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The Archer
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The Lost Scrolls




The Mysterious Scroll



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February 29, 2012

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The Siege of the South, Part 2

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The Archer is the eighth chapter of The Lost Scrolls. It used to be a minisode before all minisodes were combined into chapters. It is about how the Bounty Hunters meet a new recruit while waiting for something on Whale Tail Island. It takes place during The Southern Water Tribe.

The Archer

~~Whale Tail Island: Cliff overlooking the South Sea~~

The Bounty Hunters looked at their work, amazed of what was to happen. The small fleet, composed of only seven ships was still well equipped for a battle between the puny Water Tribe. They had traveled on these ships from Kyoshi Island.

"Dai Nero." Arena said, walking up next to the leader. "We need to know the strategy. The Rebels are hard to control."

"The Rebels are minions. I know that Ulti will want revenge and take out her anger before we even reach the shore. Anyway, our plan is just to get the scroll." Dai Nero said.

"Suki will regret the time she stole the Kyoshi Code from me!" Arena yelled.

"But, what was that other scroll they were talking about? Back in Ba Sing Se?"

"Who cares?" Arena asked.

Step. Step. The Bounty Hunters turned to see Ulti and Ken Yi walking up to them. Ken Yi bowed but Ulti raised him up by the arm. "Dai Nero, I told you I would join you in one condition. When are you going to kill Yon Rha?"

"Soon." Dai Nero said as an evil smile crossed his lips.

~~Night: Village~~

Three figures moved with shadows on a clear dark night. They made no noise as they approached their target. The hunters were dressed entirely in black with the eyes being the only thing visible. Arena bended the sand up and rode it onto the roof. Mago took out a card. Slowly, he slid it between the door and wall. The smallest of clicks was not tolerated. In an instant, the door opened with no noise.

Dai Nero bit the cap of a cylindrical device. On the roof, Arena bended the sand into the house, covering every inch of the floor. The leader rolled the device into the house. The sandbender watched from the roof, leading the device into Yon Rha's room. The device had a countdown on it. Three. Five people took out a bow and arrow. Two. They aimed at the device. One. The bow unleashed the arrow. Zero. Boom!

"Who's there?" Yon Rha asked.

The arrow had whisked the bomb outside. The archers looked up to see Arena. The bender gasped and ran off.

"There!" A female archer shouted.

"I'm not paying you to talk and point Shou!" Yon Rha said. "Go kill them!"

"We'll stay and cover!" Another archer shouted.

Shou ran out the house. She looked around seeing her targets fleeing into the shadows. The archer shot an arrow into the air. It sparkled as it landed in front of the Bounty Hunters. Boom! Smoke covered the air. The archer ran into the smokescreen, fury in her eyes. The hunters coughed, forgetting their silent rule.

Mago and Arena turned, spotting the archer. The magician shot his card knives at Shou, but she dodged, shooting arrows out of her feet. Arena bended the sand up, blocking the attack. She turned the sand into a ball and shot them at the archer. Shou swiftly turned to the side, shooting an arrow at the house. The arrow hardened, releasing a string. The archer grabbed it as she spun around the two.

"Hold still!" Arena shouted.

"Why should I?" Shou asked.

The archer released an arrow, circling around them once more. Mago threw a card-knife at the rope, cutting the rope. Shou shouted as she hit the ground. Arena lifted the sand up and hardened it into a ball. Whoosh! An arrow with a string attached hit the side of another building. Mago and Arena looked down. There was rope around their feet! The two yelped as they were lifted into the sky.

Boom! The rock exploded as Shou jumped out. The smokescreen cleared and Dai Nero remained. He looked up at his comrades.

"Impressive." Dai Nero said, clapping his gloved hands together. "You've really got the stuff but I would expect more from a Yuyan Archer."

"How'd you know?" Shou asked. "I don't have the markings anymore."

"Their fighting style is similar to yours but tell me, Shou." Dai Nero said, smiling. "Why is an ex-archer a bodyguard for a retired Southern Raider leader? Come work for us, Shou. Your powers will be more than helpful."

Yon Rha ran up behind Shou. "A-ha! You traitorous bounty hunters. How dare you betray me? I have half a mind to kill-huh?" The retired leader looked at the blood coming from his shirt. "What have you done?" he asked slowly.

"Nothing really." Shou said.

"I don't want to die the day after my mother." Yon Rha said. Boom! The leader fell into the ground as rain began pouring from the sky. Blood trickled from the hole in his head and torso.

"Excellent." Dai Nero said.

"So, what am I going to do exactly?" Shou asked.

"We are going to lay Siege on the South."

"Um...a little help here?" Arena asked.

Shou shot an arrow and destroyed the ropes that were trapping her new allies.

~~The South Sea: Morning~~

"So, what's the plan of attack?" Shou asked.

The archer walked up to her new allies in the top deck. Arena smiled, "Dai Nero has everything planned. Isn't that right Dai Nero?"

"Yes, you and Arena shall stay here while Mago and I head out and take the scroll."

"Who are our enemies?"

"They're a bald Airbender with an arrow on his head, a Waterbender, some boomerang wielder, the Fire Lord, a blind Earthbender, and a Kyoshi Warrior."

"I will gladly take on the Fire Lord and Kyoshi Warrior." Shou said, smiling. Her vegence will finally be complete.


  1. Shou was never supposed to appear but the author felt the Bounty Hunters needed another girl.
  2. This is the first chapter without Aang, Katara, Sokka, Toph, Zuko, Appa, and Momo and the third without Suki.

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