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The Attack
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The Arctic Warrior





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August 28, 2014

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The Arctic Warrior: Chapter 1

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As Saffron looks for his son, the Southern Water Tribe army notices something along the horizon. The Black Atropa Union makes it to the tribe and begins the war. Koda realizes he can help.


"Koda?!" Saffron yelled, looking for his son. He runs around a corner to see Koda walking. "Koda!" Saffron screamed, running toward him.

"What are you doing out here?!" he said, grabbing Koda's wrist.

"I was on my way home," Koda said, being pulled by his father.

"Chief, is that them?" One of the soldiers asked, watching the horizon.

"Get ready boys, this is gonna be a battle you won't forget," the chief said running onto the water, using the water run technique, his men followed. As the waterbenders sped to the speedboats they realized something wasn't right.

"The boats are empty!" a soldier screamed as he checked the boats.

Chief Anik looked back at the shore to see men walking out of the ocean. "It's a trap!" Anik said, realizing the waterbenders of the Black Atropa Union bent bubbles under the surface with everyone inside.

"GO GO GO!" a soldier screamed as they raced across the water trying to reach the shore.

"We gotta back home," Saffron said walking down an ally way. As they were about to step a man jumped out in front of them, a smirk on his face.

Saffron put his arm in front of Koda. "What do you want from us?" Koda's dad said protecting his son. The man didn't say anything, he just smiled.

"Fine," Saffron said before attacking the man with a powerful air blast. The man dodged the attack by jumping to the right and blasted a ball of fire at them. Saffron used his airbending to suffocate the fire before it hit them and counterattacked with an air swipe. Saffron hit the man making him fall down.

The man quickly got back up and started to blast fire at them. Saffron dodged these attacks as Koda watched his father fight, ducking and moving out of the way of the fire. Saffron got angry and picked up the man using his airbending and blasted him into the side of a building. The fire bender let out a groan before falling unconscious.

"Come on!" Koda's dad yelled, signaling him with his hands.

Koda ran with his father, watching the men fight the threat. He realized that every bender can help. He remembered his older brother, Kunik, who was killed by a waterbender. After that day he always thought his parents would hate him because he was a waterbender. Everyday he would go out of town and train. He would watch masters train their students. He was borrow scrolls from the library. And now he can finally use his abilities to help people.

They made it home in one piece. Nilak ran to the door giving her son a huge hug, kissing him on the forehead. "Are you okay?!" She asked worried.

"I'm fine." He smiled before running upstairs. He locked his bedroom door and wrote his family a note.

Dear Mom and Dad, I haven't been truly honest with you. I've been hiding something from you and I think it's a good time to finally tell you. Ever since I was 4 years old, I realized I was a waterbender. I was so happy but then Kunik died and I thought you guys would be ashamed of me since he died from a waterbender. Every day for 10 years I would go out of town and train for hours. I would watch master train their students, I would get waterbending scrolls from the library. And now I think I'm pretty good at it. But now that this is happening, I think I could help. Every bender helps when it comes to this. I'm gonna try my best and I hope you're not mad. Love Koda

Koda left the note on his bed and put on a bandana, covering his head, nose and mouth. He jumped on the roof from his bedroom window and continued to jump on roofs until he noticed a soldier fighting one of those tyrants. The soldier was knocked down from a powerful airbending blast. The soldier closed his eyes, for what he thought would be his last breath.

Koda got angry and from the rooftop he waterbent a water whip and grabbed the man who was about the kill that soldier. "Huh?" The airbender said confused as the water grabbed onto his body. Within a split second the bender was lifted into the air and was slammed into the side of a building, making the man blackout.

The soldier opened his eyes to see Koda with his hand out. The soldier grabbed his hand and was helped up. "Thank you soldier," the man said with gratitude. Koda nodded his head, not saying a word.

The soldier then ran off to continue fighting. Koda was then alone, only hearing the sounds of water, earth, fire and air being bent from all sides of the city.

Koda is in the center of a battlefield. Does he have what it takes to protect his tribe and bring the threat to an end?

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