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The Arctic Warrior





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August 30, 2014

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The Arctic Warrior: Chapter 2

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The Arctic Warrior: Chapter 4


As Koda enters the battlefield, more and more soldiers are getting injured and killed. He starts to notice the numbers dwindling down.


As Koda walks down the snowy road he hears footsteps following him. He slowly turns to see 4 huge men smirking. "This is our challenge?" one of the men said, his voice so deep it made the ground shake.

One man stepped forward. "You scared?" Koda just looked at him, not saying a word. The man got quickly angered. "You better speak up boy!" Still, Koda said nothing.

The earthbender got so angered at Koda's attitude and stomped his foot on the ground. Underneath Koda came a pillar of rock.

Koda used this attack to his advantage, by giving him leverage. In the air Koda bent a powerful water stream toward the bender, making him go flying into another man, knocking them both out.

One man then decided to shoot rock bullets at the young waterbender. As Koda landed on the ground he summoned a huge wall of ice to block the attack, he then used his waterbending to make steam around him.

The two earthbenders were in a fighting position, not knowing where Koda was. "Come out you little punk!" one man screamed. Moments passed with no sign of Koda. The men couldn't see and they were getting nervous.

Finally out of the dense steam, hundreds of ice spears came barraging toward them. One man bent a wall of rock to block the attack but the other man wasn't so lucky. It was only Koda and this giant man who still couldn't see.

Koda made the steam go away to only show him and the earth bender. As soon as the man saw Koda he started to shoot as many rocks as he could toward him. Koda ran toward the man, dodging all of the attacks.

When Koda reached the earthbender he bent ice from the ground to his wrist, and then the same to the other hand. Koda then lowered the columns of ice. Leaving the man in this awkward position. Koda stood in front of him and finally said, "It's people like you that make this world burn." Behind him he bent a spiraling column of water and then shot it at the man with so much force it made him break right through his ice engulfed wrists and go flying into a building, leaving a huge dent in it.

When he walked away he noticed he injured his leg and started to limp a little. That didn't stop him, he just continued to fight. But will his efforts be enough? or will the Black Atropa Union come out victorious?

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