Team Avatar threatens the Earth King
The Almost Announcement
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Wedding Plans

Chapter 1: The Almost Announcement.

The whole gaang was conversing amongst themselves, enjoying each other's company. Until Zuko decided to break the little chatters amongst them. "Mai and I have a huge announcement," said Zuko walking over to Mai to wrap his arms around her.

"I knew you were pregnant!" screamed the blind Earthbender jokingly.

"No!" Zuko stated. Everyone but Zuko laughed. Even Mai snickered.

"There is something kind of important that comes before that." Mai said calmly.

"Will you just tell us then!" Exclaimed Sokka.

"Fine," said Mai emotionlessly. "Zuko and I are get-" Suddenly the dark brown door that was once latched to the wall flew across the room nearly missing the Avatar and his friends.

"Well hello there..." came an eerie voice from across the well decorated room. The gaang was already in there fighting stances when Aang hollered "What do you want? Who are you?" The villain seems to be a normal sized man, with three or four what seemed to be Dai Li agents. Seeing as how the door flew open as if an Earthbender did it. The unnamed villain had no answer. Various strikes were thrown by each group. But, eventually, Team Avatar was captured due to there lack of fighting in the last year.

Dai Li agents

Dai Li Agents

Mai was the first to wake up in this exceedingly dark room. She looked down at her fiery, red, ruby ring and her adoring fiancee. She could barely make out Zuko's scarred face. Mai tried to talk but when she opened her mouth nothing came out.

Sokka was the first to speak. "Katara? Suki? Anyone?" He waited to see if anyone answered. After a couple minutes of silence he courageously started to wonder in this seemingly ever long and pitch dark room.

"Sokka?" whispered a dark figure slouched next to the cold wall.

"Suki? I am so glad your okay!" Sokka said kneeling down to hug his girlfriend.

"Guys?" the sobbing sound came from the other side of the seemingly thin wall.

"Katara? Are you okay? What happened? Is Aang there?" These were just a few of the questions coming from the young Waterbender's brother.

"Sokka! I am fine, but, Aang he won't wake up!" Katara stated sobbing almost constantly. "It looks like they roughed him up a lot and he has a gash in his stomach and-"

"Katara," said Sokka calmly. At this point everyone but Toph had gathered at the wall, everyone was waiting in suspense for more news on Aang. "Do you still have all of your stuff?"

"Yes. But wh-" Katara said still sobbing, but was interrupted by her brother.

"Use your healing water that we got when we went back to the Spirit Oasis. Okay?" Sokka said calmly to calm down his sister.

"Aang!" Katara screamed as he was regaining his consciousness. Everyone that was up against the wall sighed in relief to hear that Aang was okay. Toph had just awoken.

"Where are we? What's going on?" Toph questioned.

"From the feel of the wall it's like a thin metal box." stated Firelord Zuko.

"Oh, this will be easyyy!" said Toph feeling the wall between them and Aang and Katara.

Toph metalbends

Toph Metalbending

"Watch out guys, Toph's about to Metalbend the wall," Zuko called to the other room. Bang! The wall between them split in two. Everyone one ran out of the endlessly dark room and into bleak hallway. Then out of nowhere there popped up Azula.

"Azula!" yelled Zuko. "I thought you were in a mental facility."

"You really believed that Zu-Zu?" retorted Azula. "I think you're the one that belongs in that prison. It was all an act. Father and I have been planning this for quite sometime now. We just needed someone else to complete our great plan."

"Father?" asked Zuko. "You brought Father with you?"

"Just because Father lost his bending doesn't mean he's completely powerless." Azula snapped back.

"Who else is helping you?" asked Mai fiercely.

"Me." In walked the unnamed villain.

"Jet!" screamed Katara. "I thought you died!?"

"I'm not surprised, it was really unclear," Sokka said humorously.

"After you guys left me in that prison of a city, Longshot and Smellerbee thought I was dead and they left, so they wouldn't get caught." Stated Jet. "Whenever the Dai Li destroyed their secret headquarters under Lake Logai, one of the agents found me and dragged me back to shore." I had been lying there for about an hour and then a nice Waterbender brought me to her Inn and healed me. After hearing about the war's end I decided to get back at the people who left me!"

"Well, isn't it the nice young children that put me in my own prison," said Hama, the elderly Bloodbender.

"Hama here Bloodbended the guards at Ozai's prison in the Fire Nation," said Jet.

"Well, I believe that is enough talking for now." Azula said while shooting some hot, blue fire from her bony, fingertips.

While the rest of the gaang
Azula fires lightning

Azula, shooting fire at them,

held off the four fighters, Toph Metalbended a hole just large enough for everyone to fit through in the wall. The Avatar and his friends were surprised by the power these hurt people still possessed. The great gaang was being pushed towards the hole in the wall. Aang peered out and saw the small winged lemur, known as Momo, fly by. Following Aang's lead everyone jumped out into the sky and landed on Appa.

"You always know just where to find me buddy." Aang said stroking Appa's fluffy white fur.

"It was just like old times guys!" Sokka said trying to lighten the mood.

"I think we shold go back to the Fire Nation Royal Palace. We'll be safe there. At least until they find us again, but by then we will have the army, not the whole four nations looking for them." stated Zuko.

"Finally, we can go home!" Mai said with a bit of excitement in her voice. "It will be great to get the wedding plans going again." Everyone, sat in shock.

"I always knew that you to would be getting married" stated the young Waterbender.

"That's what we were trying to tell you all before, before we, you know got captured!" said Zuko, him and Mai were smiling from ear to ear. And so was everyone else. They rode of in silence all the way to the Royal Palace.

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