"The Ghost of Kyoshi"
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Chronicles of the Air Nation



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Wednesday, June, 22, 2o11

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The Trial of Fire

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The Third chapter of the Air Nation NInja Chronicles is called: The Ghosts of Kyoshi

This one starts where the scene on Kyoshi left off. Ièm cut off here, So its only part done.


The scene starts with the Kyoshi Warriors suddenly engaged in COmbat with a mysterious NInja. Ty Lee pulls of the mask to reveal a young girl. 'you just a twelve year old girl,' said Ty Lee. 'surprise Fire Nation Scum,' said the girl unleashing an air enhanced Kunai attack. Ty Lee dodges and uses Chi Blocking on the girl.


The scene switches to later with the girl tied around the totem pole of Kyoshi. The Unagi roars. 'speak or we'll feed you to the Unagi.' said Suki. 'what's their to talk about, she's fire naiton, her nation killed mine, I came for revenge,' said the girl. 'Look about the war, I'm sorry, but the Avatar ...' Ty Lee was cut off. 'the Avatar is a traitor, he learned the curéd art of Fire Bending and will pay.' said the girl.'What's your name girl,' asked Suki. 'Awnya,' said the girl. 'Shouldn't've told you that,' said Awnya. 'tobad you did,' said a Kyoshi Warrior - Name Yuta - 'Yuta,' said Suki. 'what she deserved it for attacking us,'

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