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The Arctic Warrior





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August 27, 2014

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The Arctic Warrior: Chapter 2


The Southern Water Tribe is enjoying its annual festival when news breaks out from the Northern Tribe that one of the world's most feared terrorist groups is on there way right now. Fear strikes everyone as they run into their homes, hiding in closets, under the beds and in the basements. The Army gets prepared for what could be the Southern Tribe's most deadly battle.


Koda awoke to the sounds of cheering and laughter, which annoyed him to the point where he yelled at the top of his lungs "Shut up!". He eventually got out of bed, slowly walking down the stairs of his house, he saw his family looking out the window.

"What's going on?" Koda asked as he walked toward the kitchen.

"How could you forget? Tonight's the festival," Koda's younger sister Ryla said, annoyed.

"Oh yeah, about that....I'm not gonna go tonight," he said nonchalantly, closing the refrigerator.

His family stopped looking out the window and looked at Koda with their eyes wide open. "What do you mean you're not going?" Koda's mother asked, crossing her arms.

"I was just going to hang out with Suka and them tonight," Koda said, about to walk upstairs.

"You've been going to this festival every year since the day you were born and you're not going to stop this year, so take that attitude somewhere else because you're going tonight," Nilak said angrily.

"Listen to your mother Koda," Saffron added.

Koda looked angry but finally mumbled "Fine." before walking upstairs.

"It just takes assertiveness," Nilak smiled, continuing to look out the window, watching the decorations being put up.

Later that night

"Koda! Come on the festival is starting soon!" Saffron yelled from downstairs.

"Yeah, yeah," he said with an attitude.

Koda and his family all walked out of their house and headed to the festival. When they arrived they watched all the people playing games, eating cotton candy and laughing.

Koda noticed some of his friends at the festival and decided to sneak off. "Hey guys," Koda said, walking up to his two friends.

"Oh hey Koda, you're just in time for us to throw these Arctic Hen eggs at this guys house," Koda's one friend said.

"Awesome," Koda smiled, as he looked back at his family to make sure they weren't looking for him. They then ran off.

"Mommy can I get cotton candy?" Ryla asked.

"Sure sweetheart," Nilak smiled, digging in her wallet to get money.

All of a sudden a flashing red light and alarm started to go off. Everyone was confused and covering their ears because the sound was so piercing. "Attention citizens of the Southern Water Tribe," a voice came from the microphone. "We just got notice from our sister tribe that a group that goes by the name The Black Atropa Union are on their way to the Southern Water Tribe. This group is known to be extremely violent and deadly. Please vacate the premises and stay indoors and away from windows. This is not a drill. Go now." The voice was serious.

Everyone started to panic and scream, they scattered everywhere. "We have to go!" Saffron said, picking up Ryla.

"Where's Koda?" Nilak asked panicked.

Koda and his friends were in an ally way when they heard the warning. "Oh my god," one of Koda's friends said.

"We're gonna die!" His other friend yelled. Before Koda could say anything both of his friends ran off, leaving him alone.

Everyone was running to their homes and locking their doors. Families were hiding in closets, underneath beds and huddled in basements. Koda's family was forced to go inside. "I'm gonna find our son," Saffron said, opening the front door.

"Please be careful," Nilak said, giving him a kiss before huddling with her daughter in the kitchen corner.

As everyone hid, the Southern Water Tribe Army was getting ready. They carried their weapons, put on armor and stood shoulder to shoulder along the coastline, waiting for what could be the deadliest battle in Water Tribe history.

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