The Arrow
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December 9, 2012

I am Princess Glyza, princess of the Outer City of the Fire Nation. I like Archery and I am really good at it. I like training in Archery at my two floored-treehouse at the forest near the pond with my horse Zy and my best friend Liza.

I also put some wooden targets around the forest for me to train. Rumor has it that there was a secret room in the forest that can only be opened when the golden arrow is shot at the wooden target in the room entrance. They say that the golden arrow is also hidden in the forest. Me and Liza spent some time together in the forest to find that arrow and the secret room.

Today, me and Liza got up early because we decided to stay at the treehouse for a while and find the arrow. We got aboard Zy then we set off to the treehouse. When we got to the treehouse I decided to get water and sardines for us so I went to the pond. Suddenly an arrow flew above me and almost hit me. Then a young hunter ran to get it.

"Uh, who are you?" He asked me.

"I-I am Yza. Uh, you?" I asked.

"Just call me Li. Oh and sorry about the arrow. I'm here trying to look for the golden arrow to give it to the princess." he said.

"Uhh, why?" I asked.

"I used to be an infamous helper at the Outer City Palace. I like the princess so I decided to get what she want." he said.

"You... like her?" I said.

"Yeah. Actually my full name is Zylue." he said.

Zylue! He is that hardworking helper at the farm! I remember him! "Oh, so you want to stay with us? At our treehouse?" I asked.

"Uh, sure. Thanks." he smiled. We got some sardines and water and went to the treehouse.

"Uh, who's that?" asked Liza.

"Oh, Hi. I am Li. Yza's new friend." he smiled.

"Yza?" she asked. I acted out to make Liza know my plan and secret.

"Oh yeah" she said. The next day, I was the first to get up. I looked out the window, and saw some Royal Guards patrolling.

"Oh no." I muttered. "Liz! Li! Get up! Someone attacked us!" I shouted. We escaped through the window. We ran deep into the forest.  

"Whew! What was that all about?" asked Zylue.

"Don't mind it. Just some attackers." I replied. We set up our tents. "Go have some water." I advised them.

"Thanks" said Zylue. "Uh, would you like to accompany me for my search?" asked Zylue.

"Sure!" I shouted.

"How about me?" asked Liza.

"Uh, you could watched over our things and the white horse." Zylue said.

"Sure! That sounds cool!" Liza said. As we walk away I whispered sorry to Liza. Then she smiled.

"So why are you here at the forest?" Zylue asked.

"We just like to uh, stay here!" I laughed.

"You remind me of Princess Glyza" he smiled.

"I-I do?" I said, nervously.

"Yes. You look like her, you sound like her, you're really like her. and I like youuu-Glyza." He said.

"You like Glyza?" I said.

"Yes. In fact I was the one who sent her a bouquet of roses." he said.

So he was the one! My secret admirer! 

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