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Ba Sing Se Royal Palace

The Earth King, Aang and his wife Katara all stand on the balcony of the Royal Palace, below them are thousands of striking workers from the lower and middle rings protesting bad pay. Suddenly Aang speaks "I think we should be able to figure something out, in the mean time we should just try to keep this from getting out of hand."

Katara raises her head and speaks "What do you mean by get out of hand, its a peaceful protest not a riot.

The Earth King cuts her off "A peaceful protest can become a riot at any moment, I have the police down there but I don't think they could stop a riot if it would start, we would have to call in the army to put them down."

"The army could cause a bloodbath and that would only make the situation ten times worse, Zuko always knows how to deal with these things no protest in his country gets past the planning stages, still I think its wrong to deny the people what they want" Aang says. "But what choice do we have the world still hasn't fully recovered from the war plus we need the money produced by the factories to fund the government."

At that a servant walks out onto the balcony "Your Majesty The FireLord and Prince Feng have arrived."


Streets of Ba Sing Se

Lee and Dang fight through the crowd at the front stands Huang. "Huang, Mr. Huang."


Dang speaks "Hi, my name is Dang and this is my friend Lee we were at your rally last night."

Huang pauses "Ahh my young friends, soon we will be free from the bondage of monarchy and religion we will create a workers paradise for all, but could you do me a favor."

"Anything, sir," Dang responds.

Huang continues "Listen carefully I need you to go find a girl no older than nine or ten and bring her to me, this is very important it is key to our plan."

"I will find her sir whatever the cost" Dang responds and then grabs Lee pulling him through the crowd.

"Ahhhh slow down" Lee screamed.

"Sorry its just I don't want to keep Huang waiting for us", Lee looked exhausted, "Dang, why do you like Huang so much anyway I don't think he-"

Dang cut in "You don't think he what?"

"Never mind" Lee responded.

After what seemed to Lee like hours they found a girl about eight or nine she was standing by her Father who was one of the striking workers clearly from the lower ring. Dang spoke "Umm, Sir, Mr Huang has asked for you and the girl."

"Why?" the man asked. "I don't know, but he said it was important to the plan. Umm I'm sure a great man like Huang knows what he is doing, please come with us."

Lee and Dang led the girl and her father through the crowd finally they reached Huang, Dang talked to Huang "Sir, we have brought the girl you asked for."

"Good," Huang responded. "Dang" called Huang after they began to walk away "I could use your help later.

Lee ran up to Dang "Are you crazy what are you thinking if you get caught with that Huang you could be killed, at best."

"Shut up, Lee" Dang snapped back.

"I'm serious, I have a bad feeling about Huang I think he might be after something other than our freedom."

Ba Sing Se Royal Palace Late at Night

Zuko and Feng had arrived about five hours before it is past midnight Aang, Katara, Zuko, Feng, the Earth King and the generals of the council of five are arguing over how to deal with the protests. After about another hour of arguing Zuko wins because everyone else is too tired to continue. Zuko goes over the plan one more time "So we will send troops into the city to protect government buildings and businesses, any riot that might take place will be crushed by the troops, now lets all get some sleep and see the results in the morning." Everyone goes off to bed.

Gate of the Royal Palace Early Morning

It is early morning and the crowds have gathered once again but now there are hundreds of troops lined up in front of the palace. The captain of the guards rises to speak "Disperse or we will shoot" and archers load their bows while earthbenders prepare. Suddenly the crowd splits in two and the girl that Lee and Dang had brought to Huang the day before but now she is dressed in rags and she is carrying a yellow flower.

She walks up to the captain and says "Please, please help us" and silently gives him the flower.

The Officer then pauses and slowly puts the flower in his coat, he yells up to the gate "Open the gate and let the people go through!

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