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Chapter 2 - The Airbender

Shinn looked down from a small ledge on the snowy mountain. A patch of fog had begun to clear, revealing a bridge heading to parts still shrouded in the mist. He knew that any sign of construction must mean he's getting closer. Shinn began to descend bit by bit until he stopped and sighed.

"Might as well use the fast way," he said.

Shinn jumped from the ledge he was on and began to skid down the mountain. As he neared the bottom, Shinn thrust his hands into the rocks, causing him to grind to a halt. He stood onto the small enclave which the bridge was on and brushed his hands clean.

As he neared the bridge, he noticed its condition. He was sure if he even put one gram of weight onto it, the entire thing would collapse. He began to walk backwards towards the mountain wall to maybe think of a way of getting across more safely. He stopped, turned and sprinted as fast as he could. His speed allowed his foot onto each step of the bridge and then off it before it shattered under the weight. As he neared the end Shinn jumped onto the next part of solid ground narrowly escaping a long fall.

As he stood and began to walk through a winding corridor of ice, Shinn could hear a sound in the distance. He neared the end of the tunnel, he stepped through it and gasped in amazement.

In front of him lay an Airbender Temple with snow completely absent. Sky Bison circled the top tower of the temple as a winding path led to its gates.

After about ten minutes of walking, Shinn arrived at the gates. Before he stood in front of them, they opened, revealing 3 men dressed in orange robes. They had their hair completely shaved off and stood without any expression on their faces.

Shinn approached them and spoke. "Look I need one of you-"

Shinn was cut off as a blast of air struck him in the chest and sent him flying back. As he tried to regain his footing, one of the men walked forward and spoke.

"Did you not heed our warnings? No Outsiders"

"I don't like your tone," replied Shinn as he stood.

Shinn stamped his foot on the ground as a spire of earth shot up beneath the Airbender who quickly shot himself into the air. The Airbender manipulated the ice behind Shinn and sent needles of solid ice flying towards him. Shinn retaliated, incinerating the needles with ease, as he did all three men gasped.

"My-My Avatar, I apologise we had no idea," said a second man who ran towards him.

"I still do not trust this outsider," replied the other who had fought Shinn.

"And why's that?" replied Shinn.

"You have a presence about you, and it's not a good one..."

"Calm down Tenzin," the second man said, "My Avatar, My name is Rhusi I apologise for the mix-up."

"No problem," said Shinn as he shot Tenzin an angry glance.

"I take it you wish to learn Airbending?" asked Rhusi.

"Would I be here if I didn't?" said Shinn cockily as Tenzin shot a glance of disapproval.

"Good, good," said Rhusi, "Tenzin you shall teach him."

"WHAT!!" Tenzin and Shinn both said, shocked.

"Well Tenzin, you are a master of the art aren't you?"

Tenzin spoke with a sense of annoyance in his voice "I don't think it would be for the best."

"Of course it would be," Rhusi said with optimism, "I'll be off then, good luck!"

Both of them were still in shock. Tenzin grumbled and walked towards a training area.

"I'll train you...but I don't have to like you," he said.

"I'm sure we'll be best friends..." said Shinn laughing.

From a tower to the west of Shinn, a hooded man looked on, the man who had attacked Shinn on the mountain. He smiled under his robe as he turned. In his hand lay a black crystal that glew ominously...

Eastern Fire Nation

Xu smashed another soldier into a nearby tree as two more charged at him from out of the forest. He cried in anger and sent two strong jets of flame sending the soldiers flying into the air.

Fuma watched on. He sat on a nearby rock swinging his blade back and forth. He laughed as Xu struggled against his attackers who got up no matter how hard he hit them.

"Oh I see you've got some determination!" said Xu as he unleashed another attack.

"Ouch that's a stinger," shouted Fuma laughing, "Enough fun," he then said in a more serious tone.

Fuma sent his blade towards Xu who narrowly dodged. The hooded man then jumped toward Xu who used a fire shield to protect himself. Fuma smiled under his hood, and began to swing his blade keeping his eyes fixed on Xu.

Xu then smiled mysteriously leaving Fuma puzzled, when all of a sudden, three men in white robes jumped down from the trees above them. Each stood on one side of Xu and within seconds, they all disappeared in a cloud of smoke.

Fuma swung his blade into the tree where Xu had been. "Coward," he muttered.

The soldiers who had been knocked down rose almost unfazed by their ordeal. They stood behind Fuma waiting for their next order. At the centre of their chest plates lay black crystals that glowed brightly.

Fuma reached into his pocket and pulled his own crystal out, it glowed brightly, Fuma pointed it towards a tree and a jet of fire shot out. He smiled and spoke.

"No matter Xu, you served you purpose."

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