The Airbenders' Ship
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Chapter 5-The Airbenders' Ship


"Well, well, well, little miss Archress, not so high and mighty now, are you?"

That voice. So familiar. It took me forever and a day to remember what had happened. The fight. Drato. As my thoughts cleared, so did my vision.

It was simple cell, dark and drafty. Some sort of bunk was in the corner, and a table in front. My arms were tied high above me; I could barely breath. Drato stood in front of the table, holding a knife to my throat.

"So, Little Miss Archress, do you want to die slowly? Or will you finally surrender your service to the Air Army?" He mocks.

"You know I'll never work for you crooks," I say, my voice barely audible. "I'd rather die in the most painful way than betray my family."

"So be it."

Drato put a cloth over my mouth, and suddenly everything got hazy again. Blurred movement told me that Drato had either left or moved out of my field of vision. Then it all faded to black...

In what seemed a couple seconds, a boy in a black mask entered the room. Nothing was hazy anymore, and I could tell the boy was familiar. "Come with me," he says, breaking the cuffs over my head.

I blindly followed him, still feeling slow. He finally gave up and began carrying me. The crushing blow to my pride. I felt humiliated, but I couldn't fight this boy. He was much bigger than me, and he was my rescuer. He kept running through, never even meeting a patrolling officer. It was almost like he knew everything about the ship. He abruptly stopped, and then looked at me. "Are you ready to fight your way out?" He asks. "This is as far as I can take you."

"I can handle myself," I say, then I do the unexpected. I kiss him on the cheek. "Thank you for the help."

I instantly grabbed my bow from him, along with my other weapons, and left him dumbstruck.

The fight outside was all ready raging. A man signaled me over to him, and gave me instructions. "Just make sure all the prisoners are ready to get on the life boats. Then this boat goes ka-boom!" He instructed over the noise. Other than the fact that he was as dumb as a rock, the man was fairly decent. I grabbed young children and put them on boats, but didn't launch them.

A man with a long sword came up to me, and almost killed me. I instantly disarmed him, and he ran away. Once all the people were on the boats, the man and I began setting fires around the deck. The fires would soon cause an explosion, and by then we'd be long gone.

Sprinting to a boat was the easy part. Everyone had launched when BOOM. The boat was history. I just hoped the masked boy was alright. He was cute.


We searched relentlessly all night, yet no sign of Korata. At this pace, we'd find her next millennium. It was too much. That was when the explosions rocked the water. We began running towards the source.

A large Airbender Navy Boat was completely obliterated, and we knew Korata was on it. There went my best friend...

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