.

"What he threw be over a counter," protested Ren.

"Kicked me in the crotch..."


"In the crotch."

"I mean-"


The man ran through the streets clenching his eyes. He removed his mask and washed his face before looking at his new wounds. He cursed before running off intent on killing Shinn next time they meet...

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