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Chronicles of the Air Nation



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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

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Ty Lee and the Assanin

The second Chapter is intitled: "The Trial of Fire"

Sorry for the delay, here're two new chapters.


The Chapter starts off in the distance as a mysterious figure reaches to a cave. He comes across an Air Bender's door, and uses air bending to open it. Inside is a large army of ninja-like characters. The Scene Switches to Kyoshi Island where Ty Lee is working on new forms with the Kyoshi Warriors. In a nearby tree a ninja prepares to strike. The Scene Switches again this time to the Sun Warriors who have arrested a Ninja, and are taking him to the Choosing Ground. The Chief says: "Oh Great Dragons we ask thy to bestow on this assin Judgement," the fire chief gives a signal and the warriors chant to bring out the dragons. The Dragons arise and start to encircle the Ninja.

The Scene Switches to a man catching a kunai knife, the man is wearing a Fire Nation naval uniform, and marches onward into the hall. Please note that the face-mask is like scales and is blue.


Zuko pleads with the Judge not to imprison Aang. The Judge comments that Aang will face a fire bending master.

Aang and the man engage is battle. The man launches lightning but Aang uses redirection to stop him, and send it back into the sky. Suddenly the arena is pounded with Air Enhanced Kunai, the Ninja jumps down on the ground and heads for Zuko, with a golden coloured glider. But is sunk into the ground by Toth.


Sorry for the trial being so short somebody edited this page and It wouldn't save, this will have to do.

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